11 Cool Oscar Party Ideas (2024)


Event venues on Peerspace typically cost $50 — $350 per hour.

On the lookout for unique Oscar party ideas that Hollywood itself would envy? The Academy Awards show is an exciting day for just about everyone, from the film buff to even the casual movie-goer. And considering all the unique movies we enjoyed in 2023, it’s safe to say that 2024’s awards show is going to be huge! All you need are a few Oscar party ideas to make your night just as grand.

So unless you’re going to finagle an invite to Sir Elton John’s 2024 Oscar viewing party, why not turn the biggest awards show of the year into your own viewing party event? That way, you and your group can celebrate the wins right along with the stars! If you’re not sure where to get started, don’t worry, we have you covered. These Oscar party ideas will have you and your guests feeling as glamorous as the nominees.

Besides exciting Oscar party ideas, Peerspace can also help provide you with sensational Oscar party venues! After all, what better way to feel like you’re a part of the glitz and glam than by dressing up and partying with your favorite people at a pristine and one-of-a-kind event venue location?

To give you an insider’s glimpse, we’ll share information about real Peerspace venues that we think are perfect for your Oscar party. Let’s get started!

1. Take your viewing party to a hot new Peerspace venue 

Rent A Mansion in New Jersey
Source: Peerspace

Yes, we at Peerspace firmly believe in watching your favorite stars from the comfort of a glamorous space of your own! Peerspace has thousands of Oscar-worthy venues available to rent by the hour in cities across North America and beyond.

This Oscar party idea is the easiest way to upgrade an ordinary get-together into an extra special occasion. With Peerspace, you can turn a local art gallery or theater into your viewing party venue. You can rent a swanky mansion, a modern penthouse, or a historic home. Venues of all types are available to rent by the hour.

Here is just a sample of our favorite Oscar viewing party spaces:

  • This mansion with a castle look in Saddle River, NJ (pictured above) with a huge kitchen, indoor pool, and outdoor sports courts.
  • This film/photo studio in London, UK that doubles as a private screening room with a kitchen, a projector, a large screen, and surround sound.
  • This 1920s Old Hollywood romantic Spanish villa in Los Angeles, CA with original hardware, high ceilings, arched windows, and a dining room that opens onto a courtyard.
  • This lofted meeting and event space in Chicago, IL with a 60″ plasma TV, modular seating, and optional snack and meal catering,
  • This loft retreat in Paris, France with eclectic decor, comfy seating, a kitchen, and a large-screen projector system.
  • This Villa Celine in Miami, FL with multiple HD TVs, an indoor and outdoor kitchen, a pool, a hot tub, and a bar.

As you can see, you can rent amazing spaces in cities across the globe. Plus, when you book a Peerspace, you can enjoy the full support of your venue’s local host. They are happy to be as hands-on as you need as you plan your party.

2. Serve star-worthy eats

modern kitchen space
Source: Peerspace

Every party needs food. Get fancy with food-centric Oscar party ideas! Serve plenty of appetizers, like gourmet popcorn in cute buckets, bruschetta, smoked salmon, deviled eggs, meatballs, and tiny fruit parfaits. An Oscar party is the perfect excuse to go all out with a charcuterie board. (If you’re short on time, Trader Joe’s sells a wide variety of frozen appetizers that look as good as they taste). Stick with the Oscars color scheme and use black and gold plates, cups, napkins, and utensils.

To create the ultimate movie theater experience at your Oscar party, set up an upscale candy buffet and rent a popcorn machine for extra fun. Use glass jars to display candy-like black Twizzlers, gold and black M&M’s from party stores or the M&M website, gummy bears (you can get exotic flavors from Albanese Candy, like pineapple for a pop of gold), and chocolate gold coins.

You can even get actual gold rock candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar that is (almost) too gorgeous to eat! The signature lollipops from See’s Candies that come wrapped in black and gold would also make a lovely addition to your display. When you set up a table full of aesthetically pleasing, delicious candy, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped into Willy Wonka’s factory. Check out what the world’s best chefs are saying will be the biggest food trends in 2024 for the freshest inspo.

These great movie birthday party ideas can help you plan the next milestone event for all of your movie-buff friends!

3. Give out Oscars to your guests

retro sophisticated underground bar
Source: Peerspace

Join in on the fun and give out Academy Awards of your own! Use ballots and envelopes just like the real deal, and make sure everyone gets their nominations in at the beginning of the party. Use categories like Best Music Taste (like the best score award), Most Dramatic, Best Sense of Humor, Best Sense of Style, Best Storyteller, and Best Dancer (you may have to have some guests show off their moves and skills first).

Announce winners during commercial breaks so that you have something to do when the show isn’t on. You can award them with plastic statues from Oriental Trading or chocolate ones from a party store.

4. Dress up like you’re attending the real thing

couturie pink and gold dress shop
Source: Peerspace

Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up? Break out the formal gowns, suits, tuxedos, heels, and dress shoes. Don’t think you own anything glam enough? Repurpose bridesmaid dresses or groomsmen tuxes or take a trip to the thrift shop.

Or, if you’ve got a silly, fun-loving crowd, go for eclectic looks a la Met Gala for a fun twist. Complete your looks with bold lipstick, jewelry, and elegant hairstyles. Encourage everyone to participate in dressing up by having a competition for the title of “Best Dressed.”

