Showcase Your Space: Unique History

In the final installment of our Showcase Your Space blog series, we turn to the past to highlight a location’s unique history.

Regardless of whether you are a veteran PeerSpace Host or have only recently listed your space in the PeerSpace marketplace, every location has a story to tell. One of the key components to creating a great listing is sharing that story with your Guests. We’ve found that Guests love booking spaces with a rich history or unique background. Not only will they get inspired by how it has been utilized in the past, but it might help them envision how to use it for their next Event, Off-Site or Production.

One of the main components of sharing your space’s history is researching its initial use. Oftentimes a location has an interesting background such as a historic film studio turned work space, or a turn-of-the-century home turned event location. Consider what makes your space unique and brings it to life when writing your description. For example, if your space has original hardwood floors intact, make sure you let your Guests know! These are the aspects that help your space stand out and be memorable. Even if your space doesn’t have a long history, you can still share your relationship to the space and what brought you to it. Remember, every space has a story!

After you’ve shared the space’s story, ask past Guests to share their photos and experiences with you to feature on your listing. This way you can build on your space’s history and showcase past events and projects in it. Not only is this a great way to share the unique backgrounds of your Guests and support their creative endeavors, but it provides the perfect opportunity to build on your location’s rich history. Feel free to get creative in your story-telling and photo-sharing. Just make sure you give your space all the credit it deserves!

Historic Philanthropic Meeting Room PeerSpace

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