The 9 Best Boudoir Photographers in Sacramento

On the search for the top Sacramento boudoir photographers to capture you at your best? At Peerspace, we get it! In fact, ask yourself: when was the last time I felt sexy? For many women, it’s been too long. It’s easy to be wrapped up in self-doubt until it stifles the beautiful person you are.

But there’s an art form to fix that: boudoir. If you’re living in Northern California and want to try out boudoir for yourself, we’ve created a list of talented Sacramento boudoir photographers for you to explore. If a boudoir session is something you’ve never considered before, stay tuned. Perusing these portfolios is a great way to get a sense of what it’s all about.

1. Lauren Nihen of Just Peachy Boudoir

Lauren Nihen is an award-winning boudoir photographer based out of Auburn, CA. With her studio, Just Peachy Boudoir, she’s created a safe and comfortable space for her clients to let loose and feel the best they can. For her, as with many Sacramento boudoir photographers and beyond, these intimate portraits are about confidence and empowerment. There’s a timeless and classic quality in her work that you’ll love as much as we do.

In fact, with Just Peachy Boudoir, you’ll notice that their portfolio includes outdoor shoots. So if your boudoir fantasies include sunlight and woods, then this may be your perfect studio.

2. Brittany Jiannino of Bella Rosa Boudoir

Although we understand using airbrushing and heavy editing, we love when a boudoir photographer uses as little as possible. This is exactly what Brittany Jiannino and the team at Bella Rosa Boudoir excel at. As well as booking a boudoir session, you’ll be booking an experience. Hair and makeup are all part and parcel of your boudoir shoot. Brittany’s portraits are realistic and sexy, showing off every curve, bone, or mark on a woman’s body in its best light. Because they’re beautiful, too.

And if you want to bring your partner to your boudoir session, Bella Rosa Boudoir has plenty of experience there, too. Solo, couples, props, costumes … their work really runs the gamut. And looks amazing in the process.

3. Jillian Todd

Sacramento boudoir photographer Jillian Todd creates some of the most glamorous and sensual pictures we’ve seen. Within the realm of her women-exclusive photo studio, the Glam Cave, she reassures all women that yes, they’re beautiful; and yes, they have a place in the boudoir world. There is no “boudoir type,” which is something you’ll hear veteran boudoir photographers say they hear again and again. With more than a decade of experience, there are no safer hands and no safer lens.

Jillian also has tons of glowing client testimonials on her website you simply must check out. In the meantime, here’s one we adore. “Jillian is amazing to work with and makes you feel so comfortable. I thought this would just be a present for my husband, but it turned out to also be for me. I had so much fun doing the shoot and it really helped my confidence in myself. Don’t listen to your doubts, you’ll be so happy you did it.”

4. Brey of Yosemite’s Golden Photography

Sacramento wedding photographer Brey has a sideline in boudoir, and to say we’re crazy about her pictures is an understatement. Brey creates some of the most intimate and exciting boudoir shots we’ve seen and is another who isn’t inclined to hide anything from the camera. On the contrary, the angles and poses she chooses for her clients are a perfect fit, an elegant expression of their sensuality and power. We love the inventive angles and framing she uses and, even more, how beautifully they sculpt the feminine form.

We also adore how Brey describes her style since it’s clear how important it is to the boudoir genre. “To describe my work, I strive the best at a journalistic approach with some navigation depending on the moment. My goal is to document raw and organic moments while providing some direction in posing and making it look effortless and natural in the end. This means I take my time getting to know you before our shoot and making sure we are all comfy and ready for a fun time!”

5. Lexa Larson-Lambiase

Recently, Lexa Larson-Lambiase flipped the script on her former business, Wandering Lotus Photography, and rebranded to Lexa Rae Photo. Primarily lifestyle photography in her style, the boudoir photographs she has on her Instagram follow suit. They’re fun and different and seem more like snapshots of life than your typical lingerie and poses. Everyone looks like they feel at home. Because they do. And that isn’t even beginning to describe how good her shadows and highlights make us photo nerds feel.

6. Katie Fredrickson

SoCal native Katie Fredrickson is a wedding photographer whose dark and moody boudoir shots jumped out at us. One look at her shadowy, lucid portraits and it’s easy to see she makes her subjects feel at home in front of the camera. When it comes to boudoir, this is a talent that can’t be absent. People need to be comfortable at their most vulnerable, and her experience shooting weddings has given her all the tricks she needs.

7. Priscilla Mariscal

Northern Sacramento is home to Patito Feo, a six-acre photography studio filled with tranquil locations and Instagrammable places. It’s also where experienced portrait photographer, Priscilla Mariscal, calls home. While her portfolio is full of all kinds of portraits, her boudoir images are so professional and striking that it’s hard not to be captivated by them. Every prop serves the picture as much as its subject, creating not just photographs, but pieces of art.

8. Tiffany Longeway

Lifestyle photographer Tiffany Longeway approaches photography as she does life, whether throwing herself into the eye of the storm to catch it or capturing life’s most intimate and intricate moments. Her boudoir photography is light and airy with a great black-white balance and exceptional tones that are both faded and real.

No matter where or how you want to do the shoot, Tiffany will more than accommodate anything that makes her subjects comfortable. After all, what else is sexier than comfort?

9. Erica Cervantez

Erica Cervantez is one of our favorite Sacramento boudoir photographers. She started her professional photography journey in 2015 and has been a fixture in the wedding and boudoir scenes since. Her portraits are sensual and inviting, and she has an immense talent for using natural light.

A fan of bright and bold colors, she doesn’t shy away from using these to her advantage. And somehow, even her more minimalistic portraits give the same vibe. We love.

Bonus: Marilee Caruso Photography

If you adore vintage clothing and would love to do a pin-up-inspired shoot, then Marilee Caruso Photography is for you! Marilee herself is a northern California native who has been a photographer for nearly 20 years. And you can see how her studio isn’t just a means to make money; she clearly is an artistic soul who just happens to take imaginative, well-composed snaps.

Look through her Instagram and your jaw is sure to drop. Women of every age, size, and color don sweet retro outfits and pose in a stunning retro-inspired space. Marilee Caruso Photography is about more than gifting you beautiful images. You are going to have a once-in-a-lifetime with this team!

Peerspace + Sacramento boudoir photographers = fire

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Source: Peerspace

Now that you know the best boudoir photographers in the city, if not the state, what are you waiting for? It’s time to reach out to your favorite and plan an incredible boudoir session! And speaking of incredible, what about locations? After all, the setting makes all the difference to any photoshoot. And that’s where Peerspace comes in! We have hundreds of stunning spaces in Sacramento that are perfect for a sultry and fun boudoir shoot.

No matter the reason you’re looking into booking a boudoir session, all you have to know is you don’t need a reason. Up and deciding to do a boudoir shoot is incredibly empowering, invigorating, and confidence-making. And with the right photographer, even if it’s your first, it probably won’t be your last.

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