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The 10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Seattle

Seattle is a city full of storytellers, dreamers, and world-beaters — with some of the most talented photographers around. We’ve already featured Seattle’s best fashion, portrait, family, and wedding photographers, so maybe you’d think we’d be all tapped out of great photographers to feature. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. These 10 Seattle lifestyle photographers are all incredible artists.

They’re able to tell evocative visual stories of people, landscapes, products, and more; stories that connect with viewers, build brands, and evoke smiles. If you’re looking for a photographer to tell your story — or help build the voice and story of your brand — these creatives are more than up to the task.

1. Andria Lindquist

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Brought a vision to life today with such a dope team. we created a desert slash jungle slash queen piece of art to life. when i was planning this shoot, i didn’t want to just walk in without taking the time to think of something i havent done or seen yet. i thought about floating greens, no presence of actual florals (i’m not really a floral person) and i wanted to take up space in a unique way. i couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. @thatchfloral has such good taste and design, she climbed a ladder and brought it to life. i knew i wanted muted colors and to use Soliyana’s natural beautiful tone and @gaylinyet painted a masterpiece. it’s nice working with artists that you can fully trust to just do their thing – and for the control freak in me – it’s a pretty rare thing to feel that ease in letting someone run with it. That’s chair is called “farrah” and she’s owned by @fanciful_rentals. Last but not least, the whole shoot came to life in my kind when i saw the @ruedeseinebridal “East” dress provided by @thedresstheory – it fit her like a glove and was the perfect inspiration for our shoot. @soliyanaaa was our model and i quickly recruited her after she babysat for Portland 🙂 // oddly enough, this was my first collab with other artists – all female duh – and it was such a fulfilling day to create to only please ourselves. (lots more pics and BTS video on my stories.)

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Andria Lindquist shoots weddings, boudoir photos, and lifestyle and commercial photos — all with a creative, raw style. It’s clear looking at her photography that she’s first and foremost an artist. Her style is challenging, powerful, and even a little otherworldly — intense shadows, as well as dramatic uses of color and focus absolutely command the attention of her audience.

She’s worked with Lululemon, Sylvan, T-Mobile, among many others. Her ideal client is someone who wants to tell the truth, not a semblance of it. If that sounds like you, check out her incredible portfolio. We guarantee you’ll be inspired.

2. Spencer Wallace

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@coach #CoachxPacMan #ad

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Spencer Wallace is another Seattle lifestyle photographer who boasts an incredible portfolio and impressive clientele. He’s worked with Coach, Maserati of Seattle, Jägermeister, and more, telling visual stories that not only connect these brands to their audiences but highlight their values as well.

This creative is a gifted visual storyteller able to transmit emotionally complex stories without the need for complicated set pieces. He’s also a talented stylist, taking equally stunning photos when he’s shooting chaotic, natural scenes as when he’s shooting minimalistic, totally stripped-down product photos.

3. Armstrong Pitts Studios

Armstrong Pitts is the brainchild of EJ Armstrong and Scott Pitts. They possess many distinguishing talents that make them worthy of inclusion on our list. In their lifestyle photography work, they show they’re an incredible study of the human form. They pay intense, delicate attention to hardness and softness, as well as the taut lines and the curves that make up every body, turning this same attention to everything they photograph.

Products, food, a glass of ice water, whatever it is — they don’t just take photographs, they tell the story of how what moved them to photograph it in the first place. In every photo, by carefully styling and balancing their colors, as well as playing textures off of each other, they’re able to draw your attention to small elements in their photos that would otherwise be overlooked.

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4. Dylan Priest

Dylan Priest is a documentarian at heart, and he understands the power of a well-composed portrait to really tell the story of a life. Perusing his portfolio, you’ll see his talent for portraiture extends to people, animals, and even food and drink.

He can capture both “cool” without making anything seem too serious, as well as joy without making anyone feel left out. We like photographers who can strip out the extraneous from their photos and still tell a powerful story — and that’s why we think Dylan’s one of Seattle’s best lifestyle photographers.

5. Stanton J. Stephens

Stanton J. Stephens is a Seattle-based artist who’s an extreme original. Yet, he’s also able to take inspiration from other artists. One aspect of his work we appreciate is his clever use of minimal, non-organic single or dual color backgrounds made organic with the use of natural shadows. His photos are often humorous and whimsical while at times quite dramatic. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot — even shooting one-handed from high up on a climbing wall.

He’s a magician with light, taking action shots that pull you in and keep you riveted. Look at his portfolio and just imagine how you could put his huge variety of skills to work.

6. Alejandra Maria Photography

Alejandra Maria takes sensual and risky photography that can be sexy without being trite or exploitative — you’ll find no anti-woman photographic tricks in her photos. Her photos are often dramatic and moody while always challenging popular notions of friendship, love, and art. She tells stories of connection, isolation, and the alternating feelings of largeness and smallness — of being a whole world to oneself.

We love her muscular, whimsical photos, which are full of contradictions: dark and yet colorful; somewhat heartbroken and yet dripping with love. If you or your brand are trying to tell a story that doesn’t fit into popular clichés of branding — Alejandra can tell your story.

7. Brooke Fitts

Brooke Fitts is a Seattle lifestyle photographer boasting a huge range of photographic subject: food, drink, interior design, architecture, friends, children, animals, nature, and more. Her visual stories are whimsical, impeccably styled, and always evoke an idea about the way the world could be. They encourage you to dream, as well as see people, ideas, and even brands differently.

Her photos tell stories about finding a way for consumerism to function without greed, as it should be about living a better life. For example, consider how much more beautiful the baker you bought your bread from would appear if they were also your friend. Brooke is a moving, brilliant photographer.

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8. Melissa O’Hearn

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New work #sunburncity #bugbitebrigade

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Melissa O’Hearn’s photographs look for sources of mystery and myth building in everyday life. Nothing is below her ability to look for stories and ancient patterns in the everyday: a plastic bag which is photographed as if it is the birth sack out of which a fresh pineapple is born, or two women who seem as if they’re joined by their long hair.

Her photos are edgy and yet never trying to stand above her viewer. Whether she’s shooting shoes, jewelry, people, or hilarious vignettes, she does so with impeccable style and grace — equal parts comedy and tragedy. Like most of the photographers on this list, she’s an excellent documentarian.

9. Ben Jenkins

Seattle lifestyle photographer Ben Jenkins sets himself apart with his kinetic action shots and vibrant, lively outdoor photos. As an action photographer, he captures the rush and elation of fear so immediate you can’t even face it — fear you simply push right through and conquer. Check out his portfolio and have your breath taken away by the gorgeous natural vistas.

His product photos are also quite dynamic, using impeccably selected contrasting colors, interesting patterns, and an almost liquid sense of motion, even when he’s essentially shooting still-life images. He’s a skilled storyteller in his own right.

10. Sara Montour Lewis

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A little levity for this week. 💛

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Sara Montour Lewis is a Seattle lifestyle photographer with a heart for light and the natural world. In photo after photo, she captures the grace of nature. In addition to her lifestyle photos meant to raise awareness for natural causes, she takes wonderful photos that capture the varied stories of motherhood. These stories are told in an elemental manner that never bends toward nostalgia, even while she finds a way to move her viewers in shot after shot.

Her lifestyle shots cover a wide range of topics, from fitness and music. And under her careful gaze, natural compositions just seem to fall into place, even in the crowded photos that might seem chaotic in someone else’s hands.

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