The 12 Best Editorial Photographers in Charlotte

Curious to see who made our list of the best Charlotte editorial photographers? Charlotte has plenty to offer when it comes to print and digital media. The scenic views, enthusiasm for the city’s sports teams, the rising skyscrapers, and the incredibly diverse people make this city a vibrant cultural hub. 

Unsurprisingly, publications rush to hire the best when it comes to pairing visuals with their written pieces. We’ve rounded up some of the most talented Charlotte editorial photographers also making a mark in the publishing world. Let’s take a look!

1. Laura Wolff

Laura Wolff’s aesthetic shots of sunsets and skyscrapers of Charlotte offer an unfiltered glimpse of the city’s breathtaking architecture. Her sports photography is equally arresting, documenting thrilling moments in Carolina Panthers’ games, minor league baseball, and the packed stadiums when a Charlotte team plays. 

A regular contributor to Scoop Charlotte, WFAE Radio, and Carolina Panthers News, Wolff is a dream collaborator for any publication house. What makes her captures so thrilling is her ability to employ bold camera angles, click candid portraits, and show the audience in their true, passionate element.   

2. Patrick Schneider

Award-winning photographer and visual storyteller Patrick Schneider is one of the most versatile photographers on this list. His specialization ranges from manufacturing, industrial, event, and executive, to sports, corporate, and employee portraits.

With a client list that includes Atlanta Journal, Detroit News, and Indianapolis Star, Schnieder’s raw, unfiltered approach has led to some of the most significant documentation of the people of Charlotte. The detailing in his work, along with thought-out compositions, is also what makes Schnieder stand out amongst his peers. 

3. Rusty Williams

Many shy away from branching out into many areas of photography. However, for Rusty Williams, he has not only mastered the art but also reinvented it over the years. And his shots for lifestyle, portrait, home, and garden photography are all witness to that. The calmness, the smiles, and the memories are lit up for good when Williams is behind the camera. 

Black and white seem to be his go-to style, with a tinge of blues in between. Seeing how his work is regularly published by Charlotte Magazine, Crescent Communities, Levolor, and Moen, we feel that his accomplishments are a result of constant experimentation and creative risks. And in fact, the results speak for themselves!

4. Justin Driscoll

Visual artist, storyteller, fine art photographer, and content producer —  Justin Driscoll dons a lot of hats, all with equal style and dexterity. From fashion to hospitality to corporations, he brings his lifetime of passion and experience to each image that he clicks. 

His clientele is equally impressive, with globally acclaimed brands such as Ritz-Carlton, Macy’s, Google, and Harley Davidson collaborating with him for their publishing assignments. Driscoll quotes his journey as, “this isn’t just a job for me, it’s a true passion”. And his magnificent portfolio is a testament to that. 

5. Jeannie DeSena

There is a lot to admire in the portraits that Jeannie DeSena takes of Charlotte locals. Her subjects are visibly at ease, their personality radiating amidst gorgeous backdrops and natural lighting. An award-winning master photographer in the categories of child, family, and senior photography, DeSena has flourished and blossomed in every bracket. 

Her collaborations with Teen Szn, SeniorInspire, and Irish Dance only cement her status as a fully accomplished portrait photographer. Corporate shots, profiling, professional headshots — no matter the assignment, trust DeSena to deliver!

6. Kevin Young

In Kevin Young, we’ve found an artist who is positioning new ways and directions of capturing raw aerial shots. Known for his famous time-lapse shots of construction buildings and new designs, Young always makes the view a scenic one.

A huge fan of the Charlotte Football Club, his instincts match his artistic skills to deliver the best in the business for the club and for publications like the Charlotte Ledger and Charlotte Magazine. The raw depiction of anger, pride, and emotions is what makes him one of the most sought-after Charlotte editorial photographers.

7. Corine Olarte

There is a reason Corine Olarte’s fashion portraits stand out from her peers. She isn’t afraid to take risks; opting for bold neon colors, extravagant props, and meticulous make-up. And the result? A series of breathtaking shots that find their way into publications like MOB Journal and HORIZONT Magazine

Olarte has crafted pictures in a fashion where colors never cease to amaze the eyes. Her variety of creations includes shots of weddings, cosplay, brand and products, and much more, making her any publication’s obvious pick. 

8. Megan Easterday

Megan Easterday’s Instagram feed is a fun, vibrant mood board full of excellent examples of lifestyle photography. Her photography experience includes brands, boudoir, micro-weddings, and fashion, making her a flexible collaborator for any publication. Her “Playful Pastels” series for the magazine Philocaly is also an awesome example of this.

Easterday has collaborated with Gathering Flower Studio, Fern House Salon, Murray Modern Living, and Vue by SEK Jewelry, a list that flexes her versatility in capturing photographs with excellent color palettes, themes, and backgrounds. This adaptability makes this Charlotte editorial photographer one of our favorite picks for any publication’s lifestyle and fashion photography needs. 

9. Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor, a paratrooper turned photographer, shoots in the niche of newspaper, sports, fashion, portrait, and food. Through his lens, we see images that are real, authentic, and incredibly affecting. Some of his most sought-after patrons are Google, Charlotte Magazine, USA Network, and the venerable New York Times

We especially love how Taylor takes food pictures without being too heavy-handed in post-production. The angles, the props, and the tint of confidence in himself also shine through his snapshots, giving a vibe of being achieved in-camera. Whether it’s the people, places, events, or landscapes of Charlotte, Taylor makes sure his subjects shine without losing their authenticity. 

10. Dustin Peck

With over a quarter-century of experience, Dustin Peck has not only beautified but also constantly reinvented interior and architectural photography. He has built an impressive portfolio over the years, especially since he gives attention to even the most minute details. Some of his clients include Gray Walker Interiors, Lake Norman Magazine, Hart-Howerton, and RATIO Architects. 

Lights play an important role in Peck’s shoots, and he has been phenomenal in creating breathtaking compositions even from the most basic elements. If your publication is in need of an interior or architecture photographer who knows his art inside-out, then trust Peck to deliver the goods.

11. Alex Slitz

Award-winning sports photographer Alex Slitz manages to bring together two very elements we love, but that not many people do well — aerial shots and editorial photography. That rarity, along with his own artistic viewpoint, makes way for images that have both style and substance. When it comes down to working with titans, Slitz has taken hold of The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian, and National Geographic

Constantly experimenting with his craft, Slitz also uses his talents to document all the big and small sports moments. And when he is not busy doing the rounds of famous stadiums, he can be seen capturing the breathtaking landscapes of Charlotte. No matter the assignment, this Charlotte editorial photographer will always be up to the task.

12. Khadejeh Nikouyeh

Khadejeh Nikouyeh is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has accompanied articles on topics such as sexual assaults, modern patriotism, the Vice President of the USA, and gender identity. From conveying stories of minority populations to documenting the everyday lives of Charlotte residents, Nikouyeh has shined in niches involving animals, sports, and weddings.

A regular contributor to the Charlotte Observer, Nikouyeh’s portfolio is anything but simple. In her work, the colors are raw, camera angles are unconventional, and editing is precise. And the result is evocative, unfiltered photographs that eventually become historic masterpieces. 

Charlotte and its stories, through an editorial lens

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Editorial photography has to perfectly complement the pieces it runs with, and it also has to stand on its own. Furthermore, it has to be truly publication-worthy, which speaks to a level of professionalism, polish, and attention to detail.

The best Charlotte editorial photographers are out there producing great work all the time, helping shape the way people see and understand this amazing city.

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