11 Chic Hollywood Theme Party Ideas (2024)


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The glitz, the glamour — the excitement of Hollywood! A Hollywood-themed party is a great excuse to get dressed up and feel like a movie star for a day. A Hollywood-themed party can be all-out with luxury cars and designer clothing or down to earth with fun games and activities like trivia, karaoke, and movies. Which of these Hollywood theme party ideas sounds most fun to you?

Ahead, we at Peerspace share the best and brightest Hollywood theme party ideas that help you get the party started. We’ll also share a few A-lister-worthy party venue rentals that you can book directly through our platform. As you’ll soon see, you definitely don’t have to live in Hollywood or be a celebrity to party like one — we promise!

1. Come dressed as your favorite star

regal pink room in san francisco
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Dress up like an A-lister, feel like an A-lister, become an A-lister. Don your best attire and get ready to party. Invite guests to either dress up as their favorite star or be their future self as a star. This is a fun excuse to get all dressed up with friends, no matter how old you are!

You can dress like your favorite celebrity or simply wear your finest finery. Either way, you should feel like a million bucks as you get ready to enjoy your Hollywood gala.

2. Live in the lap of luxury

westlake village mansion
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Your Hollywood party should ooze luxury — so rent a space that’s so luxurious that your guests’ jaws will drop the moment they walk through the door! On Peerspace, you can find affordable and gorgeous mansions to rent for your party in cities throughout the U.S. and beyond!

Some of the spaces available on Peerspace have been previously owned by celebrities, like this crystal ballroom event space in Las Vegas, NV that’s part of a mansion formerly owned by internationally acclaimed showman and piano virtuoso and showman Wladziu Valentino Liberace (1919-1987).

Or how about renting a modern glass mansion in Los Angeles, CA? This mansion comes flush with Hollywood theme party ideas and activities with its outdoor lounge, pool with a waterfall, sports courts, two bars, an indoor orchid garden, several custom swings, and two wine cellars!

3. Rent a luxury car or limo and arrive in style

car tunnel in vegas
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Get the party started before you even make it through the front door! Rent a luxury limo and pick up all your friends on the way to the venue or arrive in style in a luxury car! While buying a luxury car might be out of your budget, you might still be able to rent one. Luxury car rentals can range from $395 a day to up to $25,000 … but to spend a day driving around in a McLaren before the party? It might just be worth it!

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4. Roll out the red carpet (or the green screen)

professional green screen studio dallas rental
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Make all your guests feel like a million bucks by rolling out the red carpet for their arrival! Hire a photographer to snap photos of your guests as they walk into the party or have a Hollywood-style backdrop for your guests to take selfies in front of once they make it to the end of the red carpet!

When you rent a Peerspace photo shoot venue, you can ask the host if they can help you book a photographer, rent a red carpet, and more. Now that’s A-list celeb service right there!

5. Strut your stuff with a fashion show

All Day All Night Private Events Party Venue | Large & Trendy Art Space In Barrio Logan | Welcome To The iN Gallery
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Your guests are all dressed up — so make sure they have the opportunity to show off all their fancy digs! A runway show can be sleek and stylish, with a true Hollywood vibe, or fun and laid back, for everyone to let their hair down and be a bit silly! This is one of the Hollywood theme party ideas that would be best with a quality sound system so you can announce who is walking down the catwalk, what they are wearing, and play music as they go!

Make it happen with ease when you book a Peerspace venue like this all day all night private events party venue in San Diego, CA. It’s a trendy Barrio Logan art gallery space with 24/7 availability, an open layout ideal for serving as your catwalk, and killer A/V equipment ideal for setting the scene.

6. Bask in the VIP treatment you’ve been waiting for

Virgo - Lower East Side Night Club/ Event Space
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Make the world around you do a double-take and ask themselves, “are they someone I should know?” by going all out with the VIP treatment at your Hollywood party! Rent out a VIP room at a club, request bottle service, hire a bouncer…. Go all out!

On Peerspace, you can find tons of fun, affordable options for VIP venues. For a large party, you can also rent a whole nightclub, like Virgo in New York City’s Lower East Side. It comes fully stocked with a bar and a well-equipped DJ booth with a dance floor in the center of the space for up to 250 guests!

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7. Your very own Hollywood star

Hollywood Treehouse la los angeles rental
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Make sure you have fun party favors ready for your guests! One of our favorite options is having an area of the floor covered with Hollywood stars, each with a guest’s name. This is a fun photo op and also a great party favor for guests to take home with them! Another fun party favor idea would be little oscar awards for “best dressed,” “A-list attitude,” and more!

8. The Hollywood Sign and other fun decorations

los angeles home with hollywood sign views
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When you think Hollywood — the Hollywood sign probably comes to mind. This is a no-brainer decoration to have at the party but there are other fun decorations you should include too. Look for gold balloons, streamers, and table cloths, and go big with a life-size clapperboard. Consider fun Hollywood-themed snacks like popcorn and star-shaped cookies or get fancy with champagne flutes and golden macarons! 

9. Show off your skills with a talent show

led video wall studio
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Hollywood is about more than fashion and fancy cars — it’s about talent too! So what talent do your guests plan on bringing to the party? Have them show off their skills with an improv hour, karaoke, or other talent activities! Don’t forget to end the night with an award ceremony for all the fantastic performances.

We think booking a performance space complete with a stage and lighting, like this LED video wall studio in Monterey Park, CA is ideal to set the scene for you and your fellow thespians.

10. Show us what you know with a Hollywood trivia night

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas
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So you think you know Hollywood? Prove it! Add trivia into your Hollywood theme party ideas so your guests can show off all their A-list knowledge! Here are some questions to get you started: How old is the Hollywood sign? How far is Hollywood from Beverly Hills? What was the name of the first studio in Hollywood?

11. It’s always a good time with movie time!

Luxurious Theater Room in St. Petersburg
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As the night winds down, break out the popcorn and end the night with a Hollywood movie viewing! Some fun considerations could be the first film completed in Hollywood (The Count of Monte Cristo) or the top-grossing film of all time — Avatar!

Make it more special by hosting movie-viewing Hollywood theme party ideas at a stylish private movie theater room. While Peerspace offers you access to amazing options across the globe, we especially love this luxurious theater room in St. Petersburg, FL for its ambiance and included equipment.

12. Enjoy a star-worthy makeover

Intimate Beauty Escape & Party Studio
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Every big-name celebrity has a team of helpers to keep them looking great and follows a strict beauty regimen. Well, it’s time for you to join their ranks! You don’t necessarily have to break the bank just to follow a Hollywood-type beauty trend. Instead, take yourself out to your favorite salon or barbershop and treat yourself to a makeover.

If you want to give your Hollywood theme party a makeover focus and live in the Denver, CO area, why not book this intimate beauty escape and party studio in Baker? It is a beautiful event space that offers full-service beauty treatments as well as more fun party amenities, like a bartender and a DJ!

Consider a new hairstyle and spring for the mani and pedis. You won”t believe how great you’ll feel after a little personal attention — perhaps as great as an A-lister with a bottomless bank account!

Peerspace is home to the best Hollywood theme party ideas

hollywood hills home with gorgeous views
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These Hollywood theme party ideas are a surefire way to feel like a member of the jet set in no time. And luckily, with the help of Peerspace, it couldn’t be easier to bring your big Hollywood dreams to life. Use our platform to book a Hollywood-worthy venue (perhaps even in Hollywood) and put a few of these ideas to the test. Your friends may be so impressed that they gift with an Oscar for portraying the best host!

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