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The 9 Best Seattle Portrait Photographers

Portrait photographers come in many specialties — they may excel at taking family or corporate portraits, headshots for personal branding, wedding portraits, high school senior headshots, and more. This list has a nice cross-section of portrait photographers and should have you covered no matter your needs. These photographers have diverse work, ranging from dramatic to purely naturalistic to utilitarian. But every one of them takes high-quality photographs — and that is why these are nine of the best Seattle portrait photographers.

1. Jennifer Thomas Photography

Jennifer Thomas is an extremely gifted Seattle portrait photographer. The briefest of glances at her Instagram feed or online portfolio are all you need to see that you’re working with a prodigious talent. She uses a lot of the most common tropes of portrait and glamour photography, the same classic soft but dramatic lighting –– but the end product is anything but common. She has a great eye for unpretentious gorgeousness.

Before you head over to her online landing pages, keep in mind that many of her photos are not safe for work –– but they are objectively well worth your time. Jennifer takes clients on a limited basis, and it seems like she’s concerned more about whether or not what you’re after jibes with what she’s after — so she’s not aiming to take on many clients at once. But if you like her photos and feel you’d be a good fit, you can reach out to her through a contact form on her website.

2. MidHeaven Photography

Lynnsie of MidHeaven Photography fell in love with photography when she first started taking photos on her phone. Since then, photography has become her life. She’s a skilled, creative photographer, with a good eye for light and background. She offers some affordable portrait packages, which include high school senior photos and “milestone” photoshoots for your children. MidHeaven is a great choice if you want your portrait shot outdoors in natural light — rather than in a photo studio underneath a couple of softboxes –– as Lynnsie really sets herself apart in natural lighting.

3. Jamie Rand Imaging

Jamie Rand is an adventurous photographer who’s available for hire for just about any type of photoshoot, whether that’s shooting a wedding or a high school sporting event. In addition, Jamie can take photos of your jewelry for your new Etsy store or photograph your new puppy. She’s one of the best portrait photographers in Seattle, and has got a flexible skill set, as she simply sees the beauty in everyone. Her photos illustrate her ability to get the perfect smile, even if you’re sometimes a little bashful in front of the camera. She’s great in any kind of lighting, knowing her way around Lightroom and Photoshop. So even if you’re shooting in less-than-ideal light, she’s going to give you great photos.

4. Hazel Marie Photography

Hazel Marie is an East Coast transplant, having moved to Seattle from New York. She studied photography in her youth and began her career taking product and architectural photos. More recently, she has transitioned into commercial and portrait photography. Like many young photographers, she has a variety of technical skills.

In addition to being an excellent photographer, she is a skilled graphic designer with a keen understanding of how to build brands. She’s an excellent hire, whether you’re looking for family portraits, headshots for your startup’s website, or just the perfect photo for your dating profile. Her signature style is self-described as “moody, minimal, and dramatic.” For our money, that’s the perfect eye-catching style for when you only get one chance to make a first impression.

5. Sasha Reiko

Online reviews unanimously say the Sasha Reiko is an absolute joy to work with, which makes sense since she’s one of the best portrait photographers in Seattle. Her wedding and lifestyle portraits have an unmistakable joie de vivre. They’re sweet without being nostalgic and dynamic without ever seeming to try too hard. And, perhaps because she’s so good at making people laugh, her photographs capture joy — real joy — in people’s eyes. If you want a photographer to help you capture and celebrate the happiest times in your life, Sasha is the photographer to start with.

6. Ciccarelli Photography

Erik and Marissa Ciccarelli, the husband-and-wife team behind Ciccarelli Photography, are high school sweethearts who are familiar with the rareness and preciousness of true love. They understand the importance of capturing our most important memories on film. Additionally, according to online reviews, Erik and Marissa are both sweet people who take a lot of pleasure in their work. If you want to work with people who will not only get to know you, but also genuinely value you, check out Marissa and Erik. They take the types of photos you’ll be happy to share with future generations.

7. Haley McLain Photography

Haley McLain takes high-fashion lux photos for brands, models, personal branding, and high school senior photos. She’ll make you feel glamorous! Also a model herself, she travels a fair bit. But if you’re looking for someone to make your daughter feel special for her senior photos — and want to be the cool mom dad whose cool kid takes the coolest photos — reach out to Haley through her online contact form to check her availability.

8. Seattle Headshots

Not everyone is looking for a photographer to turn them into a work of art. Perhaps you’re the CEO of a small startup, and you’re searching for someone to take pictures of your team for your corporate website. Well, Seattle Headshots is perfect for just that type of job. As the name suggests, they specialize in attractive, utilitarian, professional headshots. Furthermore, they use toned-down versions of classical portrait techniques to get elegantly composed portraits. They use very light digital touch-up work to consistently deliver photos that show their clients’ best sides.

9. Anita Nowacka

Anita Nowacka is a Seattle portrait photographer who specializes in naturally lit photos of families and friends. In her website statement, she talks about how she likes to captures the connection between couples, friends, and siblings; she’s after that natural affinity people have for their loved ones, which adds a sweetness to our lives we’ll one day look back upon fondly. Anita sees photography, in addition to being an art form, as an amazing treasure-trove of memory, a way to tell our life stories.

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