13 Beautiful 70th Birthday Ideas For Mom (2024)


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The birthday party location is crucial to the overall enjoyment, and as you probably already know, a 70th birthday is a major milestone. If you’re planning your Mom’s party and are hoping to discover other ways to make her feel special for her big day, we’ve got a bunch of 70th birthday ideas for Mom that will definitely help.

Check them out along with our Peerspace venue suggestions to get all your birthday planning done in one place. Let’s get to it!

1. Throw her a picnic in a garden

garden house for creative and social events in washington dc rental
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It’s tough to go wrong with a picnic in the great outdoors, especially in a lovely garden full of lush greenery and colorful flowers. This can be a party or a picnic with just a few people, even just the two of you. Just be sure to provide comfortable seating – don’t ask your Mom to sit on the lawn with nothing but a blanket between her and the ground!

For this 70th birthday idea for Mom, if you don’t have one of your own to use, you can always rent a garden space near you for a few hours. One of our favorites is this garden house for creative and social events in Washington, D.C. (pictured above). It is a vibrant and lush space that would make a gorgeous backdrop for your Mom’s milestone birthday celebration.

Or, readers in Chicago might want to check out this rustic backyard garden in Logan Square. It’s spacious enough for 60 guests and provides you with a barbecue grill, yard games, a picnic table, and a cooler for a BYOB celebration.

After celebrating here, one Peerspace reviewer wrote: “The space.. Amazing! The hosts.. incredibly wonderful and accommodating! My guests loved the venue and the vibe here. I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone. The experience was one I will not forget!”

2. Splurge on a bouquet of her favorite flowers

Sunflower Photoshoot Ideas
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If you decide not to have her 70th birthday outdoors in a garden, presenting your mom with a bouquet of her favorite flowers is a great alternative that’s sure to delight her. After all, it will provide a touch of natural beauty wherever you display the flowers.

If you think she’d prefer a longer-lasting token of appreciation and your Mom has a green thumb, a pretty, flowering potted plant is another great option.

3. Host a gathering at her favorite restaurant

Shapira's 129 Unique Restaurant
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Is there a restaurant your Mom absolutely loves, maybe one that’s a little bit (or very) expensive that she can’t afford to go out to as much as she’d like?

If so, we’d say this should be the place where your Mom’s birthday celebration takes place, especially if your mom has a gourmet palate and appreciates fine dining. Be sure to really treat her and buy her the most expensive thing on the menu, if possible!

This is another way that Peerspace can help you out! Use our platform to search and book restaurants in your location that suit your aesthetic and menu style. For instance, Manhattanites can book Shapira’s 129 unique restaurant in Little Itay. It’s a popular dining spot with a beautiful rustic ambiance that would make the perfect setting for Mom’s 70th.

If you and Mom are located on the other coast, then consider hosting at this unique, elegant, and cozy “under the barrel” restaurant in San Francisco. It’s a gorgeous wine bar that can whip up something special for Mom in the on-site kitchen while she enjoys the beautiful ambiance.

Our awesome birthday decoration ideas for adults can help you make mom’s party even more epic!

4. Plan a vacation getaway to somewhere gorgeous

PNW Modern Cabin with Private Pebble Beach
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Going on a vacation with your Mom for her birthday is a great way to remind Mom that turning 70 doesn’t mean giving up travel or anything else she loves to do. In fact, 70 may be the year for her to start getting out into the world and exploring more, especially if she’s retired and an empty nester.

If your Mom is a nature girl, why not book a cabin in the mountains through Peerspace and have a blast exploring the area together? As one example, we love this PNW modern cabin in Port Townsend, WA! It is a contemporary and rustic cabin on the water with a private pebble beach. Plus, you can make use of the wood-burning fireplace, fully-equipped kitchen, and game room. And did you see those views from the patio? Mom may never want to set foot off the property!

5. Choose a meaningful gift to remind her what she means to you

70th Birthday Ideas For Mom
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Most birthdays involve gift-giving, and your Mom’s 70th is certainly no exception. However, you can’t just hand her any old gift; it needs to befit the occasion! You will want to commemorate the milestone as best you can, so a truly meaningful, thoughtful gift is one highly effective way to do that.

You may be daunted by the prospect of trying to choose something suitable. If so, here are some excellent options from Uncommon Goods.

6. Write her a long note that expresses your gratitude

Camera Equipment Rentals in Denver
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In addition to your meaningful gift, a card with a long note that it’s clear you spent some time on is another way to make her birthday a really special day. More than material items, moms tend to most deeply value the sentimental things their kids give them. She will certainly treasure a note written by you from the heart.

