The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Boston

Boston might be one of the oldest cities in the US and full of history, but its creative industries are nothing if not cutting-edge. There are so many startups calling Boston home, and along with that comes a strong demand for top-notch creative work. Fortunately, there are plenty of talented Boston video production companies to meet this need. Regardless of your industry, running a biz in 2020 means appealing to the digital world. You can be the most analog of companies and still benefit from entering the digital playing field.

Whether it’s having a presence on social media, an immersive website that draws clients in, or engaging commercials, video content is now king. Video has always been integral to a great campaign or brand, but never more so than now. Engagement is key, and that goes for your in-house corporate videos, too. Luckily, these Boston video production companies have their finger on the pulse of digital production. All you need to do is decide which one best fits your needs.

1. Votary Films

Founder Jed Burdick started Votary Films in 2007 as a means of following his dreams while also providing for his family. Since then, the company has grown leaps and bounds while never straying from its fundamental values: creating high-quality video using authentic, hand-crafted storytelling. As a collective, Votary is set to work with clients to cater to their needs, sticking with them through to the post-production process and beyond.

The Votary team’s passionate filmmaking style establishes them among the most exciting video production companies in Boston. Take a look at just a few names on their impressive roster of clients: Reebok, UMass, and Tidewalker whiskey. And, who knows, maybe yours is next!

2. Captains of Industry

Captains of Industry is a Boston video production company and creative marketing consultancy that willingly defies convention. Catering to clients as passionate and ambitious as they are, Captains of Industry aren’t ones to follow the mold. When it comes to creating, they take into account the short attention span of the digital world. If you don’t pull someone in within the first five seconds, you’re probably not going to get them to finish what they started.

Founded 20 years ago in Boston, the Captains have remained true to their independent beginnings. However, not once has that allowed them to fall by the wayside. On the contrary, they’re still regularly creating compelling videos that matter.

3. Sound and Vision Media

Sound & Vision Media is an award-winning Boston video production company that’s been a leader in the field for almost 50 years. With that being said, what started out as an audio production company mixing masters from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie quickly became something greater, as the crew realized the power of corporate video.

When it comes to producing videos, the team collabs with clients from start to finish, ensuring the final product gives their clients an exceptional ROI. If you want to stand out of the crowd from your corporate competitors — or simply move your staff to do their best work — Sound & Vision can help you craft a video to do just that. Sound & Vision remains New England’s leading video production company, and all one needs to do is take a glimpse at their portfolio to see why.

4. Nash Pictures

In the visual storytelling game since 2008, Nash Pictures is a cut above the rest. They’ve worked with countless companies in dozens of fields, from sports to television and corporate videos. Nash Pictures was founded by twins Clifford and Griffin Nash. Outside of these two is a brilliant team of talented creatives and producers who pride themselves on just making really good content.

What separates Nash Pictures from its competitors is their Hollywood feature film production experience. They apply this knowledge to harnessing the best equipment, an efficient workflow, and a reliable team. The result is a high-quality product that rivals larger productions. Nash’s crew does their homework, refines strategic processes, and strives to make the best content possible. Regardless of how big or small your company is or how much revenue you have to spare, you can look to the Nash brothers’ full-service production company for affordable, on-trend, and evergreen video content crafted by skilled and passionate professionals.

5. VideoLink

VideoLink has established itself in the video production industry since 1992. Since then, the agile team has continuously provided their clients with a slew of services. As an industry veteran, VideoLink comprehends the importance of businesses choosing to hire a video production company that doubles as a video marketer. Video alone will only get you so far: you need a strategy and a final product that serves to strengthen what exists already.

Creating everything from live TV and webcasts to web video, VideoLink prides themselves on having a keen focus on detail. All of their videos, regardless of the type of company they’re working with, are of the highest studio quality. As a result, they’re also the preferred partner of many storied organizations, including Harvard, Forrester, and CNN, to name just a few.

6. Rewatchable, Inc.

One of the top players among Boston video production companies, Rewatchable creates indelible content that stays true to the biz name. Every project Rewatchable have had a hand in has been an epic production of creative minds coming together to not just create, but further their clients’ reach and message. The team understands the importance of video in the larger context of a full marketing strategy, from applying the latest post-production techniques to employing the most up-to-date lighting rigs, microphones, and camera equipment.

Furthermore, what sets Rewatchable apart is their natural tech-and-video fusion. They effortlessly balance both of these with intimate knowledge about their equipment and how to use these tools effectively. The innovative team at Rewatchable doesn’t allow themselves to get too comfortable (and in turn stagnate creatively). Over the last 10 years, they’ve worked with dozens of corporate brands, and that robust experience shines through in their work.

7. Good Life Productions

Good Life Productions believes in the power of video to promote businesses, engage clients, raise money for nonprofits, and educate those watching their media. Providing budget-friendly video production that’s both high-quality and thoughtful, Good Life has a team of skilled videographers, editors, and animators all working toward making your company stand out.

Video production is collaborative, and so Good Life works as a dream team alongside their clients to create the most fitting content for each project. In addition, Good Life’s executive producer, Julia Cruz, has a background in television production and news broadcasting. And when it comes to making a corporate video that speaks to your clients and your staff, who better to ask the questions that matter?

8. Clambake Animation

Animation company Clambake makes us happy. There’s no other way to say that. Creating award-winning animations for just about every kind of media type, they’re lean, flexible, and entirely open to ideas. After all, when it comes to animation, there isn’t really anything that can’t be done. Every part of the production is done in house, from writing and scripting to editing, audio production, and casting.

Clambake has already worked in creating dozens of highly imaginative animations for the advertising and corporate industries. If you’re in the market for a memorable corporate video that makes a difference, we definitely recommend Clambake. After all, Clambake worked with Williams Street on content for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block — so expect humor, authenticity, and quirkiness.

Whether you’re looking to increase your consumer base or inspire engagement through the ranks, using video in your digital marketing strategy is essential if you want to be truly competitive. Check out some portfolios, and then explore several Boston filming venues. We hope it all comes together to create an amazing film.

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