19 2000s Theme Party Outfit Ideas To Throw It Back In Style (2024)

Looking for 2000s theme party outfit ideas? We get it. The Y2K era is one of the most diverse fashion periods to work with! It builds on every time before it in creative ways, while bringing in elements you’ve never seen before. You have celebrities like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake as influences, evolutions on older trends like emo becoming mainstream, and timeless looks like denim staying at the forefront. What could you possibly choose for a 2000s theme party outfit when there are so many options? 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Peerspace has put together this list of 10 2000s theme party outfits for any upcoming Y2K events. We love party planning and help folks with everything from food ideas to venue rentals near you! 

1. Add a moody edge with emo fashion

The emo look is an evolution of the punk and goth styles that came before it. That means the black eyeliner and styled hair are still here. Black clothing? Very emo. But you can bring a lot more color into an emo outfit than you would a goth one. Oversized clothes are also key to the style, like a baggy dark hoodie over a white tee shirt and black jeans. Add splashes of red, pink, and blue to your hair, and wear a goth t-shirt to complete the look!

2. Make it pop with candy-colored sunglasses

Sunglasses have never been purely functional fashion accessories. The 2000s has its own special eyewear accessory to choose from: candy-colored sunglasses! Tinted in shades of light pink, blue, and other hues, these sunglasses are more fashionable than functional. You can find all kinds of frames; thick, heart, wire, round Matrix-style sunglasses, and more to use as wardrobe accessories!

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3. Go casual with a velour tracksuit

Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and other celebrities all helped popularize the velour tracksuit back in the Y2K era. Affordable and fashionable, these loungewear options are your ultra-cozy everyday outfit that you wear to the mall, to school, and everywhere else! Or to your next 2000s theme party; pick out a solid-colored velour tracksuit with some sneakers and you’re all set! 

4. DIY your own double denim look

Denim is one of the most timeless fashion choices you can make; no matter the era, there’s a look that includes denim. The Y2K era embraced the double denim look. Also known as the Canadian tuxedo, the double denim ensemble consists of matching jeans upper and lower.

Go for a denim skirt, jeans, or shorts as your base, and add a denim jacket on top. The shirt could be a white T-shirt, a graphic T-shirt, or something else. The jeans can be extra-baggy or skinny, depending on your preference! If you want more of a hip-hop look to your double denim look, pick up a necklace with your name on it and a baseball cap worn backwards!

5. Go campus chic with preppy fashion

Preppy fashion made a resurgence in the 1980s but was still hugely popular in the 2000s. The best way to put together a preppy outfit is to dress as if you’re well on your way to prep(aration) school! White or colored polo shirts with a sweater over your shoulders are a good start. Or you can leave off the sweater so you can pop the polo shirt collar upwards. White trousers or shorts and boat shoes are all you need and you’re an instant prepster! 

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6. Light up the night with colorful pants

Jeans and khakis aren’t your only choices when looking for pants to wear. The 2000s had some color options to rival the 80s and 90s, including brightly colored jeans in yellow, red, and other shades. Add a polo shirt or high school jacket for more of a preppy look!

7. Don your cutest baguette bag

Few fashion accessories better define the 2000s era than the baguette bag. They came plain-colored, with gilded statement buckles, in leather, denim, or other fabrics, and all sizes. These shoulder bags sit close to the body and depending on the material and pattern can be a part of any chic 2000s-era outfit.

8. Go over the top with statement jewelry

It isn’t enough to wear sunglasses, a necklace, or bracelets; you need pieces that are large and in charge! When planning your 2000s theme party outfit ideas, include some jewelry pieces that feel oversized. Hoop earrings, oversized sunglasses, chunky necklaces, and other pieces all stand out in the best possible way! 

