Showcase Your Space: Seating and Setup

It’s no secret that Guests want to know how the space they are booking will suit all of their practical needs on top of their creative ones.

Whether Guests are looking for a unique location for their next photo shoot or need a trendy backdrop for a party, they are less likely to book spaces with incomplete listing descriptions or inadequate photos. One of the most sought-after features of Off-Site, Event (including workshops and trainings) and even Production locations is comfortable seating for participants. Here, we discuss three ways to think like a Guest when it comes to providing this crucial information about seating and setup.

Smart Setup

SF Woodshop seating
Explain the best ways your space can be set up for the specific activity the listing is under to help Guests envision their own experience there. Be clear about the furniture you include in the space rental, as well as anything that can be added on. Most off-site meetings, dinner events and workshops require teams stay seated for sessions, so mentions of most comfortable seating arrangements will go a long way for Guests.

Highlight Past Space Use

sf cabana seating peerspace
If you can cover how past events have been set up, you can help give the Guest a better idea of possibilities for their own event. Explain how different configurations of the space can be utilized for small group breakout sessions for an Off-Site, or how a main room can be utilized for a large audience to sit together for a presentation or show. From patio furniture on an outdoor deck to a comfortable couch that’s been used in the past by teams as they brainstorm, make sure you highlight past space use.

Take Advantage Of The Peerspace Concierge

Soma Offsite seating peerspace
Unfortunately, not every space has the exact seating a Guest is looking for. But don’t worry, we’ve got Hosts and Guests covered! If you don’t have enough seating capacity in your space, you can always refer your Guest to the PeerSpace Concierge, who will set up a rental order for them. We ensure that we source the seating needs of any Guest, and will provide tips for a smart and strategic setup to meet their objectives.

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The fifth part of our continued Showcase Your Space series, this post covers the value of explaining the best seating and setup configurations your space can handle.

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