Trusted, Experienced, Skilled — Chris’ Path to Power Host Status


If you scroll through Chris’ reviews, you’ll see right away why guests continually book his Charming Light-Filled Space. He’s accommodating, flexible, and always goes above and beyond to make sure his guests are taken care of. But that doesn’t mean he’s a pushover. In fact, Chris is the opposite when it comes to hosting on Peerspace.

“There’s tendency to want to be a people pleaser. You need to know your value and stick to it,” says Chris. He recommends, “Have the tough conversations early in the process.” Not only does this set clear expectations, but everyone walks away happy. It’s a balancing act that Chris has mastered — he’s able to please his guests while standing by his policies.

To help other hosts find this balancing act, we asked Chris to share his seasoned tips on what it takes to become a Power Host. Chris shares how being responsive, loved, and reliable has helped him bring more clients through his doors.



Responsive: Have your responses ready to go

Chris has developed his own set of tips that help him respond to guests in a timely manner. While it might sound simple, his first piece of advice is to make sure your app notifications are turned on. “Whenever someone messages me, I get notified via email or text, so there’s really not an excuse to delay too much when responding.” Guests don’t like waiting, so getting notified on-the-go is a great way to keep your inbox top of mind.

Learn how to turn on text notifications.

Chris also created a list of standardized responses so he’s not having to reinvent the wheel with every response. “I came up with a standardized set of answers that address our most frequently asked questions. This makes it a lot easier for me to respond so quickly.” Another benefit to having templated responses is it helps you remain consistent and professional in all communication. “Because I’ve already put a lot of thought into each response, it lets guests know I’m prepared and that it’s not my first time hosting. I think that goes a long way.”

>> Power Hosts respond to 9 out of 10 inquiries within 24 hours.



Loved: Make your guests look good


“I had a client tell me that we made them look really good in front of their staff meeting — that translates into a five-star review from us.”


While it’s important for your guest to have a positive experience, you also want to make sure your guest’s clients or colleagues walk away happy as well. “If their colleagues have a good perception of you and the space, in turn, your guest will have a good perception as well.” To help everyone have a positive day-of experience, Chris suggests putting yourself in the shoes of your client. “I ask myself, ‘how can I help the guest succeed?’ I try to empathize with what they need in order to have a good experience.” This above-and-beyond attitude goes a long way when it comes to receiving such glowing reviews.

>> Power Hosts maintain a review score of 4.5 or higher.


Reliable: Don’t Give Them a Reason to Cancel

Chris has yet to cancel a booking and he intends to keep it that way. One way he’s been able to keep his perfect record is by carefully vetting potential guests ahead of time. “If you ask the right questions from the get-go, it will be easier to tell if their activity is a good fit for your space.”


“Only spend time on leads that will be a good fit for both parties. Ultimately, this will save you and your client time so you’re not trying to force a square peg in a round hole.”


By being upfront with information, like what’s included in the hourly rate and what’s an additional charge, it’s more likely you’ll be on the same page from day one. “It’s best to level-set early and stick to your policies so expectations are set from the beginning.” Chris recommends aligning you and your guests’ expectations so neither party will be forced to cancel down the road.

>> Power Hosts almost never cancel accepted bookings.



Experienced: Be Open-Minded to Different Activities

Being an experienced Power Host means accepting at least five bookings every ninety days. To do this, Chris recommends being open to taking on different uses of your space that you didn’t envision initially. “For us, that was film shoots. I never thought we’d be able to have a major production come in and shoot a two day marketing video at the space. But when that happens, those bookings can turn an average month into a good month.”


“We weren’t really thinking about production when we started. But because we designed our space to be flexible and modular, we’ve been able to adapt to a lot of different uses.”


Another way to get more people into your space is by accommodating more guests’ needs. “Early on, we envisioned that our conference rooms would be tech-free without screens or gadgets.” But when Chris received so much demand for corporate offsites, he learned to compromise. “We’ve taken that feedback and started providing the necessary amenities for a successful meeting while still maintaining our aesthetic.” This flexibility and openness has led to over eighty bookings and counting.

>> Power Hosts accept at least 5 bookings every 90 days.

Want to learn more about how you can become a Power Host? Find more information here — plus, perks that come along with Power Host status.



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