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The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Baltimore

Baltimore’s boundaries are opening up to emerging creatives, impeccable ideas, and hardcore talent. Because of the city’s lower cost of living and a tight-knit creative community, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to call the city home. In fact, it’s considered as one of the 50 best cities in which to start a business. Luckily, companies and brands won’t have to look very far for the insightful filmmakers who can help them establish those businesses. There are already numerous Baltimore video production companies that can do the work for them — and excel at the task.

1. Storyfarm

As the kids say, we stan a creative brand, and Storyfarm is 100% that and more. They’re an award-winning Baltimore video production company with a millennial sense of humor and an eye for what looks and feels good. What’s more, you can tell they have a good time making everything they do. Their Instagram is full of hilarious vignettes, dog pictures, and basically everything that’s good about life.

Creating inspiring, cinematographic videos for brands big and small, Storyfarm has every kind of creator you need to give your corporate video a kick, including animators, editors, and videographers of all stripes.

2. Producers

You can’t get a better name than what it says on the tin. Producers are what they do: they produce. A premier video production service based in Baltimore, Producers offers their clients a host of talent, vision, experience, and rolling ideas that continuously develop throughout the pre-production process.

Offering HD video, audio mixing and recording, original music, motion graphics, and animation among a whole bunch of other things, Producers could be the perfect company to help with your corporate video needs. As well as creating commercials and web video, they’ve shot corporate footage for leading brands like Toyota and Dick’s Sporting Goods, just to name a few. In short, they’re a one-stop shop for the coolest vids around.

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3. Human Being Productions

Who knows human beings more than other human beings? Founded in 2013 by Greg Bowen and Matt Kelley — also human beings — Human Being Productions sprouted out of an idea for a company that reflects Baltimore, i.e., its local businesses, people, traditions, creativity, and unwavering work ethic.

Of all the Baltimore video production companies we looked at, Human Being stood out to us for their dual focus on heart and aesthetic. Many times, great aesthetics are left at the wayside for more personable stories and vice versa, but these guys don’t do that. They’ve done work for media companies, nonprofits, commercial businesses and education for Al Jazeera, Johns Hopkins, and the Baltimore Museum of Art. They’re a human-focused company and a Baltimore-focused company. And if you’re a local business or startup looking for a company that gets it, HBP is the one.

4. Early Light Media

Early Light Media is a dynamic team made up of every possible creative. Video producers, directors, writers and journalists, educators, artists and creators — you name it, Early Light has it. They’re also not shy about admitting what they want to do with their company — they aim to shift perceptions and change mindsets using the art of video, making the most mundane of everyday moments matter.

The Early Light Media team comprises award-winning creatives who stand with their clients to not only further their brands’ reach, but shine a light on the heart of what they’re about. As a team, they’ve worked with hundreds of esteemed clients from Microsoft and Audi to Aspire and Pandora. Who’s to say yours isn’t next? 

5. Shine Creative

Shine Creative is a modern creative agency that knows not only their strengths, but the ways of this rapidly changing world. They’re also much more than simply one of many Baltimore video production companies: they’re in their own ballgame.

Providing branded content of every kind from advertising and media to copywriting and design, they’ve even built their own ecosystem method, ensuring their clients are churning out consistent yet meaningful content to existing and potential audiences. In other words, they know their stuff, and with their client list that includes Jack Daniels, Paymo, and the Ritz Carlton, you know it, too.

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6. Tonal Vision

Seeing woman-owned video production companies out there is inspiring. Tonal Vision is one of these. Run by Jacquie Greff and with a woman-majority staff, they’re a refreshing video and music production company that makes a difference. Tonal Vision works with smaller local businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, and artists to establish a brand and reputation, as well as help them develop audiences.

Because of game-changing companies like Tonal Vision, an appreciation for the value of effective video is entering the mainstream more and more. The Tonal team offers scriptwriting, end-to-end production, original music, motion graphics, webcasting, and studio audio. Some fast facts to win you over further: their studio is in an old row house in the Fell’s Point Historic District; they have a Steinway piano in the reception area; and they’ve got two really, really cute dogs to pet. Genuinely, what more could you ask for?

7. MindInMotion

MindInMotion is a Baltimore-based team of directors, cinematographers, editors, writers, and colorists. Since its foundation in 2012, MindInMotion has created feature films, dozens of commercials for some of Maryland’s biggest names — Johns Hopkins and DAP, anyone? — and they just love making films. It doesn’t matter if they’re working on their sixth feature or your corporate explainer, either — each video they make is tackled with a specific attention to detail that only a passionate filmmaker can bring to the table.

They’ll stand by you from the conceptualization phase until long after the final touches have been done. If you want a team that’ll go the extra mile, MindInMotion is always looking for its next collaborative project.

8. Shining Starlet Entertainment

Shining Starlet Entertainment is the passion project of experienced freelance producer Alikia Reaves. She first started Shining Starlet as a Baltimore video production company that championed diversity in all corners of filmmaking, and it’s now grown to be all that and more. Reaves has produced every kind of project from short films to web commercials and fitness videos — and no matter the subject, she’s enthusiastic about storytelling that helps businesses and brands find the audience they deserve.

Regardless of whether you’re an established business or not, you’re going to need video production services to hit the next level. An effective video campaign can be the difference between your brand being a Starbucks or a Farbucks. You just need to find the right guys and gals to do it, and one of these Baltimore video production companies is bound to be the partner for you.

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