17 Sweet Lil’ Prince Baby Shower Ideas To Celebrate Him In Royal Style (2024)

If you’re expecting a little prince to join your family soon, here’s our guide to celebrating in royal fashion! From charming treats fit for royalty to princely decor ideas, venue suggestions, and more, planning the perfect baby shower is easy with the right advice. We’ve got 17 sweet lil’ prince baby shower ideas that’ll inspire you and help you begin planning, so keep reading!

1. “The Little Prince” themed baby shower

First on our list of lil’ prince baby shower ideas has to be a baby shower specifically inspired by the classic French children’s book “Le Petit Prince” (or, in English, “The Little Prince”). Because it’s a French book, you can incorporate a combo of the other lil’ prince baby shower ideas on this list and French or Parisian-inspired baby shower ideas—as well as ideas inspired by the plot and characters of the book itself. To get started, check out this detailed advice on planning a “Little Prince”-themed baby shower from Kara’s Party Ideas.

2. Set the right tone with your baby shower invitations

Your baby shower invites should give your guests a feel for your party theme. So they are integral to the process of constructing the theme by setting expectations. Make sure to send out your baby shower invitations about three to six weeks before the date of the event.

3. Decorate your own prince-themed cake

There are plenty of guides out there to help you decorate a cake fit for a prince, but we’re especially big fans of this royal blue cake with a golden crown on top and accompanying gold accents. The tutorial, courtesy of YouTuber “Cakes and Beyond by Crizels,” is also easy for anyone to follow (including beginner cake decorators).

4. Use gold paint and/or gold glitter to spruce up everyday items

With some gold paint and glitter, you can instantly transform everyday items into opulent decor. The example below uses gold paint on Ball canning jars to elevate their look as DIY flower vases and match the party’s overall color scheme.

5. Use edible gold spray paint on food/snacks

Beautiful and Elegant Open Concept Space
Source: Peerspace

If you’d like to enhance the look of your snack table, you can also color food items with edible gold spray paint, like this one from Party City.

Location is everything! Find out where to host a baby shower to make it beyond special with our handy guide.

6. Display cake pops like a multi-tiered cake

Cake pops have a few advantages over regular cakes: they’re adorable, and they’re easy to carry around, with no need for plates or forks to enjoy them. Plus, you can make them look just as impressive and festive as a regular cake with the right display arrangement.

7. Need crowns for decor? Cut up old toilet paper/paper towel tubes!

This is an easy and affordable lil’ prince baby shower idea that’s perfect for those who love to DIY their party decor. Our suggestion in #4 to use gold paint would definitely apply here!

8. Make giant toy blocks out of cardboard boxes

Create giant toy blocks displaying the name or word of your choice. To do so, use evenly sized cardboard boxes (all sides should be the same length) and paint them to look like blocks! This is an impressive yet affordable decor addition for any baby shower.

9. Create a royal entrance for your shower

You set the tone and theme for your shower with your invitations. Next, you can also do this with the vibe of the entrance to your party. Take things to the next level with an entrance fit for a king (or a baby prince!), like this one.

10. Set up a photo backdrop as a place for you and guests to take photos

Source: Peerspace

Having a designated spot for photos—like this lovely backdrop from Etsy—adds a level of festivity to your event’s photos. It also increases the chances that you and your guests will have lots of photos of the gathering to look back on! If you have the budget for it, hiring a professional photographer for your baby shower is another great option to consider.

11. Offer blue and gold lollipops with glittery golden crowns as party favors

We love the look of these adorable and tasty party favors, which are another suggestion that’s pretty easy and self-explanatory to DIY.

12. Book the perfect Peerspace venue for your lil’ prince baby shower

Backyard Engagement Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Where you plan your baby shower is hugely important to the overall experience of your event. One of the easiest and most effective platforms for discovering short-term space rentals and more is Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for these kinds of hourly rentals.

Interested in renting a venue rather than using your home or someone else’s for your baby shower? Then here are some examples of what the site has to offer in terms of baby shower venues throughout the United States:

A beautifully designed, mid-century ranch-style home

This beautifully designed, mid-century ranch-style home in the Oak Ridge neighborhood of Austin, Texas is an excellent fit for more intimate events like baby showers. The hosts note that the home was curated by a talented professional designer—because of this, it’s as suitable for photoshoots as it is for events, and any photos you take here will look great.

A quaint flower shop

This quaint flower shop in downtown Danville, California is designed to be a fitting venue for baby showers and other events with up to 20 people. The store area is rectangular, with two reclaimed wood tables and seating for up to 14 (as well as chairs and tables for 6 extra guests). There is also a large front window that allows in lots of natural light, but that also has the option of pulling down the shades for privacy.

A beautiful private outdoor gathering space

This beautiful private outdoor gathering space in Long Beach, California is a garden full of succulents and cactuses that has been strung with warm lights to help you create a warm and welcoming evening atmosphere. Custom tabletop floral decor and bouquets are available for rental as well as vintage plates, napkins, silverware, and glassware. Your rental also includes two wooden banquet tables, chairs and benches, a fire pit, a Bluetooth speaker, and tasteful market lights for ambiance.

A natural light event space

This event space rental in Williamsburg, Brooklyn not only has an abundance of natural light, but also a private backyard, in-house speakers, space for up to 45 guests, 12 wooden tables, and 45 folding chairs. Take a look at the numerous glowing reviews of this space to get a sense of how it might work for your baby shower!

Head over to Peerspace to begin searching the site for yourself. You can find spaces that meet all your most important criteria by using the site’s intuitive, detailed search filters to narrow down your results.

Here are more beautiful baby shower ideas for boys to shower the mom-to-be with even more love and care!

13. Incorporate a purple or royal blue and gold color scheme

Artistic Downtown Brownstone with a NOLA Vibe in Columbus, Ohio
Source: Peerspace

There’s just something about these combinations of colors that gives a royal vibe—gold because we associate it with the wealth and opulence of royalty (think gold crowns and jewelry), and royal blue because it’s long been associated with royalty. Purple is another color with regal associations because, before the invention of synthetic dyes, purple dye was incredibly expensive so only royalty could afford to wear clothes dyed this color.

14. Take advantage of thematically appropriate free printables

There are so many free printables for this theme to be discovered across the web! We’re big fans of these ones from Catch My Party, which include matching invitations, banners, labels for food and party favors, and more that will help give your party a cohesive aesthetic. 

15. DIY a royal centerpiece for your party table

When it comes to lil’ prince baby shower ideas for decor, making your own centerpieces is a great way to save a bit of money while having fun (if you enjoy crafty activities!). We love how convincing this centerpiece is!

16. Or buy a fancy crown centerpiece to save time and effort

Private Lawn with 50ft Pool Overlooking Lake
Source: Peerspace

Don’t feel up to making your own? Too busy to find the time? This crown baby shower centerpiece from Platinum Baby Showers on Etsy will give your party a truly regal feel.

17. Play adorable baby shower games

Spacious Craftsman Home with Mountain View
Source: Peerspace

Keep your guests entertained with a variety of baby shower games! This Etsy store sells digital files of all kinds of prince-themed games as a bundle, with 14 total including emoji pictionary, guessing games, and lots more. Playing games with your baby shower guests is one of the best ways to keep them engaged and ensure they have a great time!

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