11 Sick Music Video Locations in Austin

Austin isn’t just the capital of Texas. It’s also the live music capital of the world! Thousands of concert-goers flock to the city from across the country to hear the latest artists sing their souls out to their adoring fans. If you’re an artist looking to expand your audience, filming a music video is one of the best ways to drum up hype for your act. Lucky for you, there are tons of amazing music video locations in Austin where you can film a viral hit. Get ready to reach a whole new realm of listeners when you book one of these amazing Peerspace venues. 

1. Make your video stand out at this multi-set studio

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Coming up first, this 3,500-square-foot warehouse caters to artists in every genre. Among the selection of filming sets, you’ll find a grungy jail cell, a daring bank vault, a dreamy forest of lightbulbs, and multiple cyc walls perfect for dance shots or footage of your band. You can light your shoot with professional LED and RGB lighting to give your video a cinematic quality. Get all the details you need on Peerspace

2. Build buzz for your band at this East Austin hype house

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Looking for music video locations in Austin that are hip, trendy, and busting with style? Located in East Austin, the “capital within the capital,” this stunning hype house has the unique flavor you’re looking for. FIlled to the brim with inspiring artwork, designer furniture, and gorgeous natural light, there’s tons of space to film a captivating music video here. If you want a video venue that looks as good IRL as it does on the camera, you can’t do better than here!

3. Go viral at this colorful content creation studio

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Designed for Instagram and Tik-Tok stars, this first-of-its-kind creative space is perfect for any musical artist searching for viral success. With over 35 sets spread out over 6,000-square-feet, you’ll get more than three dozen sets for the price of one. Talk about value for artists filming on a budget! Mix and match these lively and colorful microsets to your heart’s delight. Check out more pics on Peerspace

4. Film cinematic shots at this Insta-worthy content studio

Insta-worthy House for Creative Content Production austin rental
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For artists who want cinematic music video locations in Austin, you’ll love this photogenic home. The black and white bedroom is the perfect place to film sexy shots that look like they’re from another reality, thanks to the trippy wooden statement walls. There are tons of other gorgeous rooms where you can film dramatic and interesting shots over the home’s nearly 2,200 square feet. Get ready to put your imagination to work at this Peerspace venue!

5. Capture country charm at this garden greenhouse

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Perfect for country and folk artists, this country greenhouse has rustic charm for days. Featuring 100-year-old wooden beams and railroad ties, colorful Mexican tiles, and a mini-forest of luscious plants, you’ll definitely channel boho vibes for your video. It’s a cozy and comforting place that will make your viewers feel chill. Your filming session awaits on Peerspace

6. Boho meets modern at this Greenbelt home with stunning views

Stylish modern cliff top house austin rental
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Located a quick drive outside downtown Austin, this custom-designed home is a breath of fresh air in the city. The 4,000-square-foot home oozes luxury, making it perfect for artists that want opulence and grandeur in their videos. The luxurious mansion has an eclectic blend of architectural styles and textural details that the camera will adore. And since it’s located atop a cliff, you can film stunning shots of the rugged greenbelt and Barton Creek below your feet. You’ll definitely feel like you’re at the top of the world when you film your video at this Peerspace venue! 

7. This photogenic bungalow is mod and magnificent 

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Modern yet elegant, this adorable bungalow in Bouldin is perfect for artists that want a touch of designer glam in their music videos. Featuring tons of vibrant and color mod furnishings, the home has the perfect balance of polished decor and homey charm. Show off your perfectly tousled bedhair in the bedroom, play guitar on the sofa in the living room, or gaze longingly into the distance on the tiled porch. If you’re looking for music video locations in Austin that feel like a real home, you can’t do better than this Peerspace bookable venue!

8. Turn the lights down low at this industrial-chic venue

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Located in the industrial-chic East Cesar Chavez neighborhood, this 1,000 square foot former railhouse has tons of versatility. Film a mock concert for your followers in the main room, shoot dramatic glamor shots on the plush booths, or sing and rap in front of the weathered walls. The acoustics here are amazing, so feel free to get lost in your backtrack while you film your next masterpiece! And you can book it today on Peerspace.

9. Get on stage at this moody red lounge

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Nestled in the heart of East Austin, this recently renovated hideaway was born for the camera. A favorite filming location of indie filmmakers, this multi-purpose art house features a stage that’s perfect for filming concerts, a bar where you can belt out your heartache, and a sultry “Tiger Den” where you can film alluring shots for your viewers. You’ll feel like you’re shooting in an old-fashioned speakeasy! See this space in all its gorgeous glory on Peerspace.

10. Ramp up your production at the iconic Ramp House

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Want to bring some architectural charm to your video? This award-winning home is a glittering jewel in the heart of South Austin. Play the part of the frustrated millionaire while you stroll down the pair of soothing ramps that wind down the home’s central spine. Your viewers will adore seeing the sequence of rooms pass by as you belt out your song to the camera. FIlming in this piece of modern art will really take your video to the next level! Learn more about it on its Peerspace page.

11. Country artists will adore this beautiful Marble Falls farm 

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Last but not least, this stunning country estate is sure to please music fans who love the great outdoors! You’ll have fields upon fields of lush, open spaces and an endless ocean of blue skies to film here. Inside the farmhouse, you’ll find an adorable and yet chic country abode filled with exposed wooden beams and reclaimed barn wood. It’s an amazing way to give your viewers a taste of Texas no matter where in the world they are. Who knows, seeing all those gorgeous prairie vistas in person might just inspire your next hit country song! Head over to Peerspace and make it happen.

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