11 Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas in Austin

When it comes to boudoir photography and ideal locations for a shoot, the options are practically infinite in the city of Austin. From bright lofts to contemporary homes, the selection of shooting venues is huge. After all, everything is bigger in Texas, as the saying goes. Bring your boudoir photoshoot ideas in Austin to life at one of these breathtaking locations.

1. Bathe in natural light at a stunning contemporary home

modern home in austin texas
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Capture a beautiful morning waking up in bed under the warm glow of the sun. This sleek, modern home allows you do just that. Its massive windows let in the sunlight to illuminate you in the best way. The inside of the house is decorated with mid-century furniture that complements the clean lines of the house. The whole space has a feeling of tranquility and peace and, much like your ideal Sunday mornings, it will have you feeling renewed.

2. Live it up in a cozy and rustic abode in a historic neighborhood

soco house austin rental
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Show yourself some much deserved self-love by cuddling up during a cabin getaway. This cozy home in South River City has all the plush blankets, rugs, and pillows you could ever need. Dress up in your coziest underwear set and reenact a self-care day or rainy day in. There’s plenty of space to shoot in, whether it is the soft leather sofa, the large queen bed or on the rattan swing in the bedroom—it’s sure to turn out picture perfect. 

3. Strike a pose in a gorgeously vibrant manor in Central East Austin

bedroom venue in austin texas
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Dedicate this boudoir photoshoot to the person who loves you, quirks and all—it can be you or your significant other. Whatever the case, this historic mansion in downtown Austin is the ideal location for the person who can think outside the box. This home is packed like a fun house, with each room expressing a different attitude. You can shoot in the paisley patterned bedroom, the bright red hallway, or soak in the tub of a dark and intimate bathroom. You have a lot of options in this space because no two rooms are the same. 

4. Become a medieval princess in a one-of-a-kind cottage

renaissance venue in austin texas
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Speaking of outside of the box, if you have a certain interest, no matter how nerdy or niche, why not bring it into your boudoir photoshoot? After all this photoshoot is showcasing you in your natural form! If you are into all things medieval or fantasy, check out this renaissance cottage and medieval garden combo. It has all the makings of a tale as old as time, with sweeping gestures and grand romances. Take photos after the sun goes down to see the garden twinkle with fairy lights for added magic. 

5. Treat yourself to a spa day in a modern renovated farmhouse

modern farmhouse in austin texas
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Treat yourself to a spa day and capture it all on camera. This luxurious bathroom in this modernized farmhouse will have you living the good life. The bowl shaped bathtub is positioned in a picturesque spot overlooking the beautiful woodlands. The large windows and ornate chandeliers add a touch of decadence to the whole affair. But of course, don’t limit yourself to just the bathroom in this impressive home, you have five bedrooms to choose from if you would like a classic “woman’s bedroom” photograph. 

6. Say hello to Mother Nature at a charming greenhouse

garden greenhouse in austin texas
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Perhaps you are about to become a mother and want to take some maternity boudoir photographs. Honor your connection to the best mother, Mother Nature and head outside. There’s no better (and more private) place to do it than this rustic garden greenhouse in Pecan Park. It’s a charming little photo studio built with repurposed wood, tin, and tiles. It has a magical charm that can create enchantment in every photo you take. 

7. Look pretty in pink in a colorful photo studio

boudoir photograph on a couch
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Lean into your femininity with some pretty pastels in a cottage well suited to Snow White herself. This photo studio located in the Foothills of Barton Creek is a storybook dream. It houses a reading nook, a comfy day bed, a large mirror, a peacock chair, and different colored backdrops. It also provides you with the use of some lighting equipment. It’s a small space that you can easily make yourself at home in.

8. Embody modern glamour in a chic Hill Country home

hill country home in austin texas
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If you want glamorous then this home in the Hill Country might be the place for your next boudoir photoshoot. There are multiple bedrooms to choose from, including one with an impressive view of the hills yonder, however the bedroom with the rose mural wallpaper best conveys glamour. There is plenty of natural light flooding in, and the light colors used throughout the house brighten up the surroundings even more. 

9. Embrace the mood and sensual tones of a wood-accented bungalow

rustic modern bungalow in austin texas
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In contrast, you can choose darker tones for a more sensual atmosphere. Here we have a bungalow with both rustic and modern design aspects, it ties everything together with a consistent color palette in every room. The bedroom and bathroom lean more on darker colors for a more intimate feel. As an added bonus, this house has a spiral staircase that can be a unique accent in your boudoir photographs. 

10. Admire the industrial edge of a quaint loft with exposed brick

industrial loft in austin texas
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If you prefer a location with a bit of edge to bring into your boudoir photoshoot, try this industrial downtown loft. It has exposed brick throughout the space paired with a hardwood floor. There are plenty of furniture pieces to use, including multiple beds to help you choose your best composition. The tall windows that this space provides are definitely worth shooting into to get the best shot of your silhouette.

11. Let your creativity loose at a versatile photo studio

boudoir photograph
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Can’t decide? Try it all out! This photo studio home has been designed to work for any boudoir photoshoot you can envision. They have multiple styles of bedrooms: a white and minimalist option, dark sultry option, and modern contemporary.

As well as multiple bathrooms with large tubs for you soaking pleasure. If you are at a loss for what to wear, they can also provide assistance with their in-house luxury wardrobe or you can request help from the house stylist. If you can have everything, why not give it a shot?

Hire a professional Austin boudoir photographer today!

It’s important that on the day of your boudoir photoshoot, you feel at ease and pampered from head to toe! A talented photographer can help you step into the role of the sexy goddess you already are. That said, whatever your style or personality, one of these boudoir photoshoot ideas in Austin should be perfect for you. Choose from apartments, houses, photography studios, and more! 

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