The 9 Best Interior Designers in Houston (2024)

Houston is a city where entertainment meets business, a fusion of fun and seriousness. The very best Houston interior designers know all about this. From commercial buildings to residential homes, you’ll find that the very talented interior designers of Houston have a way of evoking this perfect balance.

While Houston shows its creative scene is getting better with age, the designers in the city push it further in their projects. From tasteful family-friendly homes to luxurious penthouses overlooking the cityscape of the rapid expansion of Houston, these are some of the best interior designers in the city.

1. Ginger Barber Interior Design

Ginger Barber Interior Design likes to keep her designs simple. In fact, this is even in her slogan “keep it simple”, this slogan perfectly reflects her style and design. It’s beautiful, eye-catching, yet comfortable too.

This Houston native is the best designer to go to for all designs rustic, farmhouse, and cottagecore. She helps transport her clients to a faraway land, as if they’re home is a cottage in the wilderness. Her eye for simplicity and beauty is what makes her one of the top interior designers in Houston.

2. Erica Ooh Designs

Budget-friendly and colorful are two of the best words to describe this Houston interior designer. Erica Ooh Designs is not afraid to go bold and wild and her portfolio perfectly shows that. While many interior designers in the Houston area focus either on residential or commercial projects, Erica likes to take it up a notch by offering multiple services and this includes designing for events such as birthdays and weddings.

When checking out Erica’s profile, you get to explore color, unique shapes, and plenty of patterns. She loves experimenting to see what works and that’s why her clients keep coming back for more.

3. Rainey Richardson Interiors

Rainey Richardson has one passion in life, and that’s interior design. She is constantly aiming for her clients to feel comfortable in their homes. She wants them to feel as if the whole entire home was just made for them. Rainey loves providing tailor-made interior solutions for her clients. Each time she delivers, her clients just keep coming back for more. Rainey sprinkles down her interior design magic into each space and her awe-inspiring portfolio is filled to the brim with luxurious spaces.

You’ll find her pairing complementing colors, but she and her team will also take it up a notch and mix colors that tend to not pair together. This creates a lovely cross-over that only a talent such as Rainey can do. She loves to play with textures, utilize reflection, and even ensure the lighting perfectly highlights each space. When it comes to Houston interior designers, she’s one of the very best that the city has to offer!

4. Amilee Wendt from Wendt Design Group

Amilee Wendt, the founder of Wendt Design Group, has gained the attention of many in the designer community of Houston. Her immaculate work has gained her various awards such as the ASID Award for some of her past projects. She’s not afraid to get out there and experiment. While she has amassed a variety of awards, her portfolio has also expanded as well. When taking a look at some of her past projects from residential to commercial, you’re going to notice that she doesn’t have a signature style.

Some interior designers have a signature look, but what’s so amazing about Amilee is her versatility. She’ll reflect her client’s wishes and visions perfectly. You’ll find clean lines with a hint of jaggedness through her work but she’s mostly very flexible in how she designs.

5. William Stubbs from Bill Stubbs Interiors

William is a renowned interior designer in the Houston area. He, and his team at his interior design firm, Bill Stubbs Interiors, take great pride in always providing a dedicated personal service to the clients. Each and every step of the way is completely tailored. William and his team always try to get to know the clients from top to bottom. The work William does is to capture the client’s personality while still allowing the home to be functional.

They like to develop their design strategy in an organic conversational way. So, when looking at past projects that William Stubbs has done, you’ll notice that there is this fine balance between modern and traditional interiors. It’s soft contemporary, yet classic at the same time. This unique style is the trademark of Bill Stubbs Interiors. The entire space remains sophisticated, and personalized, while still being perfectly composed of various patterns and textures throughout the space.

6. Karen Davis from Marker Girl Home

When looking at beautiful spaces on Pinterest, social media, or even in magazines, you may think to yourself that these spaces can’t be livable. That functionality is completely thrown at the window in the name of aesthetics, and families can’t have gorgeous spaces like that. This is something that people commonly think. Well, this Houston interior designer thinks otherwise. Karen from the Marker Girl Homes wants everyone to know that you don’t need to compromise a beautiful space for it to be a family-friendly home.

She emphasizes clients who may have a fast-paced or hectic lifestyle where little ones are running throughout the house. There’s no doubt about it that Karen is considered a miracle worker by many of her clients. Her eye for color, passion for playing around with patterns, and packing a punch through pastels are why she keeps turning heads.

7. Alecia & Charles Johnson from Pearl Design Interiors

Alecia and Charles Johnson are that much-needed breath of fresh diverse air in Houston. This fantastic Houston interior designer duo loves to focus on creating a luxurious space. You’ll feel as if you’re walking into a palace. Alecia and Charles combine traditional, contemporary, and eclectic to create a beautifully unusual mish-mash for a space.

Alecia loves to utilize accessories, believing it’s all the little things that add up to make the biggest difference. She’s always trying to create stunning spaces her clients will fall head over heels for. Wanting to maximize value, all without compromising quality, her end results are always fabulous!

8. Ashton Taylor Interiors

Having a paramount focus on creating a glamorous experience for the client, Ashton Taylor Interiors delivers only the best for both her luxury residential and commercial space clients. She ensures that the design process stays seamless and her clients are heard every step of the way. Receiving many awards from big brands such as Luxe Interiors and magazine features as far as China, you know Ashton has the creativity and talent that clients are begging for.

When your eyes meet her portfolio, you just can’t help but stare. She plays with shapes, brings in unique furniture, and she loves incorporating pops of color. Her eye for detail is absolutely astounding.

9. Pamela O’Brien from Pamela Hope Designs

If you want to feel as if you’re walking into one of those beautiful spaces from Pinterest, then look no further. This Texas native can do it all! Pamela Hope Designs is a luxury interior designer who has celebrated many features in major publications such as Houston Chronicle, House Beautiful, and even the Wall Street Journal. She’s always putting the clients first and listening to their needs.

Pamela’s previous projects are beautiful, simply put. She loves testing out the waters and seeing what fits. Plus she takes sustainability into account by also using what her clients have. You’ll find that her gorgeous designs are very clean, with plenty of shapes, and light colors with a gentle kiss of complementing darker hues. She’s been raved time and time again in Houston as one of the best interior designers the Texas city has to offer!

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