Host Spotlight: Sally F.

Sally F. has been wowing Peerspace guests since May 2022. Located just outside of Sydney, Australia, Sally brings her love of TV magic and interior design to life in her two Peerspace listings – Spacious Studio Full of Colour and Modern Retro Home FULL of Colour and an Eclectic Edge

A full-time interior designer, Sally (@sosallysaid) got her start in the TV industry. “I love the lights, camera, action kinda stuff,” shares Sally, “so I’ve taken that passion of bringing a show-stopping ‘wow’ factor and moved over to the world of interior design.” This approach also shines through in her Peerspace locations, where she challenged herself to take a chance with color.

“I am a lover of colour and clashing patterns…From the moment you walk through my front door, a journey begins through warm Moroccan tones, industrial vibes and a connection with earthy colours (and not to forget a pop of pink). Leading into the second space, it’s just ALL COLOUR.”

Sally F.

These unexpected pops of color make Sally’s spaces flexible and customizable for her guests. With over twelve different colored and toned backdrops, these locations can bring endless creative visions to life. Sally notes that guests “can shoot their content and have it appear that they are in different locations all over the world, just with one outfit change. It’s a one stop shop for them, not to mention getting the most bang for your buck.”

Sally added that being a host on Peerspace has been an incredibly rewarding experience.
“Being based just outside of Sydney, I know I can offer my clients a space that is reasonably close, and they can fulfill their content capturing needs so easily and quickly! The love and feedback I have had from every single shoot makes me want to continue to grow, inspire and create.”

If you’re in the Sydney area, be sure to check out Spacious Studio Full of Colour and Modern Retro Home FULL of Colour and an Eclectic Edge for your next photoshoot.