The 9 Best Interior Designers in Miami (2024)

Searching for the best Miami interior designers to work with on a forthcoming project? The magical city of Miami brings in this perfect balance of old and new. The deluxe architecture, ultra-modern designs, and rapid growth could leave anybody awe-struck. There’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to this booming city. From the trendy nightlife to pristine beaches, Miami’s vibrancy leaves waves of creativity for all the artists there.

The art scene in Miami is enormous, and it’s easy to see why. The interior designers of Miami know precisely what’s up. They all offer a plethora of talent, while each still brings something different. Since there are so many incredibly interior designers in Miami, we curated this helpful list of some of our favorite Miami interior designers that you may want to check out!

1. Michael Wolk Design

You can’t talk about Miami interior designers unless you bring up Michael Wolk. He’s practically the King of Interior Design in Miami. So if you ever want to bring a sense of luxury and class to your home or business, he’s the one for the job. This award-winning designer was a graduate of Pratt Institute back in 1973 in New York City and immediately gained recognition all around the city. He’s also famous for designing and building furnishing for Beatles legend John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono.

Having the opportunity to travel around the world in the mid-1970s helped him gain new perspectives, meet artisans, and find new ways to design and build furniture. By 1976, he opened his design firm, where he still pays homage to this day to his past travels. His style is a mix of elegance with structured lines, clean textures, but subtle hints of natural elements and airiness.

2. Deborah DiMare from DiMare Design

For many animal activists out there, it seems as if there aren’t any furniture or designers that cater to their needs, being cruelty-free. However, cruelty-free and veganism aren’t merely just choices, but they’re a lifestyle to show love and compassion to animals. Deborah DiMare from DiMare Design has listened carefully. Over the last 18 years, she has created ultra-luxury interior designs while still advocating for sustainability, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly options.

Her work is revolutionary, as she’s always aiming to make each and every one of her clients’ homes remain sustainable, timeless, trend-free, and vegan. A vegan and animal activist herself, you can see her passion beautifully reflected in her work. You’ll see twists and turns in her designs, pops of bright colors that are uncommon in homes, and unique designs like marble and floral print. Just like her beliefs for the future of interior design, DiMare’s work is creative and like no other.

3. Taize Monteiro from Jallot Design

With an education from some of the most prestigious design schools, Taize Monteiro is the Queen of Luxurious interiors in Miami. Having received her education in Spain, Italy, New York, and traveling all across the globe, her knowledge makes her incomparable to all of the rest. She’s always bringing something new and refreshed whenever she’s revitalizing a space.

Taking a look at her past projects, you’ll find that she focuses not only on bringing beauty to a space but also on functionality. Taize from Jallot Design is always striving for a space that a family can use to improve their lifestyle.

4. Beatriz Pascuali from Pascuali Interiors

Creating awe-inspiring homes from start to finish, Beatriz Pascuali from Pascuali Interiors puts a lot of love into each project she does. Beatriz serves clients from all over the globe, constantly on a mission of creating deluxe décor and beautiful experiences in the home. Beatriz always considers the details of the space before the start of the project. In doing so, she creates the perfect balance of comfort, distinguished interiors, and functionality while still highlighting the originality of the space.

You can leave it to Beatriz to get the job done and transform your home into a beautiful space waiting to invite guests over. From tiny little studios to big mansions, Beatriz is Miami’s best for bringing life into any space for an affordable budget.

5. Alene Workman Interior Design

The face behind AWID is Alene Workman, the successful leader making waves in Miami for the last 25 years. Her award-winning firm has gained so much recognition, and it’s been a go-to for many residents who seek a clean design with a nice balance of modern chic and luxury. Alene creates a special place in each space her clients assign her. She loves working in spaces that can make her clients feel like they’re escaping to somewhere new all in their homes. When checking out Alene’s portfolio, what will stick out would be the neutral color schemes, cozy furniture, and plush textiles to bring comfort.

She combined contemporary and transitional themes, which creates with marvelous fusion that her clients rave her so. Alene is always looking to bring something new to her table, and her previous project perfectly reflects that.

6. Annie Santulli Designs

Annie Santulli has been a dedicated interior designer for the last 20 years. She’s always aiming to create innovative designs tailored to her clients. Interiors are her biggest passion, and she’s not afraid to let that out! She successfully captures her client’s visions and won’t stop until she’s created their dreams. In fact, Annie loves to emphasize how much she wants to know her clients. She wants to know their ins and outs to create the perfect space they deserve!

So what’s Annie’s inspiration whenever she’s designing? It’s the beautiful beaches of Miami, of course! Her designs are clean and structured yet give you those chic coastal vibes. She brings subtle touches of the beach right into your home as if you’re one with mother nature. Considered one of the best interior designers in Miami, she’s happy enough to work on residential homes, commercial buildings, and yachts. Anything you can think that needs a little designing, Annie will be your go-to.

7. Pepe Calderin Design

“Fresh,” “energetic,” and “visionary” are the three words that perfectly describe the work of Pepe Calderin Design. His design firm will guarantee that you’ll be blown away by that gentle Miami sea breeze. Each space Pepe works on is like a painting that you can step into. His remarkable creativity makes you feel like you’re seeing one of those gorgeous spaces that are only available in advertisements or in a high-end magazine.

Whether residential or commercial, each space is perfectly infused, giving its own unique personality. When Pepe is at the beginning stage of working on a space, he sees each one as boundless and just waiting for possibilities to unfold. As a result, he’s always striving to bring positive energy to every space he works in. This includes focusing on making each space feel large, airy, and bright with colors such as white and plenty of soft curves to balance off a typical Miami home’s rigidness.

8. Renata Bastos from Trace Design Studio

Renata’s background has helped her designs stand out from all the rest as one of Miami’s best interior designers. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, she’s lived in places across the world. She received her bachelor’s of architecture in Miami and completed her masters in Barcelona. She has run her design firm, Trace Design Studio, since 2012, where she’s constantly striving to create affordable luxury for the residents of Miami. Renata prides herself on the work she does. When looking at her portfolio, you’ll see that she focuses on nurturing positive feelings, a sense of wellbeing, and sustainability.

Renata always focuses on going beyond the interiors to make clients feel happy and comfortable in their homes. The design process for Renata is very different compared to your average designer. She has a particular content for each project and how it will be achieved. She then talks with her clients and wants to know them and their interior needs on multiple levels. This helps her thoughtfully plan and design what elements she’ll add to the space, what details are already in the space that deserves to be highlighted, and how she can make her work of art come to life in her client’s home.

9. Natalia Neverko Design

Set on becoming an interior designer at the age of 10, Natalie Neverko is a woman who has reached her dreams. She’s now both an interior designer and an architect as well! Originally from St. Peterburg, Russia, she first began her career moving to Miami in 2004 as an architect for Scapiro Associates. Afterward, she opened up NND, a firm that includes high-end full-service architectural interiors and interior design with a touch of European attributes.

For over a decade, she’s been transforming her client’s properties into unique realities. As a result, when looking at her portfolio, you’ll be met with a fantastic variety of work. Natalia focuses on each client’s taste and personality, ensuring that it reflects who they are. From the walls to the floor, it creates beautiful spaces that include inviting colors such as beige and white, marvelous designs like marble, and pops of color from high-end painters. Creating the perfect mixture of traditional and modern, Natalia’s canvas is the room!

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