10 Retro 80s Photoshoot Ideas

Searching for the best of the best 80s photoshoot ideas? Then we at Peerspace have you covered with our gnarley list below! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace is where you go when you need to rent sensational spaces that bring your creativity to life.

And oh, the 80s — a time of neon leg warmers, yuppie culture, and arcade parties! If you read that sentence with a smile on your face or are now nostalgically humming the Miami Vice Theme song … it’s time to book your 80s photoshoot. Whether you’re looking for 80s photoshoot ideas inspired by the fashion, architecture, pop culture, or just the general attitude of the 80s, these fun, retro choices are sure to inspire.

1. Pretty in pink

80s photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

Pull out the cheetah print, throw on a blazer, and immerse yourself in a neon pink wonderland! A space like this one is perfect for an 80s girly-girl photoshoot and comes with the most fun features for the most gorgeous photos.

Take a soak in the adorable clawfoot tub, romp around on the comfy rugs, or take a call from the couch on the landline — the 80s photoshoot ideas in this space are endless!

Another perk that comes with using Peerspace to book unique spaces? You can read genuine reviews from past renters before you choose a space! Here’s an example for this DTLA neon pink paradise: “Great spot! Got some really good pics and would shoot there again. Place was bigger then most of the spots I have been too. Enjoyed my time there” .Check out more of the 1,400+ reviews of this space and inspiring photos of the venue on Peerspace!

2. An 80s NYC-style loft in LA

Massive DTLA Converted Showroom/Pop Up
Source: Peerspace

We love this loft as the setting for your 80s photoshoot ideas since it’s look like a place out of a Prince video! It is in fact a massive Los Angeles loft influenced by 80s New York City spaces. It boasts lots of space, huge windows that let in plenty of natural light, a hair and makeup station, and plenty of props.

In the words of a Peerspace reviewer: “Absolutely loved the spot and the host Chad was fantastic! The communication was easy and quick, was considerate and really helpful throughout the whole process. The loft is absolutely gorgeous and the light is amazing! Highly recommend!”

Our wow-worthy retro photoshoot ideas can offer even more inspiration. Check them out! 

3. 1980s cabin vibes

retro cabin in frazier park
Source: Peerspace

You know those 80s horror movies set in a cabin in the woods? Well, this Frazier Park vintage home brings the retro vibes, minus the spooky extras! In fact, the cabin is a charming architectural dream with a warm, natural color scheme, vaulted ceilings, and plenty of authentic 80s decor. See it for yourself on Peerspace!

4. An 80s horror show

80s photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

The 1980s wasn’t all neon and yuppies — this decade also brought us some of America’s favorite horror classics like The Shining, Aliens, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you are looking to celebrate the nostalgia and the darker side of the 1980s, try out a photoshoot space that caters to both! On one side of this Peerspace venue, you’ll find a scene that mimics a teenager’s bedroom but on the other side … a murderous, doll-filled dungeon. Eek!

You can see from its Peerspace reviews that this is a venue that gets a lot of love from the creative community! Here is one example: “We had a great experience! Using the space was a very simple process and it was a super fun spot to film in. The staff was very friendly and helpful!”

5. Memphis design in DTLA

art deco loft los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

80s photoshoot ideas aren’t restricted to leg warmer fashion and yuppie designs (although, we do love those too!). Celebrate a super fun and lesser remembered style of the 80s — the Memphis design movement from the Italian “Memphis Group.” This early 80s movement was all about a postmodern aesthetic with art deco designs, bold shapes, and primary colors.

That’s what makes this colorful, vintage LA loft a perfect 80s throwback. Read the reviews, check out the pics, and book this fun technicolor creative venue today on Peerspace!

6. A funky 80s suite

Anime Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

There is nothing more tubular than this funky Las Vegas vintage suite! It gives the 80s a decidedly Vegas spin in the best ways possible thanks to its high-end 80s hotel aesthetic. If you want a more over-the-top look for your 80s photoshoot ideas, then this is the place to do it.

“My experience was great,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “The host Joseph was very responsive and helpful. The space was better than advertised. I shot a music video and the way the place was set up went well with the theme. 5 stars easily. I’d give more if I could”

7. Pac-Man paradise

10th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

What would the 80s be without a little Pac-Man action? Retro gaming arcades are a classic 80s throwback, perfect for your blast from the past shoot! This Peerspace venue offers glow-in-the-dark retro walls, 80s and 90s vintage cabinet arcade games, and tons of fun decor. Make sure you book with a few extra hours to spare so you can have some playtime after your shoot!

A Peerspace reviewer shares: “The host and location were great! It was a perfect atmosphere for our video shoot and the lighting and games were working and really made the space a unique one to shoot in. The host was really nice and accommodating, even going out of the way to get us a parking spot on the busy road. I would definitely work with them again if we are ever in town and in need of an arcade style space.”

8. Miami Vice, much?

80s photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

No 80s photoshoot ideas list would be complete without a shout-out to Miami Vice! Choose a space with mint and pink pastels and begin your photoshoot adventure as a vice squad detective of the Miami police department. Just looking at this Peerspace venue will make you hum the Miami Vice theme song! The Art Deco revival pieces, disco ball, rainbow lighting apparatus, and color-changing aquatic bubble are also super fun touches to this space.

Next, check out our exotic photoshoot ideas to take your images to new heights!

9. Pop it in the Easy-Bake Oven

pastel palace in LA
Source: Peerspace

Find yourself a photoshoot location that would make Polly Pocket swoon! This adorable space offers a whimsical, fun vibe with its pastel colors and pink kitchen that looks like it came straight out of an Easy Bake Oven commercial. And every which way you turn in this space, you’ll be greeted with even more 80s photoshoot ideas!

As this one Peerspace reviewer sums up nicely, “You can shoot in every single direction and have a beautiful photo.”

10. Back To The Future

car tunnel in vegas
Source: Peerspace

We’re pretty sure we found the “Back To The Future” portal — and it’s listed for rent on Peerspace! We love the idea of using this location for an 80s car-themed photoshoot or a photo reenactment of the 80s classic, “Back To The Future”.

This Las Vegas space offers six pre-built/pre-lit sets, with all the sets ready to go as soon as you walk through the door. And all the lighting is app-controlled so that you can adjust the intensity, color, and multiple FX!

Bonus: An 80s London dance club

Classic 80s Dance Club located on Fulham Road
Source: Peerspace

With Peerspace, you can book 80s-style venues in cities across the globe. A great example of this is this classic 80s dance club in London, England! This epic space would make a perfect location for your 80s photoshoot thanks to its aimal print seating, Rubik’s cube tables, neon lights, and 80s icons plastered across the walls. Go for the photos, stay for the drinks and dancing, 80s style!

80s photoshoot ideas live on with Peerspace

New!) 80’s Pink Photo Studio near Downtown
Source: Peerspace

At Peerspace, we love retro photoshoots! Our hosts go above and beyond to curate unique vintage spaces to suit just about every creative taste out there.

And if you’re going for an 80s look, we have you covered. New spaces are added to our platform daily, so be sure to bookmark Peerspace to keep up with our trending spaces!

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