11 Blue Themed Party Ideas For Adults

Searching for unique and exciting blue themed party ideas for adults? We get it! At Peerspace, we are all about sharing beautiful settings that enhance your special events. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we have thousands of spaces available in countless cities across North America and beyond. In fact, we have plenty of venues, services, and ideas that can bring any party theme to life.

Contrary to popular belief, blue-themed parties aren’t just for baby showers or kids’ birthdays. Blue is the color of the sky, ocean, and glittering jewels. There are a million different shades out there, from rich royal blue to soft and powdery robin’s egg. It’s one of the most versatile colors in the world — perfect for making any kind of celebration extra special. Here are some of our favorite blue themed party ideas for adults!

1. Book a totally blue venue on Peerspace

blue theme party ideas for adults
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Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or even a company event, one thing is for certain—you need a venue to host your grown-up blue soiree. Worried about finding a venue with the right mood for your event? Don’t worry, Peerspace has your back.

As the largest online event vendor in the world, Peerspace has tons of beautiful venues all across the globe, even uniquely blue ones. Chillax by a stunning blue lagoon, mingle in a moody blue dance studio (pictured above), or host a pop-up event in an urban blue storefront

You can filter search results by their overall aesthetic and even certain keywords, like “blue”, “coastal” or “beachy”. And thanks to your friendly local host, you may be able to add on features like catering, entertainment, and party decor to your venue if you like. Browse venues in your city until you find the perfect space for your blue-themed get-together!

2. Dress up your venue with decor

Blue Themed Party Ideas For Adults
Source: Peerspace

Speaking of decor, your venue might have tons of blue already, but it could always use more! Dress up your venue with blue balloons, streamers, table spreads, and other fun decorations until it’s drowning in a sea of blue. Decorate with different shades of blue for variety, or stick to a single shade for consistency, like royal blue or powder blue.

Don’t forget to throw in some neutral shades to add some sophistication to your color scheme. These are blue themed party ideas for adults, after all. 

3. Plant blue flowers at a gardening party

an oasis home and yard in santa fe
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This blue-themed party idea is ideal for outdoor lovers! If you’re looking to bring a touch of blue to your next big get-together, head outside for a garden party surrounded by gorgeous blue flowers. Imagine sipping tea surrounded by an ocean of vivid blue flowers. Cornflowers, periwinkle, irises, and Hyacinths all make gorgeous arrangements. If you want a more hands-on outdoor activity, host a gardening party and plant some blue flower starts with your friends!

Some of our favorite Peerspace venues packed with real blue flowers to bring this idea to life include:

Now that you’re on your way to booking an amazing blue Peerspace, check out our dreamy blue photoshoot ideas to enhance the event!

4. Celebrate the big blue world at an undersea party 

Blue Themed Party Ideas For Adults
Source: Peerspace

Want to celebrate the biggest, bluest body of water in the world? Pay homage to the ocean with an undersea-themed party. Decorate with draping blue curtains to evoke ocean waves, serve up seafood dishes, and turn down the lights for a moody and mysterious undersea atmosphere. It’s also sophisticated and works for everything from birthday parties to charity galas. 

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that Peerspace can help you book the perfect undersea-inspired venue for your party! For instance, check out this stunning Cape Cod beach house in San Clemente. It has space for 30 revelers, panoramic ocean views, and even a saltwater pool with a waterfall out back.

5. Make a splash at a blue pool party

neon photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

Looking for blue themed party ideas for adults that are perfect for summer? Celebrate water by hosting a pool party! You and your crew will have a blast splashing around in crystal blue pool water. If you’re looking for something more lowkey, work on your tan while enjoying some refreshing margaritas poolside. It’s a refreshing, fun, and relaxing idea for adults who love the water. Don’t have access to a pool? Then rent a private one on Peerspace!

6. Mix up blue concoctions at a grown-up cocktail party

Blue Themed Party Ideas For Adults
Source: Peerspace

What’s something that instantly makes a party more grown-up? One word — tequila. Elevate your party by serving up some blue-themed cocktails to your guests, like a classic blue Hawaiian or an off-beat blue margarita. You could also mix up a unique blue drink just for the occasion! Let your imagination run wild by hosting at a luxurious Peerspace bar with everything you need to get started. 

7. Appreciate the ocean at a tropical party

Outdoor Tropical Pool Oasis san diego rental
Source: Peerspace

The tropics are home to the most dazzling beaches in the world. If you wish that you could stretch out on that gorgeous white sand, don’t fret. In fact, you don’t have to splurge on a plane ticket — bring that same vibe to your next big party! Evoke the vibe of the tropics with lush plants, vibrant flowers, and soothing tropical music. Since this is a blue-themed party, you’ll want plenty of blue touches to celebrate the ocean, like an ombre wave cake

8. Add soul to your event at a blues club 

spacious and versatile party venue
Source: Peerspace

Who says you have to decorate with the color blue to host blue themed party ideas for adults? Bring a hearty helping of soul to your party by paying homage to blues music! You could head out on the town to enjoy a local blues club or ask your Peerspace host to help you hire a blues musician to add a soundtrack to your party. If you need A/V equipment or a sound system at your venue, they can also help you out! 

9. Sample blue cheese and wine at a tasting party 

upscale modern wine bar renta
Source: Peerspace

Wine tastings are an awesome way to bond with friends and family without breaking the bank. Put a blue-themed spin on your next tasting event by curating some chromatic blue selections for the occasion. This could be something literally blue, like blueberry wine, or a wine with a blue bottle or themed label. Don’t forget to also serve the blue cheese and blue corn tortilla chips!

Our adorable mermaid party ideas can enhance your blue themed party. Check them out!

10. Whip up delicious blue treats 

Blue Themed Party Ideas For Adults
Source: Peerspace

What party is complete without some scrumptious snacks to indulge in while you mingle? Since this is a blue-themed party, you have an extra opportunity to serve up some truly innovative treats! From a classic blueberry cobbler to decadent blue velvet cookies, there are a ton of awesome blue treats you can whip up just for the occasion. You can also put a retro spin on the party treats by serving up blue Jell-o shots. This is your chance to be creative with the menu! 

11. Put a unique spin on the holidays with a Blue Christmas bash 

unique storefront venue dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

Blue themed party ideas for adults like this put a unique spin on the holidays. Red and green Christmas parties are so cliche. If you’re looking for a way to make your next holiday party extra memorable, a unique blue color scheme is an awesome way to do it! Using white trees and garlands trimmed with blue ornaments will set a sophisticated scene for your adult soiree. It’s merry, bright, and also sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces this holiday season. 

Bonus idea: Have a blue themed photoshoot

Transport to San Miguel de Allende austin rental
Source: Peerspace

For the final addition to our blue themed party ideas list, host a blue-themed photoshoot with your nearest and dearest! To make it happen, book a suitably blue Peerspace venue near you. Then, consult our portrait photographer resources to find and hire a professional photographer in your metro.

This is an especially awesome idea if the party is in honor of a milestone birthday, a college graduation, an engagement, or other special events. And trust us, you definitely won’t be singing the blues when you see the photos!

Peerspace brings blue themed party ideas for adults to life

Blue Themed Party Ideas For Adults
Source: Peerspace

Hopefully, this list of blue themed party ideas for adults has inspired lots of creative thinking and exciting party planning! Remember that you can also bring your blue themed party to life with ease by booking a sensational Peerspace venue.

Every venue has its own listing that details what the host provides in the space. You can also read genuine reviews, see upfront pricing, and scroll through gorgeous photos of the space. It’s the easiest (and most fun!) way to host a celebration you’ll never forget.

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