12 Studio Photoshoot Ideas in New York City

In need of creative studio photoshoot ideas in New York City? At Peerspace, we get it! New York City is the most populated city in the United States and one of the world’s most influential cultural centers. It is strongly rooted in modernity, and its architecture is unique, with skyscrapers counterbalancing numerous green areas and parks. This perfect union of manufactured artifacts and nature is the ideal setting for some photos!

That may be one reason why the City That Never Sleeps is filled with photo studios – it’s only natural that such businesses would thrive in such a city. To help you in finding only the best of them, then, we’ve drawn up a list of studio photoshoot ideas in New York City! You’ll notice that all of these amazing NYC studios are available to rent from local hosts on Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals.

1. A bright stage with a disco ball

Studio Photoshoot Ideas in New York City
Source: Peerspace

Let’s start our list of studio photoshoot ideas in New York City with a bang! This studio – located in Long Island City – features a small circular window that’s equipped with its own color-changing light so that you can switch it up on a whim!

Moreover, all the walls are white, and – apart from being perfect as a background – they go well together with the prop provided by the host, a small flourishing tree. Want to take a cottage-core photoshoot? Buckle up and rent this Peerspace today!

2. A technological studio

immersive 360 degree screened studio
Source: Peerspace

If you want to show that “simple” just doesn’t cut it out for you, this location in Tribeca is the ideal spot. Its walls are actually screens – that means that you can screen whatever backdrop you prefer. The possibilities are endless!

And if you’re not satisfied with the backgrounds that the premises offer, you can pay a little extra and screen literally whatever you want from your hard drive. Learn more about this Peerspace venue on its listing.

3. A prop-filled studio

Hotel Room Photoshoot in NYC
Source: Peerspace

On the other hand, if you want to be a lil bit more creative, then this Brooklyn studio might be just for you. It also features a cyclorama! And if you want to give your setting an imaginative twist, you can also use all the props in the locations – the host also provides professional equipment that might interest you.

This versatile and curated space has been used by a slew of well-known productions. And Peerspace users love it to, boasting more than 1,100 reviews! Here is one sweet example: “This space was so nice and has a lot to offer! I had a wonderful time and the host is absolutely amazing! I would for sure recommend this space for any event or photoshoot.”

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4. A small and simple studio

williamsburg studio with tons of light
Source: Peerspace

If small and simple is your jam, then this studio in East Williamsburg is the right choice for you! The premises features just one south-facing window providing great natural light, ideal if you want to do a photoshoot that goes straight to the point. And if you give hours’ notice, it’s also possible to use different backdrops – each one in a different color!

A photographer shared the following review on Peerspace: “The spot was spacious and with a lot of natural light. The variety of equipment suits all your needs. Would book again whenever I’m in town!” Book it today on Peerspace.

5. A colorful space

Studio Photoshoot Ideas in New York City
Source: Peerspace

Even if this Peerspace studio may look like the previous one, it’s actually quite different from it! Not only can you choose from a wide array of different backdrops – different colors, from coral pink to sky blue, are available – but also it’s possible to take advantage of the neon lights installed right behind them. Thanks to this cool feature, this studio has been chosen as one of our best studio photoshoot ideas in New York City.

“Amazing space! Everything I could have needed was available in the space,” a Peerspace reviewer shares, “and the host was extremely responsive and helpful leading up to the booking, and day of.”

6. A futuristic studio

unique blackout color light studio
Source: Peerspace

Are you a fan of movies such as Blade Runner and Star Wars? Come here, then. This studio – located in Dutch Kills – features a single black room equipped with neon lights that bounce all over the place. And if that isn’t enough, every single headlight is entirely customizable according to your needs – you can either change their color or turn them off! So if you like to play with lights when photographing, this Peerspace location is amazing!

But don’t just take our word for it, check out its Peerspace reviews. Like this one: “This studio and it staff exceeded my expectations. It was a great value for the session. They also offered different studios to book from. Me and my client had a great time creating content in the space and I look forward to using it again very soon.”

7. A flush of natural lights

Studio Photoshoot Ideas in New York City
Source: Peerspace

You will feel like you are inside a cloud. Everything is white – it’s spotless and distraction-free! The few pieces of furniture give the only hint of color. The whole premises is also hit by natural lights in its every corner thanks to the huge windows. This Peerspace location is one of the brightest studios on this list! It even has Empire State Building views to wow your clients.

8. A studio filled with plants

vibrant plant-filled studio space
Source: Peerspace

If you want to stay in close contact with nature, you should check out this little studio in Astoria, Queens. You can take advantage of the different plants that are scattered throughout the whole location! The union of white and green really makes this studio one of a kind – and that’s exactly why we’ve decided to include it in our list of studio photoshoot ideas in New York City!

A Peerspace user who booked this studio for their shoot shares: “The studio was extremely bright and lots of options to take great photos. The space is exactly what it looks like from the site! Many props for you to choose from as well!” Book it here on Peerspace.

9. An industrial building

Studio Photoshoot Ideas in New York City
Source: Peerspace

It’s the ideal Peerspace spot for a twilight photoshoot that uses the golden hour. In addition, this photo studio – located on the last floor of an industrial building near Newark Airport – gives the opportunity to take advantage of the endless artistic possibilities of an abandoned building.

And if that isn’t artsy enough for you, keep in mind that the windows overlook the New Jersey sky because of the building’s height!

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10. A huge studio in Dutch Kills

spacious and classic studio space
Source: Peerspace

Do you want to move around freely during your photoshoot? Well, look at what we found – it’s an enormous photo studio! The lack of a cyclorama is counterbalanced by the astonishing backdrop and the amazing pieces of photographic equipment available, like different types of artificial lights and black-out blinds. Learn more on its Peerspace page!

11. A modern loft

Studio Photoshoot Ideas in New York City
Source: Peerspace

Simple. Elegant. Monochromatic. This loft, located in East Williamsburg, makes its simplicity its strong point. No frills and crazy stuff. It’s a bright location, lit by the many windows scattered throughout the premises! There’s also a spacious rooftop deck that you can use for your shoot or just to get some fresh air between shoots.

Its simplicity is what makes this Peerspace studio suitable for every kind of photography – it’s effortless to go from one extreme to another!

12. A wood floor studio

spacious soft light studio
Source: Peerspace

We will end this list of studio photoshoot ideas in New York City with a simple photo studio – entirely in white – with a peculiar texture. Both the exposed brick walls and the floors work together in creating a unique chiaroscuro. Bored with the same old plain light? This is the perfect spot, then! Book it today on Peerspace.

Bonus: a colorful multi-themed studio

Studio Photoshoot Ideas in New York City
Source: Peerspace

Want your studio photoshoot ideas in New York City to have a bit more vibrancy? Then you need to check out this multi-themed industrial studio in Brooklyn. It’s one 500+-square-foot room that includes five different themed sets, allowing you to maximize your creativity for one small price.

Check out what a Peerspace reviewer shared after shooting a music video here: “The space was so clean and perfect for shooting a music video. The host was accommodating and friendly. We highly recommend!”

Studio photoshoot ideas in New York City: conclusion

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Source: Peerspace

As you can see, your studio photoshoot ideas in New York City come to life when you book a venue like these on Peerspace. Next, book your favorite(s) and get to shooting!

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