The 10 Best Commercial Photographers in New York City (2024)


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The City That Never Sleeps is the place to be if you’re a business looking to start the next big brand or become a household name! But considering the endless competition you face in NYC, you’ll need not only a good idea but also creative partners who can elevate it to potential customers. That’s where the work of these top New York City commercial photographers comes in!

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Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand. These commercial photographers in New York City have what it takes to help you create winning campaigns. Let’s check out their work!

1. Grab the attention of your audience with images by Wini Lao

Among the most noteworthy New York City commercial photographers, Wini Lao aims to help entrepreneurs and purpose-driven brands find their voice through engaging and impactful visual media! From bloggers to large business owners, she portrays creatives and entrepreneurs using a welcoming approach that feels like we’re being engaged right from the moment we encounter a brand or idea creator.

While photography has always been a passion of hers, it was in 2017 that Wini made the leap, leaving her job to pursue a full-time career as a professional photographer. And we’re so glad she did!

2. Tell your brand’s story with beautiful work by Moriah Sawtelle

NYC-based commercial photographer, podcaster, cookbook author, and creative agency CEO—Moriah Sawtelle wears a lot of hats! She is also a partner of choice for major brands like Anthropologie, The Today Show, and Simple Mills. Her food photography is rich in contrast and storytelling power. There is also a celebratory note in how items are arranged, allowing viewers to appreciate the artistry of her composition as much as the beauty of a chef’s creations!

We even see engaging stories told by the props and background elements included. From outings at fine dining establishments to creations in the contemporary kitchen, Moriah is a master of telling complete lifestyle stories using food, light, and composition.

3. Secure stunning headshots courtesy of Michael Benabib of Executive Photos NYC

Even before joining the ranks of the top New York City commercial photographers, Michael Benabib was already a professional partner for major publications like The New York Times and Rolling Stone. Among his satisfied clients, he counts big companies like Pfizer, America Express, and J.P. Morgan, as well as local corporate clients in need of professional corporate portraits done in studio or at their offices.

His compositions are ideally chosen to isolate, give context to, or highlight subjects and their environments as each shoot demands. Michael is even the go-to NYC photographer for celebrities like Loretta Lynch and former president Bill Clinton.

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4. For gripping fine-art photos, book Andrés Hernández

With over two decades of experience working on commercial advertising campaigns around the world, the commercial photography of Andrés Hernández is second to none! He describes his own strengths as “creating moods through dramatic lighting that elicit emotion and a sense of nostalgia in his imagery.”

We see this through Andrés’s use of deep shadow to simultaneously hide and highlight elements of his subjects, crafting an air of mystery around them. In addition to thought-provoking commercial portraiture, he also provides fashion, beauty, and advertising images using the same approaches.

5. Create strong lifestyle images when you work with Claudio De La Rosa

Despite a successful career as a corporate banker for a major bank, Claudio De La Rosa simply could not ignore the call of the arts! He left banking, starting his own brand of commercial imagery focused on telling the stories of people alongside the energy of fleeting moments in time.

If you’ve browsed publications from the NBA Players Association, Google, or Nike, then you may have come across Claudio’s work before! His photography has a strong lifestyle character, using apparel, backgrounds, and posture to show us more than a handsome face. Instead, we become part of the snapshot of the subjects’ lives as they work out or move through the streets of NYC.

6. Captivate your audience with photos by Will Ellis

Architecture and interiors are the favored subjects of Will Ellis! This New York City commercial photographer focuses more on the artistry of spaces and contemporary interior design. Will’s approach feels airy and inviting thanks to the bright whites, well-recovered highlights, and careful composition.

He highlights interior design choices that immediately attract the eye and uses models to showcase the possibilities of commercial spaces. The narrative focus of his work ensures we see not only an empty space; instead, we see a story of what it could be!

7. Get all your creative service needs through NYC Photographers Studio

Sometimes a single commercial photographer simply isn’t enough for a collaborative vision you have in mind. In that case, why not try partnering up with the creative team over at NYC Photographers Studio? Founded in 2008, they operate out of a downtown office in Manhattan, providing commercial studio portraits, fashion, corporate headshots, digital retouching, creative portraiture, boudoir, and much more. Small wonder they use a large team of creatives given the diversity of the services they offer!

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8. Tell your brand’s story with images by Doug Holt

Product, fashion, jewelry, and interior photography are the commercial avenues favored by Doug Holt! He brings more than 20 years of experience to each collaboration he is a part of, having left a career on Wall Street that long ago—and never looking back.

Doug’s product images use carefully crafted studio light, accentuating backgrounds, and presentations that feature items from the strongest viewing angles. Plus, when working with models, his color grading and composition place as much emphasis on the product and the associated lifestyle story as possible!

9. Nab editorial-worthy images with feeling from Cliff Mautner

Originally a newspaper photojournalist, Cliff Mautner has since branched out into the wedding, portrait, commercial corporate, and lifestyle avenues of the art form. However, when working to cover events, he stays true to his photojournalistic roots, remaining discreet while finding candid captures that authentically convey the story better than any posed moment ever could. His portfolio is full of emotional, candid moments that share the uniqueness of his couples and subjects as much as their beauty.

10. Frank Withers

Whether you need high-quality e-commerce images for an online business or advertising shots for social media engagement, Frank Withers is a NYC creative partner of choice! From luxury hospitality to food and beauty, he artistically features the messaging and services that brands of all sizes hope to convey to the world.

Being so diverse in subject matter and partners, Frank uses very different styles depending on the needs of the collaboration. From vibrant, inviting shots for interior décor to minimalistic cosmetic product photography, there’s little in the commercial world that Frank’s portfolio does not already contain.

Commercial photographers in New York City: conclusion

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We hope the work of these NYC commercial photographers impressed you as much as it did us! Now all you have to do is reach out to your favorite and discuss how their work can make the difference with your campaign.

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