Seattle’s Starboy Celebrates His 27th Birthday in Style


Josh Pedersen is known for throwing extravagant birthday parties, and this year was no different. “Every year, I tell myself that I’m not going to throw a big birthday party but I always end up happy that I did.” After recently moving to Seattle, he wanted to celebrate with the people who welcomed him so warmly to his new home. Josh booked this daylight studio and used it as a blank canvas to create something to fit with the theme of being “Young AF.”


Photography by Sarah Anne Photography

The big idea

Since Seattle’s skies are notoriously gloomy, Josh wanted to juxtapose the grey backdrop with something really bright and white. He says, “Monstera leaves have been prominent lately in many designers work and I also wanted to incorporate them into my party.”

Josh’s goal for the party was to make his guests feel “sexy and young.” To build anticipation, Josh kept most of the party details under wraps so when guests walked inside, they were taken aback by the elaborate details.    


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Transforming the space

Josh went for a minimal and modern feel for his party, saying, “I wanted to make a modern flash-filled room with metallic silver accents and minimal shadows.” There were many components to the space that made it unique, including several  “gallery” type photo spots with balloons, an instagram-worthy food station, and a 36 foot dining table with a table setting fit to theme.


“I wanted it to feel like the set of a fashion editorial.” 



Veuve Clicquot generously donated champagne which was the official drink of the evening. Neiman Marcus catered the food including coastal English cheese marble boards, deviled cream eggs, English popovers with chicken salad, prosciutto boards, and endives with goat cheese. Josh recalls, “It was absolutely stunning.”



The finished product

When asked what was the favorite part of the space, he said, “The windows and the surprising amount of room to mingle, but mostly the hosts and photographer.” He expressed his gratitude to hosts, Jim and Katarina, for going above and beyond making the night special. From extra light kits to champagne coups, he says, “It was the Four-Seasons service.”

Josh felt loved by everyone who made his night special, and “with more than my fair share of cake, kisses, and champagne.”  


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