9. Think oversized with skater dude fashion

Skateboarding became even more popular in the 2000s and perfecting the skater look was the height of fashion, even if you didn’t actually own a board. It’s a fun style to pull off that everyone at your Y2K party will instantly place! Oversized T-shirts with band names, airbrushing, or a graphic design is a start. Add some regular fit or oversized jeans and Vans or other sneakers and you’re good to go!

10. Bring it all together with statement belts

Kitschy statement pieces are a big part of 2000s fashion and statement belts are some of the most iconic. They may or may not be functional in holding up your pants; it depends on the belt style as well as your pants. But you can’t deny a chunky, gaudy statement belt sure looks impressive! Whether they include gold glam medallions, butterflies, steel chains, or something else, a statement belt really ties your 2000s theme party outfit ideas together.

11. Add a street vibe with airbrush clothing

Airbrushed clothes have their origin in hip hop and street art as they look like someone took cans of spray paint to a T-shirt or pair of pants! A shirt with a plain white base is the best since the airbrushed logos or names really pop. Custom airbrushed shirts with your name on them plus a matching chain and a bucket hat are an easy 2000s outfit to pull off.

12. Try several looks in one with a Britney Spears outfit

Britney Spears helped popularize many of the 2000s theme party outfit ideas you’re exploring here! She’s famous for lounging around in a velour tracksuit, rocking the Canadian tuxedo with Justin Timberlake, and the iconic cargo pants + tank top combo. For more of a performance look, pick up a pair of low-rise pants and a crop top to show off as much midriff as possible! 

13. Or make it a Justin Timberlake outfit

Some of Justin Timberlake’s best-known fashion choices include the double denim look and leather! Leather pants and a matching leather jacket are a good Timberlake outfit. Or you can pick up a Canadian tuxedo; that’s a denim jacket plus jeans. And a matching denim cowboy hat with gradient glasses to finish it off!

14. Get edgy with a leather jacket and bandana

Continue the edgy and cool trend of the 2000s era with a leather jacket and bandana combo! It can be a relaxed, casual look, with a plain tan leather jacket and a solid-colored banana. You could also go with a punk or biker leather jacket plus a more flashy bandana like an American flag or red paisley printed one. Or even add the bandana to your double denim look!

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15. When there’s never enough pockets: opt for cargo pants

Simple and inclusive of items you might already have in your wardrobe, try on cargo pants and a graphic t-shirt for your upcoming 2000s theme party! These were right up there with jeans as the pants of choice for this era. Look for faded camouflage or khaki colors and pick up a brightly colored T-shirt for contrast. 

16. Go boho and sweet with butterfly hair clips

Butterfly hair clips add a splash of nostalgic beauty to any 2000s hairstyle! You can wear large clips at the top of your head or add smaller clips to a handful of hair twists along the side of your face. Butterfly hair clips are a free-spirited look but you’ll still want to impose some order. Arrange your butterflies as if they were following a pattern or flying in a line!

17. Don’t forget your graphic T-shirts

Remember shopping mall graphic t-shirts with everything from pop culture references to bubble letter slogans on them? What better 2000s theme party outfit idea could there be? Pick up one of these, add a bucket hat, and wear some cargo pants and sneakers for an instant Y2K young adult fashion ensemble! 

18. Dust off your old baby tees

Baby tees are a cute trend that is still popular today! These T-shirts are cropped at the belly button and fit higher across the chest. They are also a versatile fashion choice; you can wear a baby tee with a mini skirt, denim cutoffs, or jeans. 

19. Say yes to bucket hats

Bucket hats are a fashion trend with a surprising origin: the headgear of fishermen and farmers from Ireland in the 1900s! They’ve been around for decades and came in and out of popularity, with the 1990s and 2000s being the heyday of bucket hat fashion! You can wear a fuzzy Kangol, go with a patterned bucket hat, or embrace one with a fashion brand logo!

2000s theme party outfit ideas: conclusion

2000s theme party outfit ideas cover a lot of diverse fashion choices! But don’t feel lost; with a few of these options, you’ll be well-dressed and ready to celebrate with your besties.

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