The 8 Best Cityscape Photographers in Cleveland

Looking for the top Cleveland cityscape photographers? At Peerspace, we get it! Cityscapes are some of our favorite landscapes. They blend the human world with the natural one. Especially when forests, rivers, sky, and sea form an integral part of the image. Cities are also full of energy when captured with cars and people living their lives. These images can inspire deeply romantic feelings in viewers, making them a favorite interior decor item.

Each one of these Cleveland cityscape photographers has something different to offer in terms of how they see the world. Which one best matches your personal vision?

1. Seph Lawless

Seph Lawless is a photojournalist, author, and political activist who showcases Cleveland from an unexpected angle. His work explores forgotten places throughout the country. Abandoned malls, dilapidated railyards, decaying infrastructure…The haunting places most of us prefer to avoid. That also includes the people who still live in these places.

And in doing so, Seph hopes to give his fellow country people a better idea of the state of the nation. As he shared with ABC News in his own words: “I want Americans to see what is happening to their country from the comfort of their suburban homes and smart phones.”

2. Tim Long

Unlike many Cleveland cityscape photographers, Tim Long moves away from punchy, saturated colors. His fine art vision is a dark and moody landscape that reveals a very different side of the city. Tones are subdued, so the intensity of light, leading lines, and form have greater power.

Tim also applies this creative vision to many of his commercial collaborations as well. He is the cityscape and commercial photographer you want to choose when you want a bit of the artist’s signature style to be revealed in the final images!

3. Ryan Lachanski

Born and raised in Ohio, Ryan Lachanski has a local’s eye. Which comes in handy when making distinctive cityscapes! He finds angles that really highlight his love of creative framing. Bridge pillars, bike racks, and other items that most photographers would ignore add a new dimension to the images.

Ryan’s landscapes also have a distinctive atmospheric quality thanks to how he works with natural light. Mist, cloud motion, falling snow…His images are about more than just the subject of his choice. It’s about transmitting the entire experience of each scene!

4. Anthony Rencz

Like many professional photographers, Anthony Rencz’s introduction to the art form was something of a surprise. He decided to take a class in high school for an art credit, never expecting it to ignite a lifelong passion! Anthony opted to continue his studies in college, graduating with a degree in photography and starting his own freelance business.

Anthony Rencz Photography is well known for producing emotive portraits and wedding images. However, Anthony is also a talented fine art creator. His city and landscapes reveal a sensitivity to the natural world and a vision that enjoys the play of shadow and subdued lighting. At times, he even brings his portrait subjects into the cityscape, using the urban backdrop as a narrative-building element for viewers.

5. Gabe Wasylko

Gabe Wasylko is a producer and Cleveland cityscape photographer whose work takes you on a grand tour of the area! His work highlights the city at all times of the day. Dramatic clouds or lighting are great, but we also enjoy seeing what Gabe does with more ordinary skies.

Whimsical, well-timed instants where buildings align with the moon or are cleverly framed with passing structures are favorites of ours. Yet Gabe is just as fluent at classic landscapes, with distinct subjects, vibrant lighting, and rich contrast.

6. Nick Hoeller

As a commercial, cityscape, and landscape photographer, Nick Hoeller’s work covers an extensive range. But in all cases, he is a master of sharing a mood and story about his subjects. Nick learned the art of commercial photography at Kalman & Pabst Photo Studio in Cleveland. Applying these skills to his own personal brand, Nick became a favorite of major brands like Jo-Ann Fabrics, Cleveland Magazine, and University Hospitals.

Still, if you’re looking for what Nick photographs in his spare time, check out his city and landscapes! Here, Nick presents a peaceful world where light, color, weather, and form come together for once-in-a-lifetime compositions. His work explores not just ground-level perspectives but also aerial views that few people get to appreciate!

7. Alex Farmer

Architecture, commercial images, and editorial photography are what Alex Farmer has to share with us today. He is a top Cleveland cityscape photographer and a partner of choice for major-name brands like Netflix, Nike, and Foot Locker. Alex has a talent for encapsulating narratives using just the visual medium. We see this in his cityscapes as well, where he expertly shares the emotional qualities he feels when looking out over The 216.

Alex has a dynamic style, making great use of natural frames like branches, bridges, and statues. He not only goes low to accentuate subjects. He also takes us high into the skies using aerial drone-based cameras. Alex has a preference for natural colors as well. This gives his cityscapes a calm and relaxing character; perfect for locals who want to enjoy their favorite places better!

8. Jim Sommers

Landscapes and cityscapes are of passionate interest to Jim Sommers. Located in nearby Sandusky, Ohio, he takes his camera all over the world, including downtown Cleveland, when light levels grow dim.

Jim’s style uses rich sunset golds, deep blue hour shades, and dark nighttime skies to the best effect. The skyline is often allowed to fall completely black, allowing the subtle qualities of the evening sky to speak clearly. Jim also captures street-level images that use car lights, flashing neon, and puddles of rain to immerse us fully in the flavor of Cleveland!

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