6 Awesome 80s Party Ideas (2024)


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In need of some killer 80s party ideas? Then Peerspace has you covered! Organizing a party is not an easy thing to do, especially when it’s a theme party. However, we have all the answers you need!

First things first: you need the perfect party venue. After all, the setting sets the tone for the party. And when you use Peerspace to find and book an event space, you can easily rent one with a 1980s style to make your party more immersive.

Along with the venue, we at Peerspace believe that one of the most valuable things at any party is the theme. Having the right theme gives direction to the party, and for this very reason, we’re here to discuss 6 awesome 80s party ideas to cover every stage of your event planning. The next time you plan a party for your loved ones, it will be much easier. Won’t that, like, be totally awesome?

1. Start by booking a unique 80s-worthy space on Peerspace

80s Party Ideas
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As we said, you don’t need to do anything extravagant other than find the right venue for a theme party. On Peerspace, there are hundreds of retro-inspired spaces ideal for hosting an 80s-themed party. And not just any spaces, we’re talking about clean, amenity-packed venues that have the right vibe for your 80s theme party.

So what types of Peerspace venues can you book today for an 80s-themed party?

Some of our favorite 80s-infused spaces include:

Pretty cool, right? And if you have any questions or requests, reach out to your venue’s host. They strive to help make your event perfect and are always happy to help in any way they can.

So, are you ready to explore even more tubular 80s venues on Peerspace? We bet so!

2. Keep the music loud and on-theme

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If you are looking to get your guests out of their seats, plan a party based on 80s music. There isn’t an 80s-themed party without awesome music.

The music of the 80s is still living and breathing in our hearts. It’s been four decades, but still, people of all ages love 80s music. The use of synthetic drums, drone chords, VOX, and better amps makes it distinct and fun. Undoubtedly, the complexity, composition, and lyrics of 80s music had more intensity and variety.

Check out this YouTube 80s playlist. Set it up to play at your party and trust us, you won’t regret it. And most importantly, don’t forget to add Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and Tiffany to ensure a killer 80s soundtrack! Bonus points if you play these on a cassette player, Walkman, or boombox.

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3. Wear what’s retro, wild, and totally 80s

80s Video Store
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What about planning a party with an 80s-themed dress code? We all know the 80s is the era famous for its eye-catching fashion trends. Who could forget scrunchies, mullets, and ripped jeans? Therefore, plan an 80s fancy-themed dress code party. You can challenge your guests to wear their favorite 80s movie characters. Get ready to witness lots of stone-washed denim, animal print, neon, and hot pink!

4. Add some 80s decorative elements to pump up your venue

80s Party Ideas
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The main purpose of any party should be to enjoy as much as possible, which demands the perfect atmosphere decorated astoundingly. Luckily, there isn’t any lack of visual inspiration when it comes to an 80s theme party.

To do so, cover your walls with the 80s pop stars posters. You can also use a strobe light for such purposes or have a romantic 80s movie on the wall with the help of a projector. Whatever you like!

5. Relive Friday night, 80s-style

Retro Arcade With 40+ games atlanta rental
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Wondering what 80s teens did to ease their boredom and get out of the house on Friday night? They went to their nearest arcade, often times in one of the local malls, and spent their entire week’s allowance playing quarter machines. Arcades with wall-to-wall Pac-Man, Frogger, and Tetris games were all the rage in those days.

Why not take your 80s partygoers on a field trip to a retro-inspired arcade near you? You can even book such thrilling venues in your town with the help of Peerspace.

One such example is this retro arcade with 40+ games in Lithia Springs, GA. It offers you a coin-free 80s arcade experience and a host who is passionate about showing off his collection.

“This was our second time visiting, and it was even better than before,” shares a Peerspace user in their review. “Don has an amazing collection of games and he’s a fantastic host. We will be back!”

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6. Pay tribute to the 80s biggest stars and weirdest fashion statements

Classic 80s Dance Club located on Fulham Road
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By collectively bringing back a thing or two from the 80s, you could succeed in having an awesome 80s theme party. Request your guests to wear something that actually represents the 80s era.

And who would say no to the most popular elements of the 80s: Michael Jackson’s famous jewel-encrusted white glove?! You can also request your guests to have classic mullets and disheveled rockstar hair – the popular hairstyles of the 80s — with the help of some funky wigs. How about sporting the type of fly gear made popular by Run DMC?

The idea for tributes is never-ending and always fun!

7. Hit the rink and have an 80s-powered rollerskating party

2-Acre Outdoor Roller Rink Facility
Source: Peerspace

Along with arcades, 80s youth loved nothing more than hitting up their local roller rink, skating round and round under the flashing light of the disco ball, and dreaming of skating hand-in-hand with their crush by the end of the night. All of this would occur to the tune of the top 80s roller skating anthems, of course!

Why not throw your own 80s roller skating party as a fun and active way to celebrate this colorful decade? While most roller rinks have shuttered since their 80s heydays, you can still locate and book some amazing skating rinks through Peerspace! One of our favorites is this 2-acre outdoor roller rink facility in San Diego, CA.

It boasts colorful skate rentals, mural-covered walls, a booming sound system, party lights, and a bubble machine, all in an open-air setting! Imagine booking out this amazing space, inviting your friends to come dressed in their finest 80s gear, and then skating the night away. We’re certain your crush will hold your hand during the final skate of the night when you host a party like this!

80s party ideas: conclusion

80s Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

We hope these 80s party ideas have you inspired and extra stoked to host the party of the year! A decades theme, especially the 1980s, is a timeless party theme for a reason. Embrace the zany outfits, the unfortunate hairstyles, and the over-the-top music as you plan your party.

And when you use Peerspace to book the perfect retro venue for your soiree, you can rest assured your party will take place in a super stylish spot with all the amenities you need. Remember to reach out to your venue’s local host with any questions and be prepared to wow your guests!

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