12 Adorable Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

In need of Frozen birthday party ideas? We understand! With children in the house, you’ve likely seen the movie Frozen more times than you’d like to say. You’re also likely to be the parent of a young child who has been asking you to throw them a Frozen-themed party for their upcoming birthday.

As with any good party, setting is key. If you don’t relish the idea of hosting yet another kid’s party at your home, then rely on Peerspace. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace makes it easy to find and rent exciting kid-friendly venues near you.

When it’s a birthday, everyone has the right to celebrate a birthday in their own style. And Peerspace assures you can do just that, with ease. Check out these 12 adorable Frozen birthday party ideas to thrill your child and their friends and discover some exciting venue rentals in the process.

1. Book a Peerspace event venue

The GlassSocial in Travis Heights - Modern Ranch House
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A birthday is a special occasion that deserves a special setting. Peerspace gives you the freedom to book a hidden gem venue in your location that has the style and amenities you want. And a Frozen-themed party needs a suitable party-perfect venue.

So what types of venues can you book for your kid’s Frozen birthday party?

Here are some of our favorites:

You get the picture! Peerspace offers you access to all types of unique event spaces in cities across the country and beyond. And since all Peerspaces are owned by local hosts, you can reach out to yours with any questions or requests to ensure all of your Frozen birthday party ideas come to life with ease.

2. Frozen cake

cake for frozen party
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It’s a Frozen birthday after all, so why not order a Frozen cake? Kids would love it. Whether you are celebrating a birthday at your house or an event venue, it is a must-have if you are celebrating a Frozen-themed birthday party.

Depending on how passionate you are about the baking arts, you can opt to make one yourself. Here’s an easy-to-follow recipe for a Disney Frozen cake your kid is sure to love!

3. Olaf Frozen birthday invitations

olaf from frozen
Source: Pixabay

A Frozen birthday party needs to have a cute invitation. Olaf birthday invitations will get your guests excited about your kid’s Frozen theme birthday party. Who can say no to such a pleasant and cute birthday invitation? Here’s one example of an adorable Olaf birthday invitation on Zazzle.

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4. Frozen viewing party

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Watching the Frozen movies is a must-have Frozen birthday party idea! Sure, your kids and their friends have watched the movie 1,000 times. But what’s one more go around? Luckily, you can switch things up by renting a private movie theater on Peerspace. That will at least be a relief to the adults in the room — no cleanup afterward!

Some of our favorites include:

5. Snowman zone

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Is it snowy at your home? Then have your kid help you make some snowmen and place them outside your home randomly. This is a cute way to greet your guests as they arrive for the Frozen party!

Depending on the time of year and location, you can always book a Peerspace cabin that’s whimsically surrounded by snow. For example, this rustic modern A-frame in Shaver Lake, CA (pictured above) is a snowy, Frozen-perfect paradise during the winter.

6. Frozen decorations

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Party decorations are always necessary but they’re even more important for a themed party. If you’re more interested in Olaf or Elsa’s characters, you may want to stay with white and blue hues for your interior design. Dark purples and fuchsias may be appropriate with Anna and Kristoff if you are in for an adorable frozen birthday party idea.

Put blue icicle lights around the room’s perimeter and ensure that they remain plugged in during the event. String-up paper snowflakes on the ceiling above the party area. Sprinkle a few snowman paper lanterns among the snowflakes for a warm lighting effect.

Cover doors with snowflake curtains with silver fringe and blue and white snowflakes to further enhance your Frozen wonderland.

7. A royal visit

actor dressed as elsa for frozen birthday party
Source: Unsplash

Hire performers to come to the party dressed as Elsa, Anna, or both to give your kid and all of the visitors a memorable experience. Depending on the hiring company you select, packages and choices may differ. However, many companies include posing for pictures during meet and greets, reading tales, leading guests in singing Happy Birthday, and other activities to make your birthday memorable.

8. Frozen-inspired foods

You can offer the same children’s party food as you would at other themed parties for a Frozen birthday party idea. Just be sure to add some festive sweets that fit the movie’s theme or your color scheme. If you’re providing a complete dinner with sides, try molding foods to resemble characters from the film. For example, meatloaf or scoops of mashed potatoes can be fashioned to resemble Olaf.

Alternatively, for the main dish, pick up frozen pizza with a side of mixed frozen veggies, bringing Frozen to the table in a new way. Don’t forget the ice cream!

Our happy hour food ideas provide more party-perfect snack suggestions!

9. Frozen activities

kids party space in northbrook
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Frozen birthday party ideas are always better when you can incorporate some fun games. For example, you can play Capture The Flag. Capture the Flag is a classic game that you can customize to suit your Frozen-themed party. Start by buying two Sven plush animals. Then, divide the children into two teams.

To keep the plush animals separated between the two teams, tie streamers in two distinct party colors around the animals. Finally, tie loosely knotted streamers around their waists in their team colors. See which team can capture the other team’s Sven!

10. Favors

marshmallow party favor frozen
Source: Pexels

Hand out Elsa’s headband crowns to the girls as they come to the party and reindeer antlers to the boys when they arrive so that they may wear them during the celebration. You can also include other things such as homemade tinted blue slime, Frozen princess wands, and marshmallows. The children will be able to take these items home with them as a thank-you.

11. Frozen dress theme

person dressed as olaf from frozen
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Don’t forget your costumes! Themed dress is one of our favorite Frozen birthday party ideas. You can keep it simple by implementing a blue-and-white dress code or even a dark purple colored clothing palette if you prefer the style of Anna and Kristoff.

12. Snowy entrance

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If your home or venue will not naturally be covered by snow, create the effect yourself using snow spray. It’s a temporary, artificial snow that you can easily remove using glass cleaner. This is an easy party decoration that will help get your guests in the Frozen spirit.

Frozen birthday party ideas: conclusion

Chicago baby photo shoot
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With the perfect Peerspace party venue rental and these Frozen birthday party ideas, you’re well on your way to hosting a memorable and thoughtful party. Your kid is going to have an amazing party, and you’re going to be considered the coolest parent around!

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