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The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Milwaukee

We’re coming in hot and saying it out loud: Milwaukee is one of the best cities in the country. Truly, the Midwestern gem is one of the coolest cities around. It’s hip; the cost of living is great; it’s a hub of creative talent from all walks of life; and its growing startup scene is gaining national attention. It’s so packed with talent that these Milwaukee video production companies are some of the best in the country, and they’re fully equipped to help you take your business to the next level.

1. Plum Media

The filmmaking scene is full of storytellers — but there are storytellers, and then there are filmmakers able to sell a story. Plum Media fits effortlessly into the latter category and has done so since 1996. A full-service production company that has in-house scriptwriters, videographers, and audio engineers, they’ve produced a myriad of videos for an extensive list of clients.

Besides the excellent work they do, what stood out to us the most with Plum was their budgeting transparency. When you’re in the market for a production company, you don’t automatically know what the fee you’re given covers. Plum supplies their own budgeting guide you can scan before committing to anything. After all, knowledge is power, and it’s not just big corporations that get to have it.

2. T60 Productions

Have you heard of the Emmys? How about the Telly Awards or the Associated Press Awards? Based in Chicago and Milwaukee, T60 Productions‘ team members have won all of these. They’ve also worked on campaigns and projects for Habitat for Humanity, USC, Walgreens, and United. However, T60 is about more than just the big leagues. They’re about the little guys, too.

Every business has to start somewhere, and in 2020, digital marketing needs to be one of the first things you factor in. And watching some of T60’s corporate videos has been eye-opening to us in what an effective video can do for a company. Not only that, the guys have even innovated their own three-step storytelling process that caters to smaller companies on smaller budgets. Give this a read.

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3. Midland Video Production

For Midland Video Productions (MVP), corporate is key. One of the most renowned Milwaukee video production companies in the corporate sector, they’ve been in the game since 1980. Since then, they’ve seen the marketing world grow from analog to digital, and they’ve adapted to it like it was second nature.

For over 30 years, Midland Video has helped local businesses communicate clearly and concisely — whether to employees, potential hires, or an audience. Over the years, MVP has won countless awards for their work with tons of returning clients, ranging from Hollister to Baird. Regardless of your budget or the size of your staff, we thoroughly recommend looking into these guys.

4. Stumptown Media

If Stumptown Media‘s name isn’t enough to attract your attention, their work will surely do the trick. Their list of clients is immense, with names like Vice, Red Bull, 3M, and Chevrolet being only a small slice of pie. When it comes to corporate videos, clients like Culver’s and Hilton have entrusted them with everything from commercials to product videos and events. In short, the agile team at Stumptown Media is incredible at what they do. On the whole, Stumptown is a group of freelance creatives led by the talented Midwestern producer/director Dusan Harminc. And it’s a group you can trust.

5. Video Wisconsin

Like some of the other Milwaukee video production companies we’ve looked at, Video Wisconsin‘s roots go back 50 years. In 1970, John Barto and Mike Crivello established their first production company, Crivello-Barto Films. Then 14 years later, at the dawn of the digital age, they moved to a bigger facility and rebranded to become the Video Wisconsin known today.

Having been in business so long, they’ve charted the up-and-down waves of marketing trends and what’s hot, creating a name and a style that matters, regardless of the field it’s in. Since the ’90s, Video Wisconsin has grown into a leading digital and interactive media company, creating videos for clients of all sizes — from MillerCoors and Kohl’s.

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6. Bottom-line Productions

What does success mean to you? That’s a question you might rightfully be asked if you bring company president Andy Drefs and Bottom-line Productions on board for your next corporate project. For them — and why their name is so fitting — they know it’s the bottom line that matters most when it comes to marketing.

They provide high-quality and cost-effective ways to bring your business and its story to life for other businesses and clients alike. Bottom-line Productions excels in producing corporate videos, and it’s also their primary focus. Whether you’re needing testimonials or commercials for your business, Drefs and his team are a reliable, affordable, and straight-up talented choice to make.

7. Take7 Productions

If you’re a video production company with on-point branding and an excellent website, you’ll catch our eye faster than you could say, “Scorsese.” Take7 Productions has all of the aforementioned, as well as the inspirationally poignant final takes to go with it. Everything about Take7 is slick, from the way they present themselves to the way they present their clients.

Their videos are strategically engaging and intentionally compelling, catering to your business’s strengths and what it can do for its potential audience. As a group, Take7 is made up of an eclectic group of Wisconsin creatives who understand that marketing is just as important as filmmaking — and vice versa.

8. Pixelbox Visual Design

Since opening in 2003 with experience and a dream, Pixelbox Visual Design has grown into a team of talented video and animation specialists. Covering everything from television and radio commercials to documentaries and animated explainers, they’re a popular firm for businesses looking for corporate videos in particular.

Indeed, as well as maintaining accounts from big names like Harley-Davidson and Wisconsin Deli, they’ve done a lot of work for smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Video production companies like Pixelbox keep cities and local businesses thriving. They know their stuff, are great at what they do, and pay it forward, too.

Whether this is your first corporate video or you’re a veteran in hiring video marketing teams, it’s always nice to have perspective. The Milwaukee video production companies we’ve featured here all have something special about them that stood out to us. As a result, we hope it helps you find your ideal partnership. Milwaukee’s got some creative momentum going, and it’s up to all of us to keep its star rising.

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