The 9 Best San Diego Food Photographers

Hoping to bring your project to life by partnering with one of the best San Diego food photographers? At Peerspace, we get it! From the art of highbrow tacos to the healing power of a strong mojito, the most talented San Diego food photographers have a wealth of incredible food experiences to document.

San Diego is a West Coast sanctuary that may be known for its spectacular scenery and luxuriously mild climate. However, these ingenious image-makers know that the real sightseeing starts with San Diego’s bustling culinary scene. Let’s check out their work!

1. Justin Galloway

Justin Galloway’s dark and dramatic backgrounds give his images a strikingly moody tone that draws the eye in. His use of directional side lighting adds intrigue to his images. Meanwhile, rich earth tones and smooth shadows give the look of fine art. His work is a mix of studio and lifestyle photography, with both styles making adept use of negative space and pattern.

Galloway’s passion for food extends to his own kitchen and garden. His love for exploring the cultures and stories behind food is also reflected in his stunning body of work. In fact, his images have appeared in Rice University Magazine, Cheers Magazine, and Beer Advocate. Brands like Evolution Fresh and Capital One Cafe have also featured Galloway’s images.

2. Rob Andrew Photography

When it comes to food photography, Rob Andrew brings his appreciation for the role human connection plays in creating compelling imagery in his work. His sharp, eye-level images give the viewer a tableside glimpse of the flavors and textures of the dishes he shoots.

In addition, his use of low f-stops and carefully metered light add to the professional look of his photos while maintaining subtle visual interest in the background. When he’s not shooting, Andrew shares his knowledge with fellow creatives through a series of photography classes and tutorials.

3. Veauux

Using high-contrast and harsh side-lighting, Katy Veauux creates stunningly cinematic food photography that could be easily confused with a film noir scene. Her avant-garde approach also uses elements of movement to give the viewer something to connect with – from pouring liquid to flickering candlelight.

Whether she’s crafting crisp product photography or documenting a lavish dinner party, Veauux strives to evoke emotion with every image she creates. Her focus on the deeper purpose of a career in photography sets her apart from her competitors. It also makes her one of our favorite San Diego food photographers.

4. Megan Morello

As one of the most colorful San Diego food photographers, Megan Morello is always up for capturing the beauty of life – both in and out of the kitchen! Her distinct style makes food look delicious and fun, with inventive uses of visual weight and the rule of thirds adding a graphic, pop-art feel to her images.

Rich shadows and bright colors breathe life into her intimate, behind-the-scenes shots of food preparation. While her aesthetic is free-spirited and modern, her images always make food look comforting and classic. She has worked with VegNews, Califino Tequila, Edible San Diego, and more.

5. Bhadri Kubendran

With prime lenses and wide apertures, Bhadri Kubendran can create unique images with silky smooth bokeh. Kubendran’s use of sharp foregrounds and highly blurred backgrounds adds modern depth to his signature style.

Soft vignettes add further emphasis to Kubendran’s bright and colorful culinary subjects. His remarkable work has earned over 40 awards from the Foodelia International Food Photography Awards, including the top place in the United States 2016 and 2017 awards.

6. Olivia Hayo

As the associate editor and visuals editor at Edible San Diego, Olivia Hayo is familiar with Southern California’s wide range of incredible food and drink. Her bright and sunny photographs showcase the vivid colors of SoCal’s fresh ingredients – whether it’s a chili-lined glass of prickly pear soda or a beautifully plated smoked salmon salad.

She has a master’s degree in food culture, communications, and high-quality products from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. Furthermore, her background as a recipe developer and chef adds even more valuable insight and perspective to her extensive body of mouthwatering work. It’s no wonder she’s one of the top San Diego food photographers.

7. Marshall Williams

With a degree in commercial photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, Marshall Williams brings over 25 years of experience to his work in San Diego. His light and airy food photography stems from a belief in the persuasive power of photographs. With dreamy backlighting and travel-inspired table settings, Williams produces beautiful images that also speak to his client’s sensibilities and vision.

His studio photography is expertly crafted, giving the feeling of a casual outdoor dining experience in perfect weather. His striking editorials have been published in Bon Appetit, Food Arts, National Geographic, and San Diego Home Garden & Lifestyle, just to name a few.

8. Anne Watson Photography

Anne Watson’s clean aesthetic highlights the luxury of San Diego’s finest cuisines. Her adventures abroad, including studying culinary arts in Italy, have given her a broader perspective. This she brings to her work as one of the premier San Diego food photographers.

Her bright and crisp images beautifully showcase tricky textures — such as oysters and rare steak, accurately portraying their natural color and texture while never appearing slimy or lifeless. Watson’s eye-catching work has graced the pages of internationally celebrated magazines and cookbooks, including highly-regarded regional publications like Modern Luxury OC and Phoenix New Times.

9. Carl Kravats

With casual yet elegant compositions, Carl Kravats brings his love of travel and humanity to his work as a food photographer in San Diego. Organic, tightly framed shots of raw ingredients and finished treats are combined with behind-the-scenes portraits of the people who lovingly care for food at each stage.

From the farmers’ market in Myanmar to the high-end, artistic plating of Southern California’s finest restaurants, Kravats’ work reflects a genuine appreciation for all that goes into creating an exceptional culinary experience.

Bonus: Tim King Photographer

Tim King is one of the most popular and versatile commercial photographers in San Diego. While his work often focuses on the people behind the brands, that’s actually what makes him one of our favorite San Diego food photographers. He not only highlights the amazing food and drinks served at San Diego’s finest establishments, but also the people who create and serve it.

This attention to the human side of a business makes him one of the most sought-after photographers in the region. And after you browse his portfolio, you’ll also see why.

San Diego food photographers: conclusion

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San Diego is a bastion for creatives and is an ideal spot for finding the best commercial photographers for your project. And when you specifically need San Diego food photogaphers, the pros on this list will serve you well.

After you hire your favorite, come back here to Peerspace to book a professional studio that helps you bring your brand’s vision to life beautifully.

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