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10 Fabulous 30th Birthday Party Ideas

A 30th birthday is a fantastic reason to celebrate! It’s the year you get to officially shed your roaring 20s and start “adulting.” The third decade is exciting, full of promise and opportunity. Following are 10 fabulous 30th birthday party ideas to celebrate your independence and bring in the new year with a bang. Remember that no matter where you are or what event you’re planning, Peerspace is a great resource for finding the unique venue of your dreams. 

1. Party in style

Have a straight-up bash that doesn’t include keg stands or Jell-o shots. Visit Peerspace and find a sprawling mansion or a lakeside oasis in your city. The Concierge service makes it simple to add on fantastic lighting and cocktail-style seating, live music, and a catering service that provides your favorite food and drink. Hello, 30!

2. Get cooking

A person should have eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal that makes their guests feel honored. Mac & cheese with sliced hot dogs does not fit the bill! College-era cuisine serves an important purpose, but at age 30 it’s time to expand one’s horizons. Arrange a cooking class of any kind, add your closest friends, and a couple of bottles of wine for an interactive 30th birthday party idea that is practical and delicious!

3. Good things come in threes

Schoolhouse Rock said it best: three is a magic number! Decorate with primary colors — red, blue, and yellow — and serve food and drink as trios: sliders three ways, three-cheese mac and cheese bites, three-layer cocktails, and three kinds of chocolate bites. Give your gifts favors of three chocolate coins for luck! 

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4. Decade party

The ’90s are a virtual gold mine of interesting, party-ready themes: grunge, hip hop, preppy, or punk. Each brings with it an opportunity for fashion, music, and decor! This 30th birthday party idea allows you to re-live the decade in which you were born and spent your formative years. Create a menu of adult versions of your childhood favorite foods: wine in pouches a la Capri Sun and champagne gummy bears; handmade versions of hot pockets and Lunchables; chicken salad in tiny portions.

5. Alice in Wonderland

Things are never what they seem! Have a whimsical and fun grown-up tea party. Decorate with endless numbers of patterns and buckets of bright color, topped with suspended accents of garland and paper lanterns. Order a Party in a Box from to allow guests to do their best Mad Hatter impersonation! Serve the meal on mismatched china and elaborate, tiered trays filled with finger sandwiches, mini quiche, fruit, and truffles. Don’t forget a candy bar! Party favors? Why, mini bottles of wine and individually wrapped pies, of course, adorned with ribbon and a note indicating “Drink Me” or “Eat Me.” 

6. Dirty thirty

Interpret it how you will, but we picture Mad Men-themed dress and design. This 30th birthday party idea is perfect for a themed photo booth, complete with vintage wallpaper backdrop. Stock the bar with the ingredients for a perfect gin Martini and Brandy Alexander, and give guests themed charms for their glasses. Serve retro foods to include updated versions of ambrosia salad, mini beef wellington, deviled eggs, and cheese fondue. Don’t forget frill picks and cocktail stirrers! Entertain guests with throwback games of Twister and Charades. The later the hour, the funnier it will be.

7. Color run

A 30th birthday party idea for runners and non-runners alike: a marathon that is accessible to everyone. Put the whole group in costume and get ready to celebrate. When it’s all over and you look like a rainbow, enjoy a Tex-Mex tailgate in the parking lot: barbacoa beef tacos and a nacho bar featuring tortilla chips and fresh salsa, queso, veggie chili, and fresh avocado. Hydrate with sparkling water and hard seltzer.

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8. Craft beer pairing

Visit your local brewery and create a tasting menu that showcases the brewmaster’s favorites. It will inevitably include cheese and pretzels in some fashion. Add to the hum of great conversation with background acoustic guitar. Favor your guests with custom bottle openers or beer steins. Venues like Central District Brewery in Austin, TX, are perfect ideas for your 30th birthday party, and can be easily found on Peerspace!

9. Progressive evening

In our 20s we would have called it a bar tour. Begin your evening with champagne and tiny amuse bouche in your home; progress to a pub for appetizers, dinner in your favorite restaurant, then dessert and coffee at the cupcake shop down the street. As an added treat, plan for little surprises at each stop. The surprises can be as simple as flowers and balloons or as elaborate as a Mariachi serenade at dinner. Constant movement keeps people engaged and ready for the next course!

10. Slumber party

Get your very best friends together for a 36-hour sleepover. Cabin or beach house? Who cares? Don’t let the season sway you — there’s nothing sweeter than the beach or a ski resort in the off season. Decadent comfort food and drink is a must! Assign each person a meal period during which they can run wild and hope that someone decides to make buffalo chicken dip and a Crock-Pot hash brown casserole. Greet everyone with themed fuzzy socks and a lavender sleeping mask, then spend the evening having snacks, watching movies, and playing Truth or Dare.

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