7. Throw a retro costume party and let the revelry ensue

Mid-Century Desert Ranch
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Is your mom nostalgic for a particular decade or era, perhaps the one when she was in her teens or 20s? Have a costume party where she and all the guests dress up in outfits from that era! You can also listen to that decade’s oldies and eat foods that were popular during that time to really bring the era to life.

Make this idea come to life by booking a retro event venue near you through Peerspace! You can find hundreds of vintage-inspired pads in cities across the globe. We especially love this desert ranch with expansive views in the Morongo Valley, CA. It’s mid-century modern, quite like Mom herself, boasting lux vintage furnishings and decor as well as a serene vibe she’ll love.

8. Use her favorite colors to decorate her party venue

70th Birthday Ideas For Mom
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Is there a combination of colors that your mom really adores and always uses for her own decor and clothing choices? (My mom, for instance, is obsessed with the combination of purple and green!) If so, use these colors as the inspiration for your party decorating color scheme. It’s an easy way to ensure her personality is on full display at her special gathering.

9. Plan a travel-themed birthday party

baby shower venue ideas san francisco
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This suggestion from Our Everyday Life for a themed birthday party is a great one if your mom loves to travel but prefers to party at home these days. They write: “Plan a global-themed bash and display photos of her on her world travels. Incorporate foods for the menu from the places she visited.” Fun!

Need a suitable venue for hosting a travel-themed 70th birthday party? If you live in the Bay Area and have a Mom who loves the splendors of the Mediterranean, then why not book this bright and airy Mediterranean-inspired event space in Berkeley, CA? It’s a lovely spot with room for 90 guests that can also provide delicious catering prepared on the premises!

Discover even more special 70th birthday party ideas here!

10. Treat Mom to a trip to the spa

full service victorian-style salon
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If your Mom doesn’t tend to enjoy the hectic feel of parties and large groups of people, but she absolutely loves to pamper herself, then a spa day together is a classic for a reason!

You can also invite a few of her friends to make the day even more fun, but we’d definitely suggest keeping the guest list pretty short, so it’s not overly chaotic.

If you’re not sure how to book a salon for a day of pampering, leave it to Peerspace! You can easily find spa venues near you on our platform that are happy to help you customize Mom’s birthday. For instance, our friends in New Orleans can rent out this beautiful Victorian-style full-service salon and spa and allow the host and her crew to pamper Mom the way she deserves!

11. Serve her favorite foods at her party

BEST daylight studio in DFW
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Since her birthday party is a celebration of everything that makes your mom wonderful, you should do your best to serve as many of her favorite foods as possible.

But perhaps you need a spacious and well-equipped kitcen space to prepare food for the party? If so, you might consider renting a kitchen near you through Peerspace! You can easily book a venue that has a kitchen and ample gathering space, like this 4,000-square-foot studio in Dallas. Here, you or your catering team can prepare whatever you might want in the full kitchen and serve it in the immense studio.

A chef who booked this venue for an event shared the following Peerspace review: “This space is so versatile, it’s pretty much a blank canvas awaiting your vision. It’s clean, modern and centrally located. Clay is super helpful. I will definitely be booking here again.”

12. Make a slideshow of photos to share at her party

70th Birthday Ideas For Mom
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Put together a slideshow of all your favorite photos of your mom, including plenty of photos with friends and loved ones and across different periods of her life from childhood to the present.

This is one way to really show you care as she sees how much thought you’ve put into making her birthday as special as possible. Make it extra special by hosting the slideshow at a fully-equipped screening room, which you can book through Peerspace, like this deluxe theater room in San Diego.

“Absolutely amazing screening room,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “I had the most amazing experience would definitely recommend. We’re looking forward to our next booking. Excellent location.”

13. Recreate family photos at a professional photo studio

Bright, Natural Light Studio in DTLA
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If a 70th birthday isn’t a time to get sentimental, we don’t know when is! No doubt your Mom has gathered plenty of family photos over the years that shine a light on her pride and joy: you and any siblings you have. Conspire with your brothers and sisters to recreate a series of photos from your childhood, with your adult selves as stand-ins for the tinier versions of yourself seen in the photos. The end result will be such a fun surprise for Mom!

For photos like these, not just any setting will do. Instead, head to a local professional photo studio rental venue (which you can locate and book with ease through Peerspace) and enjoy reliving past family photo moments with your siblings.

70th birthday ideas for mom: conclusion

luxury seafront mansion in kent
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Celebrate your Mom the way she deserves by using these 70th birthday ideas for Mom as your guide. With these ideas and an amazing Peerspace venue, you’ll be gifting the most special lady in your life with a day she will never forget.

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