13 Beautiful Beach Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Looking to capture some tender moments with your romantic partner with rolling waves in the background? We have 13 beautiful beach couple photoshoot ideas that will make yours stand out from the rest! When you use Peerspace, the internet’s largest marketplace for filming location and production studio rentals, you have access to thousands of hidden gems and private beaches all over the country. Whether you’re looking for sunny gulf beaches or private lakes, search Peerspace first to find the best quality and value. Don’t forget the sunscreen, we’re taking a day trip to the beach!

1. Under the boardwalk

Beach Couple Photoshoot Ideas
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If you are near a beach with a large boardwalk, getting some cute pictures of you and your partner under the wooden piers always makes for stunning framing. With Peerspace, there are homes available for rent like this Santa Cruz surf house that is minutes from the boardwalk. The property sits on an acre, giving you plenty of unique photo opportunities with the beach in the distance. When you’ve taken your share of pictures there, walk down to the boardwalk for photos at golden hour!

2. Handprints in the sand

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Are you looking for beach couple photoshoot ideas for your engagement pictures? Make handprints in the sand and place your engagement or wedding rings on the fingers then snap a few close-ups.

3. Draw a heart and show your love

sunny beach photo set in LA
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Keeping with the theme of leaving your mark in the sand. Another way to get some adorable couple photos out of your beach trip is by drawing a large heart in the sand and standing in the middle of it with your partner.

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4. Rustic beach on the river

Private River Front Field with Mountain Views
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You don’t need to live by the coastline to do every one of these beach couple photoshoot ideas. There are also many lakes and rivers across the country that have rocky or sandy beaches that’ll give an entirely different vibe. Take, for example, this private riverfront field with mountain views in Erwin, Tennessee. Peerspace has many locations like this where you can take photos of you and your partner skipping rocks or relaxing on the shore. Search for a beach in your area and see what you can find!

5. Lounging in beach chairs

miami south beach condo with gorgeous patio and views
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Want your couples photoshoot to show the two of you in midst of some serious rest and relaxation? Grab a couple of beach chairs and your favorite adult beverages, then have pictures taken of the two of you from the front or back while you soak up some sun!

6. Don’t be afraid to make a splash

key west beach house
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Don’t feel like you need to resist the urge to get in the water and splash around a bit! Go for a little dip with your partner and get some playful pictures of the two of you splashing, holding hands, or getting hit by a wave. Your pictures will look so much better in the end if you’re able to let loose and not take them too seriously.

7. Nighttime stargazing photoshoot

Beach Couple Photoshoot Ideas
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The beach is one of the best places to get a view of the night sky. Typically there is less light pollution and you can see just about everything. Use this as an opportunity to snap some couples pics of the two of you doing some stargazing. Peerspace has rentals like this beach house with a stargazing rooftop deck in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida that would be perfect for this kind of idea. Look at some of the high-quality images uploaded by the host and imagine what kind of pictures you’d be able to come up with there!

8. Sunglasses reflection

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There are several different fun beach couple photoshoot ideas you can pull off with a simple pair of sunglasses with reflective lenses. You can place it in the sand and get a reflection of you and your partner walking down the beach. Or, have one of you wear them and get a shot of the other through the lens.

9. Sunset silhouette

solana beach private villa
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As the sun starts to come down during your beach photoshoot, there are some really cool silhouette shots you can pull off. Try making a heart with your hands and shooting a picture of the sunset through it. You can also use it as an opportunity to get a side profile silhouette of you and your partner sharing a kiss.

10. Sitting on the dock of the bay

Beach Couple Photoshoot Ideas
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Many of the homes on Peerspace that have private beach access also have short boat docks as well. Take for example this waterfront 50-acre family compound on Merritt Island, Florida. They have a short dock where you and your partner can get some lovely photos taken. That’s not all though, there are countless opportunities for unique vistas at this location. With Peerspace, you’ll get so much more than the beach when you rent a property for your photoshoot.

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11. Find clever ways to frame your photos

Beach Photo Ideas
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At the beach, there are several readymade options for you to frame your photos. You can find a shell with a hole in it and take a photo through that. Burying your camera partway in the sand can also create an interesting angle. Some beaches even have small caves where you and your partner can pose!

12. Bring your furry friend

vintage photoshoot ideas
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Do you and your partner have a dog together? They’ll be just as pleased as you to get a day down at the beach, so be sure to bring them along. You’ll only have more opportunities for photos and will have a chance to get your four-legged pal some much-needed exercise. If you can get them to sit still for a moment you may even get some pictures of all three of you!

13. Pack a picnic

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You’ll want to have enough energy to try out all of these fun ideas, so make sure that you pack a picnic. Throw down a blanket on the beach and get some more playful photos by feeding each other or sharing a drink.

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