11 Cool Cocktail Party Ideas (2024)


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Whether you are hosting a corporate networking mixer or just casually getting some friends together, cocktail parties are always a good idea. They can be as simple or elaborate as your heart desires. All you really need are the basics — light bites and lots of booze. Oh, and a few can’t-miss cocktail party ideas.

Luckily, Peerspace is here to top you off with some amazing ideas that will get your next cocktail party on its feet and dancing. Not to ruin any of the surprises ahead, but we happen to think that location is crucial here! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace offers you access to one-of-a-kind party venues that will wow you and your crowd.

Ahead, we’ll share excellent cocktail party ideas and include information about real Peerspace venues that you can book today, just so you know what we’re working with. So draw up a menu of some hors d’oeuvres, pick out signature cocktail recipes, and gather friends or coworkers for some good drinks and good times.

1. Wow your guests with a spectacular venue courtesy of Peerspace

Alice in Wonderland Theme Cocktail Lounge
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Skip the usual house or restaurant party. Try a loft, garden, theater, rooftop, art gallery, or even a historic jazz club. The more unique the space, the less decorating you will have to do. All you have to do is search Peerspace!

Here are some of our favorite options to ensure a perfect setting for a killer cocktail party:

This is only a small handful of all the cocktail party-perfect spaces you can discover on Peerspace. Our platform can help you turn any venue imaginable into the site of your next cocktail party. The best part? There will be no mess to clean up at your house in the morning!

2. Turn the party into a mixology class

bright production space washington d.c. rental
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Allow your guests to leave inebriated but educated! Hire a bartender or find a friend who tends and ask them to give a brief demo on making drinks. Some bars actually host these classes as well, so consider renting out a local spot.

If you’re daring, teach it yourself after getting a crash course. All you will need is some basic mixers, rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, garnishes, shakers, cups, and cocktail straws. You can find disposable supplies online. This learning experience will be unforgettable for your guests, and who knows? It just might inspire them to come up with some cocktail party ideas of their own!

3. Make it a 1920s-themed fête to add a dash of class

FiDi Historic Jazz Main Bar Semi-Private sf san francisco rental
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Cocktail parties flourished during the Prohibition era. So raise your mint juleps, serve up some oysters, and celebrate the spirit of the ’20s a century later with a themed cocktail party. Encourage guests to dress like they just walked off the pages of The Great Gatsby, play popular music from the time period, and maybe even set your venue up like a speakeasy — or perhaps simply rent a Peerspace speakeasy — and create a password that every guest must say before they are granted entry.

Some of our favorite bookable speakeasies include:

Add a photo booth, leave some space for a dance floor, decorate with lots of gold accents, and get down like it’s the roaring ’20s!

For a party styling guide, check out our Roaring 20s-themed party guide

4. Skip the cocktails and opt for an alcohol-free event

23rd Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
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Yes, it’s possible to have a cocktail party sans cocktails. Sober curiosity is a big trend, with alcohol-free bars popping up and becoming popular millennial hangouts. Hop on the bandwagon and serve mocktails at your party. That way, no one has to worry about calling an Uber.

Here are 36 ideas for stunning, delicious mocktails that will wow your guests and make them forget that it’s a dry party. This is also an ideal way to be inclusive if you are inviting guests under 21 or guests who do not consume alcohol for religious or health reasons.

5. Entertain your guests by hiring a live band

Stylish and Lavish Bar central london rental
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One of the best parts of going out is the live music, which is often found at local bars. Bring that extra special element of entertainment to your party guests by booking a local band or solo musician for your cocktail party.

When you book a performance venue on Peerspace, you can ask the venue’s host to help you book performers, photographers, catering, and more. Just be sure you have the space and outlets the musicians need to perform, and check with the space’s host that you’re compliant with the noise ordinances around your venue.

6. Host a boozy brunch to keep your guests well-fed

West Midtown Brunch Cafe & Tea Room
Source: Peerspace

Who said a cocktail party had to be an evening affair? Host a brunch-time party with bloody Marys and various flavors of mimosas (like orange, mango, pineapple, and grapefruit). For the food, serve light breakfast bites, such as egg muffins, quiches, yogurt parfaits, mini muffins, scones, doughnut holes, or croissants. Add some vases of bright flowers to tables, and find some fun brunch-themed napkins, and you’ll have the perfect boozy brunch bash.

Make it easy on yourself by booking a cocktail party-perfect brunch restaurant on Peerspace. One adorable example is this West Midtown brunch cafe and tea room in Atlanta, GA. In addition to tasty brunch dishes and a world-class array of teas, there is a bartender on-site to serve you and your guests mimosas, bloody Marys, and more.

Discover more of our creative themed brunch ideas here!

7. Switch it up with CBD

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CBD-infused alcoholic drinks, such as beer and cocktails, are rising in popularity — and for a good reason. Add a twist to your traditional cocktails with these recipes for drinks featuring CBD. The oil can complement existing flavors in classic cocktails and add a unique scent.

And, as an added bonus, the supplement may help relieve pain and stress, as well as reduce anxiety. Just make sure your guests are fully aware of what is in their drinks, as everyone is affected by CBD in different ways.

8. Strike up some conversations with can’t-miss icebreakers

retro sophisticated underground bar
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There’s nothing worse than a party where no one is talking. Encourage your guests to chat with new people by planting some conversation starters around the room. This is one of the best cocktail party ideas if all of the guests are not already acquainted with each other.

Ice-breaker questions can be printed onto napkins, coasters, or table cards, or you can use Table Topics cards. If you’re creative, try typing up and printing your own. You may just help create some new friendships or relationships!

Ambiance is everything! make yours the best by incorporating our 13 funky glow party ideas!

9. Play some games to keep the good times rolling

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You’re never too old for games! And no, we don’t mean drinking games. Games can be a fun way to break the ice and liven up the party. If you have access to a projector or TV that hooks up to the internet, Quiplash is a hilarious online party game that allows you to show off your comedy chops. More traditional games like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Headbandz, and charades can also be a blast to play, especially while tipsy.

10. Plan a cocktail party with a focus on local

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One of the biggest trends predicted to emerge in 2024 (besides themed events, that is!) is a focus on local. Carry this awesome trend into your cocktail party by booking a local Peerspace venue (bonus: all Peerspace venues are owned by local hosts, so you’re supporting a community member when you book with us!).

Along with booking a local venue, be sure to also offer your guests spirits, mixers, juices, liqueurs, and nosh made by local businesses. It’s a fun way to discover and share even more of what makes your little slice of Earth that much cooler.

11. Make it an al fresco cocktail party to reach new heights

Lux home | Professional Design | Rooftop
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On Peerspace, it’s easy to book a venue with outdoor space so you can take your cocktail party out of doors. We recommend you book a stylish venue with a rooftop bar to provide the perfect ambiance for your gathering. One lovely example is this professionally designed lux home in Nashville, TN. Not only is it beautiful inside, but it also has a private rooftop space complete with fun lighting and an outdoor bar to ensure you have everything you need for your cocktail party.

Peerspace brings cocktail party ideas to life

Source: Peerspace

Cocktail parties can be so much more than just rooms full of well-dressed people sipping rum and Coke while eating cheese and crackers. Revolutionize the standard cocktail party with these cocktail party ideas that work for the holidays or any time of year. 

Start by booking a truly distinct and wildly fun Peerspace venue. Book a rooftop to offer stunning views and fresh air, an underground speakeasy to transport your guests to another era, or anything in between. By adding a little extra flair to your shindig, you’ll keep your guests talking about it for months to come.

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