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The 11 Best Wedding Photographers in Denver

Those of us in Denver are so lucky. In most other places in the country, you’d have to hop on a plane to get married against the type of jaw-dropping backdrops that are just a car ride away here in Denver. But with all that natural beauty, the stakes are even higher when it comes to picking the right photographer.

Adding that extra element of Mother Nature’s majesty means you need an expert –– an artist –– who can really do justice to the beauty of your wedding day. These photographers all demonstrate a deft ability to compose photographs that put to excellent use Denver’s diverse landscapes. These artists are, without a doubt, the most talented wedding photographers in Denver.

1. Irving Photography

Mathew and Ariel Irving, the husband-and-wife team behind Irving Photography, are talented wedding photographers with complementary styles. Mathew is a detail-oriented photographer with an eye for balanced composition. And Ariel’s got an incredible eye for the narrative elements that comprise a phenomenal photo.

Together, they take incredible candids in a bright, natural photojournalistic style. In addition, their romantic portraiture dives into the essence and personality of their subjects. Their smiling bride photos and candid reception images brim with life and joy.

2. Kari Geha Photography

Kari Geha takes photos in natural photojournalistic style with just a touch of vintage drama. She offers a full range of photo services –– she does engagement photos and “trash the dress” shoots, and she can provide full coverage at your reception as well.

She’s very helpful in the planning process, so if you don’t know what should or shouldn’t be on your shot list, don’t worry, she’s a great guide. Moreover, she’s skilled at photographing Colorado’s gorgeous landscapes and natural beauty — you’re basically guaranteed to get breathtaking photographs.

3. Mark Creery Photography

Mark Creery has well over a decade and hundreds of weddings’ worth of experience. He’s got a charming, laid-back style that we’d describe as accessible photojournalism. There’s bound to be enough real life tears, love, and laughter at your wedding that someone like Mark — who boasts an eye for detail — simply doesn’t need to use any tricks to get gorgeous photos that tell the story of your love.

His photography has appeared in numerous bridal publications, including Offbeat Bride and COUTURE Colorado. In addition, he was inducted into The Knot’s Hall of Fame, an unsurprising fact as he’s one of the best wedding photographers in Colorado.

4. Elevate Photography

Founded in 2001 by McCory, Elevate Photography comprises a creative team that has a singular goal in mild: produce an unforgettable wedding experience. Using documentary-style photography and natural light, the Elevate photographers are adept at capturing beautiful moments right as they unfold. They strive to make weddings appear effortless.

5. Roe Photography

We love that Greg Roe, the artist behind Roe Photography, takes natural photos without using post-production tricks. He’s an expert at his craft. Greg takes photos with true-to-life colors, natural light, as well as stunning, simple compositions. This is not to say that he’s in any way a “conservative” photographer. Take a look at his work, and you’ll see a wide range of stunning photographs.

6. Yellow Paddle Photography

The team behind Yellow Paddle Photography has built an excellent reputation by providing gorgeous wedding photography to Denver couples at an incredible value. They’re in The Knot’s Hall of Fame, recognized as among the very best of the best wedding photographers in Denver.

Word of mouth says the team is extremely professional and organized, able to work closely with couples to accommodate any requests. They’re skilled at capturing not only every shot on your shot list, but the emotions behind those moments, too. When you look at their photos 10 years down the line, you’ll be transported right back to your big day.

7. From the Hip Photography

Danny de Zayas and his wife Nina co-founded From the Hip Photography in 2007 and haven’t looked back. They and their team take artistic, gorgeously composed photographs that encapsulate the profound joy of your wedding day. If you’re looking photographers that view the world a little differently and are willing to work closely with you, it’s hard to top the the team at From the Hip. They’re exciting, vivacious photographers with a real dedication to their art.

8. JXC Photo

Josh and Christie Hall, the wedding photographers behind JXC Photo, clearly love their jobs. One look at their candid shots is all it takes to see they take joy in composing the perfect photograph after people-watching and noticing the subtleties of body language.

Furthermore, Josh and Christie are able to capture the most beautiful documentary-style images, as they never intrude into the foreground of your event. Instead, they pay attention while fading into the background. Their portraiture is also lovely, with a distinct classical style that is guaranteed to get better with age.

9. Devon K Photography

According to his website, the mastermind behind Devon K Photography is currently located in Utah, but he knows the Denver area so well that it seemed fitting to include him on our list. Check out his gorgeous, fun, adventurous, and occasionally cheeky portfolio, and you’ll see why he’s a must for this list.

Devon approaches every shoot with an open mind, impeccable sense of organization, and desire to simply make you happy! These are just some of the reasons he’s widely recognized as among the best wedding photographers in the country. You’ll find yourself returning to his artistically dramatic photos again and again.

10. Jenna Noelle Photography

Jenna Noelle is an award-winning Denver wedding photographer who takes modern, relaxed wedding photographs that focus on capturing the real chemistry between you and your partner. You’d might be surprised by how common it is for wedding photos to miss a couple’s chemistry altogether. You chose your partner because you love and are attracted to them — because you want them.

Jenna’s photography never misses this very important fact. And that means one day you’ll be able to look back at your photos and get carried away remembering your big day and how lucky you are to have your partner. It’s also worth noting that Jenna is fiercely LGBTQ+ friendly, and she’s a super-inclusive and compassionate photographer.

11. Callie Riesling Photography

Callie Riesling is a versatile, talented photographer. She’s a bride’s best friend: totally willing to do whatever it takes to get that perfect shot, the photos you’ve dreamt of. And that means she’s an absolute blast to work with. She offers a full range of photographic services and is willing to travel. For example, she’s perfectly happy waking up early and driving to the mountains for a majestic shoot. If you’re after an organized, fun, optimistic photographer with the skills of a true artist, give Callie’s portfolio a look.

Thanks for tuning in, Denverites. We hope our list is a helpful resource during your search for Denver wedding photographers. Denver has dozens and dozens of photographers that we could have easily included on this list. In fact, it was quite an arduous task narrowing down the top 11. Hire photographers that can add extra value and are flexible — they prove to be excellent planners and collaborators.

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