The 13 Best Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas (2024)


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Looking for the best wedding photographers in Las Vegas? Then we at Peerspace have your back with the following list. Las Vegas is home to bright lights, big bets, and wild nights. Despite the high number of walk-in wedding chapels, there are just as many people who meticulously plan every detail of their wedding, and they want top-tier talent to document it.

That said, a higher-than-average number of couples getting married in Las Vegas are having a destination wedding or elopement. The best wedding photographers in Las Vegas are the ones who can easily accommodate those clients. When you’re amidst such grand surroundings, your photography has to be truly excellent to keep up, and these photographers have what it takes.

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Now, without further ado, here are our favorite Las Vegas wedding photographers who will be thrilled to stand beside you on your big day.

1. Go A-list big with the incomparable Sam Fawaz Photography

Sam Fawaz comes heavily credentialed and widely renowned, and his reputation is sterling. He specializes in traditional wedding portraiture techniques and composition, boasting a flair for the glamorous and creating glossy-looking fashionable images. If you want to capture some of the glitz and glam of the Vegas experience, as well as a photographer who’s going to make you look like a celebrity, Sam might be your man.

2. Enjoy dreamy keepsake images when you work with Taylored Photo Memories

McKenzi Taylor of Taylored Photo Memories has been in the photography biz for more than a decade. And, in that time, she’s served hundreds of couples, which means she’s seen a thing or two. You’d be hard-pressed to find a venue in the city she hasn’t shot.

All this means that not only will he be comfortable in her surroundings, but you can also tap into her vast knowledge of the Las Vegas wedding scene. If you like creamy whites and a huge sense of fun, McKenzi’s style will suit you nicely. It’s bold and confident, a great fit for the Las Vegas surroundings

3. Opt for big and glamorous when you hire Stephen Salazar Co.

Stephen Salazar has a background in commercial and fashion photography, which lends his wedding photography a glamorous quality and magazine-like luxury aesthetic. He makes couples look classy and sexy at the same time, which is an unsurprising skill because he’s great at boudoir shoots.

In addition, he uses enough post-processing tricks to give it all a high-class sheen without being overbearing.

Small doesn’t have to equal dull! Check out our favorite micro-wedding venues in Las Vegas to see all of the beautiful minimony spaces near you!

4. Celebrate you and your day with LuxLife Las Vegas

LuxLife’s team prides itself on its near-invisibility, preferring to work from the edges of the scene as opposed to directing subjects. That said, their posed and traditional shots exhibit some real creativity and a sense of place.

What do we mean by that? A lot of wedding photographers have particular elements of their style that they try to reproduce over and over again across weddings — color palette choices, contrast levels, etc. However, every celebration of matrimony and venue is different, and the best wedding photographers in Las Vegas change up their tactics to suit the day. LuxLife does that with precision and grace.

5. Let your personality shine boldly when you book Life in Vegas Photography

Jab Buhay is the lead photographer and owner of Life in Vegas, a company with a team that can also handle makeup and styling, as well as wedding planning. Buhay’s work has a stylish, Instagrammable vibe that melds well with the wide range of colorful scenes available in the Vegas area. It’s a perfect match for adventurous couples who want personality-filled, fun images.

They’ve also got photobooth services, so don’t forget to ask them about that. Your guests will love it.

6. For fine-art-worthy wedding images, opt for Zoltan Wedding Photography

Zoltan Redl-Nagy has a deep skill set to bring to bear for couples he works with. He went to design school in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, then obtained a master’s degree at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He melds photographic skill with technological chops to work a bit of multimedia magic — the results speak for themselves.

7. Go vintage and romance-laced with Ivan & Diana Photography

Ivan and Diana have many years of experience shooting weddings around the world, and now they’ve set up shop in Las Vegas. That versatility serves them well, as the variety of venues in Vegas is pretty staggering, and they’ve seen it all.

Their work has an analog, vintage-film look, and the framing feels intimate and up-close, though they themselves prefer to melt into the background, shooting from afar.

8. For sweet, modern images, rely on Kristen Marie Weddings + Portraits

Kristen Marie takes photos that are refined and relaxed, yet polished and professional. Her work’s all about balance: balance between capturing candid moments and guiding people into charming poses, as well as balance between stylish editing and natural images.

You can also see that dynamic at work in her photos — they’re organic and refined with enough style and polish to grab the eye.

9. If epic is your style, work with Ella Gagiano Studios

The crew at Ella Gagiano Studios has developed a reputation as being among the go-to top-tier talents in Las Vegas. They bring a fine-art sensibility coupled with modern style to their shoots, producing images that are epic, romantic, and narrative all in one.

While you’re perusing their site, make sure to take a peek at their in-studio dog photography, too — it’s so adorable it hurts.

Learn more about booking unique Vegas locations with our guide on how to find an Airbnb for events in Las Vegas!

10. Make your big day the most fun yet when you work with The Emerics Wedding Photographers

We love The Emerics’ dreamy, romantic style that employs cinematic techniques with a modern sensibility. Jessie and Jason are the married duo behind this brand, and they’re the type of professionals who clearly love every day on the job. Their images are colorful and natural, using selective focusing and incorporating enough contrast to ensure hues pop. They also make marvelous use of the stunning natural scenery just a ways from the glitz of the Strip.

In other words, the Emerics know all the tricks and when to use them. It’s the kind of photography that never goes out of style.

11. Score timeless romantic portraits care of Studio N Photography

Natalie and Brandon of Studio N Photography shoot carefully framed photojournalistic wedding photos. Perhaps their most striking work, however, is the traditional romantic shoots they execute in more controlled settings. These are often outdoors in dramatic locations, and some of them are quite adventurous and creative.

12. Embrace warmth and sunshine when you book Karissa Russ & Co.

While Karissa is spunky and effusive, she’s also very sincere about her desire to be the best she can be for her clients. Her images capture that same happy attitude — they’re light and airy with a vintage quality, full of smiles and sunshine. Clients love her stylish edits and creative suggestions.

13. Cinema-worthy pics and video are the specialty of Mario Ramirez Photography

We are big fans of Mario Ramirez’s classic style that favors close crops, stunning backgrounds, and plenty of emotional moments. His is the type of work that most people dream about when searching for wedding photographers in Las Vegas. Mario also offers cinematography services, meaning you can enjoy video of your big day for decades to come. And, for couples who are budget-conscious (and really, who isn’t?!), Mario Ramirez Photography lists its prices and packages on its website for full transparency.

Wedding photographers in Las Vegas: conclusion

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When you’re in love, you may want to share it with the world. On those occasions, stunning photography becomes invaluable. It’s a way to capture the emotions and feelings of your wedding day, and no other medium does it as well. The top photographers in Las Vegas understand this, as they think of your wedding in terms of feelings and moments, knowing that they’re producing family heirlooms that will tell the story of your love for generations to come.

Once you pick your favorite, be sure to come back to Peerspace. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we make it easy to book sensational wedding photoshoot settings, event spaces, and more.

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