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8 Places to Find Camera Equipment Rentals in Austin

Austin has solidified itself as a creative hub when it comes to music, art, and tech. Therefore, it’s not exactly a surprise that this city is also home to a variety of companies providing camera equipment rentals. Many of these rental companies focus on video equipment, but still photographers shouldn’t despair — you have plenty of options too. Whether you’re looking to test out some new gear or you need to equip a full music video production, these companies can connect you with the gear you need at a fair price. So without further ado, here are eight great places to find camera equipment rentals in Austin, Texas.

1. Precision Camera & Video

2438 W. Anderson Lane Suite B-4 Austin TX 78757

Precision Camera & Video, founded in 1976, has a large stock of equipment for sale, as well as a repair shop, photo lab services, and classes. They also have a robust rental catalog of still and video cameras, lenses, AV, and lighting equipment. Precision even has Hasselblad’s X1D available for rent, so you can be sure they’ve got the gear for any shoot. The company has variable rental rates: daily, weekend, and weekly. However, it’s good to note that they require a deposit for their equipment rentals, and you’ll need to show them your driver’s license. Precision runs seasonal rental specials, so be sure to check those out for deals on gear.

2. MP&E Equipment Rental

4822 E. Cesar Chavez Austin, TX 78702

MP&E is a company that’s passionate about cameras and gear. Their focus is on video equipment and lighting, and even renting grip trucks, but they have also a solid range of DSLRs as well. These cameras are an excellent option for still photographers — or really anyone who needs to shoot stills and video for their production. MP&E calculates their rental rates per order, so you’ll need to put together an equipment package to get exact pricing. They also offer pre-configured packages geared toward specific productions, making large orders pretty darn simple.

3. Rock n Roll Rentals

8335 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78757

Rock n Roll Rentals has a slightly different business model than other companies on this list: this vendor caters exclusively to bands and musicians. They rent instruments, recording, and sound equipment, but they also have a capable selection of photo and video gear. Their photo catalog is by no means exhaustive, but if your shoot involves music video production or concert work, then Rock n Roll is a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

4. Austin Camera & Imaging

5350 Burney Road Suite 8 Austin, Texas 78756

Austin Camera & Imaging is another good choice when it comes to finding camera equipment rentals in Austin. They sell a variety of new and used gear, as well as the best selection of vintage film cameras and films in the city. Austin Camera & Imagine will also process your film and deliver image prints. However, it’s good to note that their rental catalog changes frequently, so item availability and pricing is fluid. It’s best to call ahead or visit the store in person to get an idea of what equipment is readily available. Rentals require a 24-hour notice of pickup, as well as a deposit.

5. Texas Media Systems

4311 Medical Parkway Austin, TX 78756

Texas Media Systems launched in 1996 and has worked with a number of Texan producers and directors as well as in the commercial industry. Simply put? They’re experts and can help draw up equipment lists as well as consult on projects and help put together the right package for any production. Their rentals focus on video and audio production, but they offer many DSLRs and mirrorless still cameras as well. Cameras and equipment are available at competitive price points at daily or weekly rates. Texas Media Systems also offers various packages to make the rental process easier and more affordable. Note: rental fees are charged at pickup, and any order that exceeds $5,000 requires a certificate of insurance.

6. MPS Studios

1901 E 51st St #110 Austin, TX 78723

MPS is another company focused primarily on video production equipment rentals, offering only one DSLR in their catalog. However, this vendor provides some top-of-the-line digital video cameras, as well as any lenses, lighting, or monitors your video production might require. In addition to their digital gear, MPS also rents out a few film cameras as well. Gear prices are sent to customers after they put together a rental package and request a quote. They’re also happy to connect you with a crew, offer logistical support, and even help secure filming permits.

7. Mega Broadcast & Cinema

817 W. Howard Lane Austin, Texas 78753

Yet again, Mega Broadcast & Cinema places their focus mostly on video equipment. Given this niche expertise, they offer a good deal of new and used gear for sale as well as a variety of equipment available for rental. While the rentals are mostly digital video cameras, Mega provides a selection of HD mirrorless and DSLRs with robust video capability that also function just fine as still cameras. In addition to the usual cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment, Mega also has a selection of wireless streaming devices for productions that need live video. Note: rentals are broken down into daily and weekly rates.

8. Peerspace

While Peerspace doesn’t directly offer camera equipment rentals, many of our hosts provide the option to rent gear when you book their production spaces. Not only does this arrangement make your production planning a one-stop-shop, but it might even be more cost-effective. Therefore, next time you search for a photo shoot location on Peerspace, make sure to check whether or not your host offers gear along with the space!

Executing on top-notch photo and video productions requires plenty of skill, and you never want to worry about not having the gear you need. That’s why camera equipment rentals are so stellar: they give you access to all the latest gizmos and gadgets on the market, allowing you to explore creatively without making any expensive, permanent commitments to any one piece of gear. And who knows? You may wind up finding the perfect new addition to your collection after some trial and error. Good luck!

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