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8 Great Corporate Retreat Ideas

Your office away from the office awaits. Offsite meetings and retreat events become instantly unique when you book your venue on Peerspace. Choose from unique restaurants, cozy bars, penthouses, bright lofts, mansions, and beyond to bring your corporate retreat ideas to life. All spaces are available to rent by the hour, and many can be booked immediately, so you can get the ball rolling on your next corporate event ASAP. Find venues equipped with projectors, whiteboards, printers, and everything else you might need. Some venue hosts even offer add-on options such as catering, so you won’t have to break your workflow for lunch. 

For your next team event, treat your employees to an escape from the monotony of work with a corporate retreat. Design an event based on your agenda and goals — that way, the retreat is a productive use of everyone’s time. Whether it’s a simple staycation or a faraway getaway, you can make the most of it with these corporate retreat ideas that suit any budget.

1. Tour a new city

Take a day trip to a nearby town (or even a new corner of your own town) and find all of the hidden gems. It could be a self-guided tour if you want more flexibility, or you could work with a walking tour company. Include stops for meals, meetings in coffee shops or at notable landmarks, and, of course, staff photos. Design your tour around a theme like food, history, or art — or a mix of all three. Among corporate retreat ideas, this one is affordable and doesn’t require too much travel. Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone out in the fresh air while still having all of the comforts of the urban surroundings.

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2. Enjoy a campout

Unplug and unwind — take a company camping or glamping trip for your next retreat. If tents aren’t your thing, stay in yurts instead and enjoy the time in the fresh air. Before setting out on the camping trip, plan outdoor games, a boating excursion, a BBQ, hikes, and perhaps even a picnic. Ask your employees what they enjoy doing and incorporate everyone’s input into the agenda.

You’ll have several opportunities for team building/bonding, but with a lack of internet connection, this retreat option might be all play and no work. To make sure everything goes smoothly, be sure to send out a packing list to everyone beforehand so that you are all adequately prepared. 

3. Focus on wellness

Retreats are all about giving your staff the opportunity to work, play, and unwind. A wellness retreat that includes time for a yoga class, a spa visit, or a round of golf is something every employee can appreciate. Book a resort hotel with a spacious gym that offers a variety of classes and create your own retreat, or you can buy a custom all-inclusive corporate wellness retreat package to simplify the planning process. There will be plenty of time to meet and get work done with this retreat, so your team can be productive and pampered.

4. Visit a ranch

A ranch is a classic retreat location, and it’s easy to see why. Ranches offer the opportunity for fresh air, plenty of meeting space, and outdoor activities. They also often include most any and all of the amenities you could possibly need. This is one of the top corporate retreat ideas for teams that enjoy being out in nature and the outdoors. Many ranches offer excellent group rates with abundant team building activities and even spas onsite, so your staff members can work, play constructively, and unwind — all in one place. You can find ranches around most major cities.

5. Unwind at a local winery

With a winery retreat, you can meet by day and then drink wine and enjoy fine dining by night. More and more wineries are offering up venues for corporate events and meetings, so it should be fairly easy to book one nearby. Some wineries listed on Peerspace even offer catering add-on options, so you can snack on light bites like cheese and crackers while you work. A winery is a unique retreat location that offers ample meeting space and, if you’re lucky, your event might coincide with a live music night or other fun activities.

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6. Create your own retreat

If you love event coordination, consider designing your own retreat program. Pick a unique venue on Peerspace, select add-ons like catering and any other amenities you need (such as projectors, games, a kitchen, a pool, or an outdoor grill, etc.), and then plan your ideal corporate retreat agenda. Ask for input from staff members to create an experience that everyone will appreciate. This way, you can be sure you are using your time and resources wisely. Among corporate retreat ideas, this may be the most affordable on this list and offers the most customizable freedom.

7. Venture into the great outdoors 

When your employees need a break from their likely sedentary desk jobs, a day of outdoor fun is the perfect corporate retreat idea. Choose from activities like boating, hiking, obstacle courses, paddleboarding, biking, ziplining, or even charity races or triathalons. This retreat option doubles as a team-building event, so you can feel even better about how you are allocating your time and budget.

8. Take a cruise

Cruises are great retreat options because they are all-inclusive — the food, drinks, lodgings, meeting spaces, gyms, entertainment, and activities are all conveniently located on the boat. Even a simple, short, and sweet river cruise can be the perfect mini getaway for your staff. It’s a luxurious but affordable option that offers something for everyone. Your team can break off into groups or do their own thing, then come together to get work done, so you will all have a healthy balance of work and relaxation.

Your next corporate retreat can be as casual and relaxed — or as elaborate and high-end — as you’d like. It doesn’t have to require a huge budget. Plus, it can be as short as one day out of the work week. Show your appreciation for everyone on your team by incorporating one or more of these corporate retreat ideas into your event planning.

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