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The 11 Best Boudoir Photographers in Orlando

Having your portrait taken is a vulnerable thing, and boudoir is even more so—but the benefits make overcoming our shyness more than worth it. A successful boudoir session means coming out of it feeling like the person you’re supposed to be. It’s feeling proud about who you are, about your body, and that it doesn’t matter what you look like. It’s incredibly empowering. And with the right photographer, boudoir can even be one of the best things you’ll ever do. If you’re in Florida and are really wanting to try boudoir, this curated list of Orlando boudoir photographers is a great place to start your search.

1. Jennifer Lazos

Jennifer Lazos (check out her Instagram here) mixes fine art and intimate portraiture to create some of the most stunning boudoir shots we’ve seen in a minute. After doing some boudoir sessions herself, she realized just how much they can change how a woman feels about herself. Life has a habit of making women feel down about their bodies. Whether it’s feeling too big, too soft, or too scarred, photographers like Jennifer know what it’s like to be in front of that camera. As a result, they also make you feel comfortable being you.

2. Belinda Perkins

When it comes to Orlando boudoir photographers, Belinda Perkins knows what her subjects want and how to give it to them. She provides women with empowering, motivating sessions that make them feel good about who they are. For each portrait, she explores who her subject is and what makes them feel sexy. Whether it’s posing with your guitar or experimenting with bindings, you’ll get the chance to be who you really are—and look sexy too.

3. Stewart Blaquiere

As a woman, shooting boudoir with a male photographer can be hard. But photographers like Stewart Blaquiere—who has his wife join him on all boudoir sessions—make it so easy. His portraits are dark and moody, using light and shadows to create a subtle, natural intimacy. With over 10 years behind the lens, he knows his camera better than the back of his hand. And what’s more, his East Orlando studio is a dream.

4. Jacqueline Jimenez

Jacqui’s love of photography began in 2011 after the birth of her daughter. Like most of us who love taking pictures, she longed to capture every single moment as it passed so it would last forever. Jacqui is one of those Orlando boudoir photographers whose work stands out from the pack. Her photographs are vibrant, inviting, and timeless. They’re classic and beautiful, and many also wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Vogue.

5. Sami Martinez

Portrait photographer Sami Martinez’s passion is boudoir, and it shows through in the vibrancy of her work. We’re pretty obsessed with what she brings to the table as an artist, and we love how she uses muted tones with pops of color where it matters. It doesn’t matter what kind of boudoir session you’re looking for, Sami is antsy to shoot it. And whether that’s maternity, couples, or solo, what comes out is always divine.

6. Kimber Greenwood

Kimber Greenwood is the powerhouse behind the Gainesville-based Water Bear Photography. Featured in renowned publications like ELLE, she brings something totally new and different to the table. An experienced diver, Kimber specializes in underwater portraits, and we love that she includes water in many of her boudoir shots. Water drops on skin or glass can create some of the sexiest pictures. We’re obsessed.

7. Tiffany Joyce

The mere act of booking a boudoir session has undertones of rebellion. Photographer Tiffany Joyce, had it down when she created her body-positive studio, Rebel. Seeing her portfolio full of women of all ages, sizes, and colors was wonderful to us. That celebratory diversity of body types and personal aesthetics is also probably our favorite thing about boudoir in general. If you’re looking into Orlando boudoir photographers who are a little bit alternative, you’ll find no safer or more competent hands than Tiffany’s.

8. Lindsay Revell

Traveling destination couples photographer Lindsay Revell is adventurous at heart. It’s something that shows in her personality and throughout her work. Although much of it captures couples on their wedding days or engagements, the couples boudoir sessions she’s done are too stunning to ignore. One look at her photographs and you know she gets to know each person in them. With that and her penchant for wonderfully framed photos, why not take the leap?

9. Ashley Van Zandt

Booking a boudoir session with Orlando wedding photographer Ashley Van Zandt is booking an experience. With Ashley Jane Photography, you don’t just get fine art boudoir portraits; you get hair and make up and champagne—all the things that make you feel as fabulous as you are and look. Ashley’s wedding experience helps her put her clients at ease in front of the camera, which is critically important in such vulnerable conditions.

10. Lauren Lavaria

Inspired by fairytales and a keen desire to create, Lauren Laveria’s photographs are nothing short of beautiful whimsy. Whether shooting weddings, engagements, portraits, or boudoir, her pictures have their own flair. They’re awash with bright and bold color, as well as fun camera and editing tricks so intricate you wouldn’t believe she got her start on MySpace. Working alongside her husband, Nick, Lauren’s intimate, intricate, and inventive photographs are absolute magic.

11. Tami Keehn

Based in St. Petersburg, FL, Tami Keehn is a portrait photographer who lives to empower. Her moody portraits caught our attention, but it was the quality of those photographs that kept it. Her goal with boudoir photography is to generate life-affirming moments that inspire her subjects and followers. She wants to help other women feel as strong and powerful as photography makes her feel. And if you ask us, she does that in spades.

Book a Boudoir Photographer in Orlando

Whether this is your first boudoir sesh or your latest, we hope this list has helped you find your dream photographer. The key to a good photoshoot is a good photographer, someone who gets your creative vision, brings their own artistic spark to the table, and whom you vibe well with. It’s one who gets to know you and what it is you’re looking for in a final product. But with boudoir, it’s also one who reminds you how deeply beautiful you are, no matter what.

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