The 8 Best Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in London

Hoping to potentially work with one of the best London drone videographers? Drone cinematography is very different from other forms of drone videography. As cinematographers, the operators seek to showcase perspectives that help establish a scene or narrative in a feature film, provide dramatic views, and seek other ways of highlighting a film’s story.

And each of these drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in London is a talented producer and director as well, expanding on the theme of a film and breathing further life into it using their unique bird’s eye views of the surroundings.

With a city this massive and packed with creatives, it wasn’t easy choosing only a handful of the top London drone videographers! But we at Peerspace did our best and hope you can appreciate their work. Let’s check them out.

1. Charlie Johnston

Self-taught London drone videographers and filmmakers are some of our favorites to review because they often employ creative techniques that traditionally trained videographers do not. They are often more willing to diversify their portfolios in their exploration of the art form, as Charlie Johnston has. His work includes commercial footage, event coverage, and even landscape footage, where drones provide cinematic perspectives.

Overall, Charlie is a licensed drone videographer shooting aerial cinematography in London. He also has travel films showcasing the night lights, people, and scenic architecture the city is famous for. If you’re looking for a comprehensive videographer with years of professional drone operating experience, contact Charlie.

2. Peter Kindersley

Lifestyle photography and social film projects are what Peter Kindersley loves to produce! He’s also a talented landscape photographer, and his love for scenic views often shows up in his drone aerial videography. He loves finding those places where dramatic lighting, leading lines, and known landmarks create a story about the area. Sometimes his stories involve just the space, but often there are human elements to explore. He is truly adept at knowing how to make a product or campaign come to life through visual media.

His drone videos and his drone photography give us perspectives rarely seen, let alone appreciated, by people. And as a civil aviation authority-certified drone operator, he’s both trained and licensed to do so. Peter’s experience, passion, and certifications make him constantly in demand with major brands like Shell UK, Ryan Air Magazine, and Penguin Publishing.

3. Creative Sky

Creative Sky is a team of London drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in the region, filming landscapes and live events. Their live aerial filming of the Lotus Turbo Challenge 70 is a prime example; there, Creative Sky took to the air, covering the Lotus Cars 70th birthday event with fast, captivating footage of the show.

Diversity of viewing angles is something Creative Sky well understands; even an intriguing shot from directly above can lose impact if repeated again and again. But the way they treat us to panning shots, footage chasing the action, and providing a full display of everything from track to audience demonstrates their love for aerial storytelling. Some of their happy clients include Daily Mail, E4, Ogilvy & Mather, and Forestry Commission England.

4. Stas in the Air

Looking for a drone videographer shooting aerial cinematography in London who focuses on the travel and lifestyle genres? Look no further than Stas in the Air, whose footage of Croatian beaches and island villas will have you dusting off your passport in no time.

His videos use a warm color grade that involves summer sun and drinks while the perspectives show people swimming, laughing, and simply enjoying what each scene has to offer. Including people simultaneously adds a sense of scale, perspective, and a lifestyle narrative to his footage.

Yet, Stas is also fond of landscape videography, exploring snow-capped mountains with a speed and perspective hikers and skiers can only dream of. When you want your drone cinematography to feel truly immersive to viewers, then Stas may be your guy.

5. Epic Drone Films

After spending 13 years in marketing and website development careers, Chris and Dan, two brothers and London drone videographers, decided to start Epic Drone Films. In doing so, they could leverage their impressive skillset. They have now become some of the most talented drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in London.

Inspection, surveying, TV/film footage, and even events like weddings and sports are all subjects they’ve worked in before. Their satisfied clients include brands like Durex and Heritage Lab. And they are fully stocked with the latest drone equipment, providing up to 6K resolution and high-speed subject tracking to meet the demands of any sort of collaboration.

6. DroneScope

National Geographic, Santander, BMW, and even the BBC know that DroneScope is a brand to rely on for high-quality cinematic footage from above. They provide footage from up close, afar, tracking, photography, and also perform surveying work for engineers and architects.

DroneScope supports and creates films, participating from preproduction to the final product. Their projects often take them abroad on journeys to China, Finland, and the United States. This is all possible since they are fully licensed and insured worldwide. All of their aerial perspectives add drama and lifestyle narratives to the projects they are a part of. And they also work closer to home, where their talents are constantly in demand for documenting sporting events, showcasing commercial spaces, and more. Check out their website for helpful FAQs and to request a quote for your project.

7. Logic Video

Justin of Logic Video is a freelance videographer whose experience includes an impressive variety of subjects. He produces short documentaries, event videography, educational content, and much more for broadcast and corporate productions. Both his ground and aerial footage focus on people and their relation to places.

And Justin’s skill set is more diverse than most London drone videographers. He’s regularly called on to be not only a videographer but a director and producer as well for the collaborations he’s a part of.

8. The Drone Operators

There are drone operators and, then there are drone cinematographers. Fortunately, Kaine and Michael of The Drone Operators do both. They operate drones to showcase the landscape from above and create cinematography for establishing shots or stand-alone aerial sequences.

Their portfolio takes us on a journey across 27 countries and 3 continents, where they partner with international brands like Samsung to create inspiring, impactful footage. Few drone cinematographers know how to compose their aerial frames in ways that invoke light, scene, and mood in the way Michael and Kaine do. Check them out when you want drone videos that tell a complete story.

Bonus: The Drone Company

The Drone Company comprises five teams of CAA licensed and insured London drone videographers. They have been in the business for nearly a decade and, in that time, have acquired more than 1,000 flight hours. Their work has showcased social causes, residential properties, and advertising campaigns for brands like Guinness and Virgin Media.

This is the team you choose when you need a diverse array of professional media, from photography to drone videography, all handled by experienced pros operating the best equipment.

London drone videographers: conclusion

London drone videographers
Source: Peerspace

No matter your project, we’re confident that any of the above London drone videographers can handle it deftly. All you have to do now is start a conversation with your favorite and see how the sparks fly!

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