5. Host your own red carpet to greet your guests 

Sara Ellen Event Venue
Source: Peerspace

When else are you going to have a chance to strut your stuff on the red carpet? Set up a red carpet (you can make your own out of red fabric or find one at a party store or on Oriental Trading) and a backdrop.

For a cheap, do-it-yourself option, set up some PVC pipes and silver or gold fabric. Grab some gold photo props or typical red carpet accessories like purses and clutches for everyone to hold. Call on your photographer friend (we all have one) to play paparazzi, and have your guests strike a pose.

We love the way this Sara Ellen event venue in York, PA has its red carpet set up outside the venue, ready for you and your guests to strut. The host even offers you a “red carpet experience” for an additional $100, ensuring you and your partygoers get the full red carpet, velvet rope treatment!

6. Cast your own votes 

private movie screening room
Source: Peerspace

Vote for your favorite winners before the awards show begins. Hand out ballots (which you can find for each year in PDF form online) and have everyone fill in their predictions in each category. Instead of betting on the award winners, give out prizes like movie tickets to the guest with the most correct predictions.

7. Create a film-inspired playlist

Penthouse with 2 Story Balcony
Source: Peerspace

Assemble songs from the current score and song nominees, as well as past winners for one killer party playlist. If you aren’t sure what soundtracks to choose, here are some good ideas to start with: La La Land, A Star is Born, Titanic, Purple Rain, and almost any Disney soundtrack (which is a great idea if you have kids at the party!).

Need a sweet space to make it happen? Then why not book this penthouse with a two-story balcony in Hallandale Beach, FL? It’s a gorgeous space with views, TVs, and a surround sound system! Not only is this a great chance to dance and sing along, but the playlist will also help drown out any annoying, repetitive commercials.

Pepper in some of our chic Hollywood theme party ideas, and your Oscars gathering just got a whole lot more glamorous!

8. Mix some drinks with movie magic

Source: Peerspace

Create some cocktails themed after the nominated movies or past winners. Or, go for a more generic approach with these Hollywood-inspired cocktails. (If you have kids at the party, classic virgin drinks like Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples are perfect!) If you aren’t up to mixing drinks, champagne is a must. You can even give everyone their own mini bottles for the party.

To make it even better, why not book a stylish Peerspace venue that has everything you need and more? For instance, you can book this Minneapolis event space and enjoy its speakeasy bar, screening room theater, lounge, and game room. It’s the type of Oscar party ideas venue that will delight everyone on your guest list!

9. Test your knowledge and play movie trivia

Hollywood Heaven - Escape to Cinematic Bliss
Source: Peerspace

Choose a few popular nominees and come up with some trivia questions about each one. If you’re not sure where to start, then check out this resource by Triviawell to curate the trivia and answers that you think pertain best to your party.

You can also incorporate questions about past winners as well, to be fair to those who haven’t seen all of the recent films. Offer prizes to the winners, such as movie tickets, movie memorabilia, gourmet candy, or DVDs/Blu-rays.

For extra fun and built-in ambiance, why not book this Hollywood Heaven – escape to cinematic bliss themed home in Los Angeles for your trivia-packed Oscar party? It boasts a swimming pool, a game room, a private movie theater room, and several movie-themed bedrooms to delight your guests.

10. Pre-game with past Oscar winners!

Oscar party ideas
Source: Peerspace

Make your Oscar party a multi-night affair by inviting your guests over for an Oscar movie binge before the big night. This serves many purposes: to set up a context for the current Oscar noms, to watch movies with your favorite people, and to party!

Not sure where to start? Then check out this ranked list by Vulture that includes every Oscar best-picture winner ever. It may sound like quite an undertaking, but just choose a couple of movies and host the binge on a night that works for all your guests, like the weekend leading up to Oscar night.

Is your home or apartment not exactly party-worthy? Then check out Peerspace for party venues, especially homes with private screening rooms. Just don’t forget the popcorn. This is possibly one of the best Oscar party ideas for true movie buffs!

11. Set up a Hollywood-worthy backdrop for Oscar selfies

NEW* Glamour Vintage + Pink Hollywood Production Studio
Source: Peerspace

An Oscars party is the perfect excuse to dress up and act like an A-lister for the night. So why not take advantage of your and your friends’ fancy outfits and celebrity mindsets to take stunning selfies? You’d probably do this anyway, but what we think you need to create SM gold is a setting that shows off your Hollywood taste. Peerspace has plenty of professionally-styled photo studio rentals to serve as your setting.

For example, you can book this glamorous vintage and pink Hollywood production studio in Miami, FL that provides you with a multi-angle set for an immersive vintage Hollywood look. Browse the photos to see all of the fashion and celebrity campaigns that have taken place here, and then book it for yourself and your party and joj their ranks!

Oscar party ideas come to life with Peerspace

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Source: Peerspace

Whether you are into the music, the acting, or the cinematography of films, everyone can enjoy the Academy Awards show. Come together with friends this awards season to celebrate the magic of Hollywood with these fun Oscar party ideas.

And when you host your event in a sophisticated Peerspace venue, you’ll elevate the experience to the next level. Since you only rent a space by the hour, you only pay for the time you’re actually using the venue, unlike on other platforms.

And as we mentioned, a gorgeous venue is only the start. Talk to your venue’s help host to see if they can help arrange catering, A/V equipment, bar staff, and anything else to make your party incredible.

Hosting your friends and family at a private, upscale venue helps ensure you get into the Hollywood mindset. And who knows, maybe you’ll all enjoy it so much, that it will become a new annual tradition!

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