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The 12 Best Dallas Food Photographers

From Southern hospitality to oil-country luxury –– Dallas food photographers are tasked with capturing the many sides of this mammoth-sized metropolis. Thankfully, these gifted image-makers are up for the challenge. So, saddle up and say, “Howdy!” to some of the roughest, toughest, and most talented food photographers in Dallas, Texas. And don’t forget to grab yourself a cold one –– it’s tradition!

1. Jennifer Boomer

When it comes to margaritas, you don’t have to tell Jennifer Boomer twice! This Texas shutterbug’s colorful images showcase the intense flavors of the Lone Star State with sharp lines, festive patterns, and brilliant points of intersection –– a must for icy shots of Texas-sized margaritas. With more than 12 years of experience and a background in interior design, Boomer creates images that push the boundaries of traditional food photography. Her work has been used by top corporations including Airbnb, the Food Network, HGTV, McDonald’s, and Lone Star Beer –– naturally.

2. Manny Rodriguez

With a knack for creating bright and realistic images, Manny Rodriguez uses motion to bring out the rich consistency of creamy liquids, fried dough, and shiny candy. The self-described “Top Banana from Havana” brings his quirky and playful personality to his studio in the Dallas Design District, where he composes eye-catching images for Martha Stewart, Pizza Hut, Zoe’s Kitchen, and YUM! brands –– all under the influence of his secret Cuban coffee recipe.

3. Theresa Fernandez

As an overall photography enthusiast, Theresa Fernandez enjoys crafting images that highlight delicate food textures with eye-level framing. Her use of diffused and bounced light gives food a soft and natural appearance, while her inclusion of perfectly paired beverages completes the narrative that her world-class clients want to convey.

4. Dick Patrick

For more than 30 years, Dick Patrick has devoted his life to producing striking imagery that leaps off the page. His refreshing style makes delicious meals appear even more appetizing –– using shallow depths of field, natural light, and tousled ingredients to draw the eye in. Patrick’s ability to capture the consistency of sauces and liquids in a flattering way has contributed to his continued success as one of the best Dallas food photographers.

5. Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey Wilson’s bright and cheerful food photography uses festive backdrops, messy tablescapes, and soft side lighting to capture the experience of the food she shoots. With a bachelor’s degree in photography from the University of North Texas, Wilson gained work experience living and shooting in New York City. Her technical talents are complemented by her passion for lifestyle photography, tireless work ethic, and love of nature.

6. Jesse Chacon

From garlic roots to iced coffee condensation, Jesse Chacon’s eye for detail can be seen throughout his extensive body of work. Using soft shadows and crisp highlights, Chacon is able to produce stunning images that feel authentic and natural. His background as a former wedding and portrait photographer adds to the sophisticated, editorial aspect of his work with food.

7. Allison David

Allison David understands how important it is to produce attention-grabbing images in a world oversaturated with iPhone photographers and foodie blogs. With a background in marketing, David makes it her aim to artfully convey each of her client’s vision. Her style offers a signature blend of saturated earth tones, soft and inviting vignettes, and visually striking compositions. When she’s not shooting, David draws inspiration from the work of her favorite photographers in a variety of venues.

8. Brianna Dickson

As a commercial and corporate event photographer, Brianna Dickson works with a myriad of food and beverage brands such as Shake Shack, Frito Lay, PepsiCo, and Bud Light. Her straightforward and graphic compositions beautifully capture the weight and mouthfeel of the dishes she shoots –– giving juicy highlights and buttery shadows a place to shine. Dickson’s ability to work in natural and studio light, along with her quick turnaround and lively personality, make her a favorite in the world of Dallas food photographers.

9. Rusty Hill

Rusty Hill brings the bold flavors of Texas to life with his bright and visually full photographs. Using sharp focus and strong lighting, Hill creates images that are bursting with craveable color and tantalizing textures. Together with his team of talented food and prop stylists, Hill is able to offer his clients the opportunity to uphold their reputation with high-quality, eye-catching photos.

10. Taylor Vieger

Taylor Vieger’s work mixes warm and earthy shots of down-home meals with expertly lit, modern photography. He takes inspiration from 1960s psychedelic rock –– incorporating illustrative playfulness and typography into his work as one of the premier Dallas food photographers. His images have the ability to bring forth the character and composition of the ingredients he’s working with –– whether it’s crunchy poppy-seed bread, melted frosting, or a tall glass of sparkling coffee.

11. Nancy Farrar

With a deep understanding of the importance of presentation, Nancy Farrar uses her love of cooking and years of experience to capture the colors and textures of an expertly presented plate. Using a mixture of overhead and 45-degree angles, Farrar is able to emphasize the casual elegance of rustic food. Her stunning images have been published in USA Today, Southern Living, and Eater.

12. Tadd Myers

Tadd Myers breathes new life into food photography with his focus on American craftsmanship and farm-to-table ingredients. Using high-dynamic range imaging and warm overlays, Myers gives the viewer an intimate peek at the heart and soul of food production and preparation. His images are deeply saturated, and include elements of lifestyle photography and portraiture.

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