13 Creative Themed Brunch Ideas For A Meal To Remember

On the lookout or themed brunch ideas to make your next delicious gathering a smash hit? At Peerspace, we know that everyone loves brunch. But how many brunches have you been to that are truly memorable?

Create a themed brunch party that’s so amazing, none of your friends will be able to stop raving about it! Here are 13 creative themed brunch ideas to get you started in hosting a truly unforgettable event.

1. Find the best brunch spot on Peerspace

richmond ranch with boho chic style
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Finding the best spot to host your themed brunch doesn’t have to be complicated! In fact, Peerspace makes it easy to find the perfect spot to celebrate brunch — no matter the theme you have in mind!

As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we make it easy to find hidden gem spaces that you and your crew can take over for a few hours. Choose from artsy cafes, glamorous mansions, and large outdoor spaces that your guests will fall in love with! Peerspace venues accommodate all types of groups and sizes, so if you have any special requests for your Peerspace host, shoot them a message!

2. What tops a waffle?

bright and funky waffle cafe seattle rental
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What tops a waffle?! Nothing … but also everything. You can top a waffle with just about anything from fruit to whipped cream to candied nuts! A waffle-themed party not only lets all your guests get creative with their toppings — it’s bound to be tons of fun too! Offer up options ranging from savory snacks like bacon and pistachios to sweet treats like fudge and sprinkles.

You can also opt to book this bright and funky cafe in Seattle that just happens to be able to offer you a customizable waffle bar! Tasty waffles, a cute setting, and plenty of seating, all available to you and your brunch guests. What creation will you come up with?

3. Brunch on a boat

Modern Waterfront House Boat seattle rental
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Let’s get nautical! Host your brunch on a boat for a truly unforgettable experience. Or, if you are worried about some potentially sea-sick brunch passengers, opt to host your brunch in a Peerspace houseboat or yacht club instead! Both venues offer you private spaces to dine with your guests while you gaze out at the rippling waters.

Go maximal at your next brunch by utilizing our brunch party decoration ideas to liven up your venue!

4. Time for a fox “hunt”

Themed Brunch Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Don your best hunting gear — we’re celebrating the origins of brunch! Some say the brunch meal came from the British tradition of eating a big meal before going on a hunt. So bring your hounds, pack your nerf gun, and get ready to celebrate!

We think this themed party would be best celebrated in an ample outdoor space near the woods — maybe a Peerspace venue like this! It’s 21 acres of serene lakeside, forested space along with an architecturally-unique home. And it wouldn’t be right to celebrate the original brunch without the traditional foods. Enjoy a full English breakfast complete with eggs, toast, tomatoes, bacon, beans, and if you’re brave enough … black pudding!

5. A potluck of brunch originals

sweet and airy downtown loft
Source: Peerspace

Enough with tradition — mix it up with some brunch originals! Ask your guests to come up with their own brunch recipes and share their newfound creations with the whole crew.

These themed brunch ideas might include making biscuits in a waffle iron, concocting a new boozy brunch drink, or candying bacon and dipping it in chocolate. There are so many creative and fun options for brunch foods beyond the traditional favorites!

6. Lawless brunch

Old Western Town with Saloon temecula los angeles rental
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Break some more extensive rules than just eating breakfast for lunch — this brunch is lawless! Decorate the space with wanted posters for guests who put syrup on their eggs, cook up some Western (outlaw) omelettes, serve donuts in front of a backdrop of an old western jail, and offer mimosas in the Old Saloon!

Lessen decorating prep by renting a Peerspace venue that already has the western outlaw theme created for you — like this unique Old Western town in Temecula, complete with a saloon, sheriff’s station, and more!

7. A fancy affair

retro sophisticated underground bar
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Dinner isn’t the only fancy meal of the day. Make your brunch into a black-tie affair! Book a gorgeous Peerspace venue, work with the venue’s host to hire a fantastic chef, and invite all your friends to enjoy the best brunch they’ve ever had! In fact, many Peerspace event venues have on-site food and beverage packages that are customizable to you and your crowd. This is one of those themed brunch ideas that you know your guests will be talking about for years!

8. PJ party

santa cruz cabin in the woods
Source: Peerspace

Brunch can be fancy… but it can also be relaxing! Keep it casual with a brunch PJ party! Book a cozy cabin, brew some coffee, and invite all your friends to come over in their favorite pajamas. We love the idea of using this stunning 6,100-square-foot cabin nestled in the Redwoods in Santa Cruz as home base for this idea. In fact, it has six bedrooms, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and a whole lot more for you all to enjoy.

This brunch wouldn’t be complete without some fantastic breakfast comfort foods like hotcakes, chicken and waffles, and bacon — mmmm!

9. A New Yorker brunch

Where Was Seinfeld Filmed
Source: Peerspace

Let’s be real … one of the best places in America to get brunch is in New York City! Even if you don’t live in the Big Apple, you can still celebrate a themed brunch as you do! Rent this historic Midtown diner on Peerspace, serve up menu items like bagel and lox, and don’t forget the bottomless mimosas!

10. A sucker for cereal

Massive, luxurious outdoor terrace with views of Downtown Austin rental
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Cereal is usually seen as a breakfast classic but rarely a brunch staple. As one of your themed brunch ideas, give cereal the seat at the brunch table it deserves! Offer all types of cereal to your guests — in all types of creative ways! Who says Rice Krispie Treats can’t be a breakfast food??

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11. Sweet and savory

Themed Brunch Ideas
Source: Peerspace

There are two types of brunch people: the sweet and the savory! Make your party all about the contrast of sweet and savory. In fact, if you book a Peerspace venue like this incredible black and white suite in the South Side of Chicago, half your work is done for you!

On one side of your Peerspace venue, decorate everything in bright colors and put out chocolatey, syrupy, and mouth-watering sweet treats for guests. On the other side of the venue, go darker tones and serve up savory options like eggs benedict and bacon! Which side of the room do you think each of your guests will choose? 

12. Garden party brunch

garden and kitchen in chicago
Source: Peerspace

Take time to smell the roses, the coffee, and the bacon — with a garden party brunch! We love the idea of having your brunch be in a beautiful and natural location like this adorable garden space with an available kitchen in Chicago.

13. It was all a dream

psychadelic wonderland in LA
Source: Peerspace

If you’re still not awake yet by the time brunch rolls around, keep on dreaming! Host a brunch party with a theme that lets all your guests float back into their dreams! Ask guests to dress up as a funny character from one of their dreams and decorate the space with clouds made of cotton balls, rainbows made out of balloons, and plenty of colorful brunch treats to share!

This funky fairy dreamland space in LA would be the perfect spot to host! It is more than 1,200 square feet of psychedelic and immersive art installments that will totally blow the minds of your guests.

Themed brunch ideas: conclusion

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

We hope you loved reading these themed brunch ideas and are now more ready than ever to celebrate everyone’s favorite meal with your loved ones. Like all good parties, this one should start by booking a unique and thoughtful Peerspace venue that suits your style while letting you relax and enjoy the moments that unfold.

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