The 6 Best Costume Rental Companies in Vancouver

What do “Deadpool,” “The L Word,” and “Night at the Museum” have in common? No idea? They were all filmed and/or produced in Vancouver, British Columbia, one of two Canadian cities commonly referred to as “Hollywood North.” Unsurprisingly, costume rental companies in Vancouver in plenty busy and incredibly professional.

A few decades ago, Vancouver had the typical Halloween, Mardi Gras, cosplay, and stage production costume shops. Some of which were historical and others of which were branches of international franchises. Yet nowadays, there’s a significant market for film and television companies that need to source clothing and accessories either to rent or to purchase.

Whether you need a costume for a party or a production, Peerspace can help with both! Check out our website and book a sensational private venue that suits your needs. All spaces are owned by locals who can also help you source any extras you need for your event, be it catering or equipment. In fact, your Peerspace venue will be perfect when you pair it with the garb from one of the following shops! Here are the 6 costume rental companies in Vancouver, the “Hollywood North.” These are the shops that the pros go to for their dress-up needs – and the locals still do, too.

1. Watts Costume Rentals

Watts Costume Rentals is Vancouver’s largest and most historic costume rental shop. Since its opening in 1935, it has gone on to house more than 10,000 costumes and accessories from every era and theme. Want a Wild West saloon girl getup? Check – Watts has it! What about a snowman mascot costume? Check – Watts has that, too.

Watts is also incredibly popular with locals, as evidenced by reviews like this one: “Words can’t even express how amazing this place is! I literally needed a costume for work today and was able to pick one out yesterday! There is no shortage of sizes, styles, colours or themes at Watts. More than the costumes they offer, they have INCREDIBLE customer service. Josh (the owner) was extremely patient and helped me find a costume and never hesitated to help. He had great suggestions for my costume and even helped me pull items from different costumes to put it together.”

We could go on and on, but trust that if anyone in Vancouver has that extra specific item you need to make your costume sing, it’s going to be Watts. And the rental items are high-quality, too, making Watts one of the absolute best costume rental companies in all of Vancouver. Keep in mind that you can only access its store by appointment only, so be sure to give them a call before dropping by.

2. Pandora Prop & Costume

1650 Pandora Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1L6 

Formerly The Costume Bank, Pandora Prop & Costume has a new name and new digs in Vancouver proper. Since their revamp, they’re not just a source for costumes anymore. Instead, they’ve branched out to include stage makeup and props, rendering themselves even more competitive in the growing market.

Pandora’s costumes are still some of the best in town, though. And, it is one of the few outlets in the area that offers big discounts for nonprofit groups, including but not limited to schools.

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3. Just Imagine Fun Clothing

2-1496 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC V6H 3Y5

The most down-to-earth and kid-friendly costume shop on this list, Just Imagine Fun Clothing is the ultimate shop for casual parties. They do also have costumes for the whole family in their shop, too. Located on Granville Island, Just Imagine can deliver costumes all the way up to Whistler for a nominal fee, usually on the day you need them (barring Halloween when you have to preorder ahead of time). Along with costumes, their stock includes colored contacts, wigs, and other accessories.

We’re not Just Imagine’s only fans — not by a long shot. Check out this review and you can see what other locals typically say after shopping here: “We just love this shop. They carry so many things to spark the imagination for both kids and adults. Besides supporting a locally owned business, we always have so much fun going in. I can’t imagine shopping anywhere else for dress-up fun for my kid OR myself! It’s a MUST visit any chance you get.”

4. CamelDance Designs

278 1st St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L1B3

CamelDance rents and sells dance attire of the highest craftsmanship to, well, dancers. But it also supplies dancewear designs for ballet troupes and various dance-related productions that are reliant upon beautiful attire. The costumes are made in North Vancouver and the shop is more than 40 years old. Because each garment is individually hand-crafted, supplies are limited. Therefore, be sure to order your group’s needs in advance.

5. Merchant of Dream

820 Granville St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2B9

Unapologetically touting themselves “the best costume store in Vancouver,” Merchant of Dream supplies just about everything imaginable at every price point. It’s hard to find a shop that offers 154 varieties of decorative contact lenses along with exquisitely crafted Venetian masks from around the world. They do supply items to film production studios but also offer more budget-friendly garb and accessories for Halloween and other dress-up events.

6. Vancouver Prop + Costume

4150 McConnell Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5A 3Y9

Yes, “prop” comes before “costume” at this giant rental facility but suffice it to say, that they have all kinds of set-related needs – and lots of it. The Burnaby warehouse has everything from religious textiles to real taxidermy parrotfish to everyday wardrobe necessities. Truly, Vancouver Prop + Costume is one of the best costume and other set-related sources in Vancouver.

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Bonus: Delirium Emporium

Vancouver thrifters, hipsters, and creatives alike may already be well aware of Delirium Emporium. It’s a second-hand store dedicated to selling vintage, gently used, and locally-made clothes, many of which are actual costumes (or that you can make into a costume with some imagination). While not a rental company per se, we still recommend you check them out when you’re in need of a costume for an event and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Just browsing through their Instagram feed, we spied the Pickachu costume above, an Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts dress, a vintage pink lace lounge robe that looks very 1930s Hollywood starlet, and a rainbow wizard-sleeve 60s maxi dress that would turn anyone into a hippie for a day. When you want a costume and some fun shopping for it, head to Delirium.

Costume rental companies in Vancouver: conclusion

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These are just a handful of the best costume rental companies in Vancouver. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to find the perfect outfit for your party or production needs. And remember, if you’re looking for the best party venues in town, Peerspace is the place to search. For instance, check out this create-your-own vibe gallery in East Vancouver (pictured above) perfect for Halloween parties and other costumed events. Or, how about this spectacular bright and modern open concept studio in Central Vancouver if you need a space to perform your production?

We have hundreds more listings in Vancouver, including waterfront lofts, rustic warehouses, and stylish penthouses with killer views. A costume from one of the rental companies above plus a Peerspace venue is the recipe for a can’t-miss event!

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