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The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in San Francisco

The Bay Area is teeming with creatives, especially in the video production space. There are many notable San Francisco corporate video production companies that understand how a slick, eye-catching, compelling video can boost revenue for your business and attract new clients or customers. The process of sorting through all of that talent to find the team of creatives who can truly represent you and your organization’s brand can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite vendors in SF, the home of the Summer of Love and quirky startups.

1. Corduroy Media

Carl D. Brown, the founder of San Francisco Bay corporate video production company Corduroy Media, started out working on the MTV street team in the 1990s — and it’s a safe bet that his company’s signature balance of slick and scrappy owes a lot to this origin. The company is also explicit about their understanding of everything we do being collaborative, including our sustainable habitation on this planet. That’s why Corduroy Media has partnered with nonprofit 1% for the Planet, which connects corporations with climate action-geared nonprofits to donate 1% of profits to the partner nonprofit. With a pay-it-forward philosophy and brilliant productions, it’s no surprise Corduroy Media is one of the top corporate video production companies in San Francisco.

2. Cut Canvas Creative

We love that the folks at Cut Canvas Creative (CCC) describe themselves as a complex group of individuals with two sides to their mission: 1) they are gearheads who love to nerd out on the latest technology that can help tell a more compelling story, and 2) they love market-driven research that informs how they can assist you in reaching your audience. CCC has such an all-encompassing formula for success, we can’t wait to drum up a project just to work with them. Check out the video above, and you’ll see lively, energetic work from a clearly talented team, including aerial ocean shots and underwater close-ups of sharks. We’d say that’s a good indication that they’re down for whatever you throw at them.

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3. Flying Moose Pictures

When we saw the name “Flying Moose Pictures,” we immediately thought of Rocky and Bullwinkle, but apparently we were way off. Apparently, the founders of the company, still students at Cornell, were on a canoe trip.  Seeing incredibly large nests high up in the trees, they concluded that these nests must belong to flying moose. Evidently, these folks were creatives and not naturalists.

Flying Moose Pictures primarily focuses on work with live performance groups and nonprofits, which takes a particular kind of expertise. With over 17 years in the business — as well as a portfolio chock-full of impressive media commissioned by esteemed names, such as the Tony Awards — Flying Moose Pictures is among the go-to San Francisco corporate video production companies for this kind of work in the Bay Area and beyond.

4. Alchemy Creative

Did someone say they needed a little magic in their marketing campaign? Then maybe you should checkout Alchemy Creative. In the video linked here, Alchemy Creative presents an intimate portrait of surfboard maker Danny Hess’s creative process, which is, well, nothing short of magical. Something that Danny mentions in that video is the way he feels his craft is a perfect combination of art and science, and we think the same can be said of Alchemy Creative’s work. This documentary-style approach to brand storytelling is immensely powerful, and while many corporate video production companies in San Francisco try to do it, few of them do it as brilliantly as the team at Alchemy Creative.

5. Be Unicorn

Be Unicorn is all about what they like to call “sexy product” design, and it shows in everything they do. Video is only one of the many services Be Unicorn provides — and those videos, like everything else they do, are colorful, eye-catching, and innovative. We seriously want to be friends with every person on the team, which comprises multi-talented, accomplished risk-takers whose main commonality is a shared sense of great design. When you check out the reel above, you’ll see jaw-dropping production value, a keen sense of visual style, and effects and 3D modeling that put them among the most versatile production companies not just in SF, but in the entire country.

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6. Casual Films

With offices all over the world — including New York, London, and San Francisco — video production company Casual Films can produce a film for any purpose and for any occasion. Case in point — their enviable ability to make effective teaching/training/explainer videos. They may have a laid-back bedside manner, but their impressive work showcases anything but a casual attitude toward the serious business of video making. Based on their portfolio, it appears the individuals at Casual Films are very lucid about achieving a firm understanding of the concepts a client wants to convey to an audience (i.e., they do their research). Plus, their animation style augments explanation to such a degree, it leaves us feeling almost as though we had a hands-on learning experience.

7. Slow Clap Productions

The Slow Clap Productions video linked here, featuring La Crema Winery on its 40th anniversary, is beautifully conceived and shot in a way that is typical of Slow Clap’s work. In the video, the owner of the vineyard says that La Crema’s mission is “not to force a style, but to let the grape really speak for itself.” We feel Slow Clap Productions has similar aspirations in terms of their clients’ voice and message, and this video for La Crema Winery is testament to that attitude. They’re a narrative-forward agency, always keeping in mind the voice and identity of the clients in an effort to forge authentic connections between client and audience.

8. Slon Media

In addition to SF, video marketing company Slon Media has offices based in the European capitals of Minsk and London. Has anyone ever made the rising of bread dough look as sexy as Slon Media managed to in one of their client’s videos? In all seriousness, Slon’s work is elegant and gritty, emanating an of-the-moment, simply unforgettable vibe. Earning their place as one of the most innovative corporate video production companies in San Francisco, Slon is capable of almost anything, and their clients love working with them for this reason.

We hope our list helped you wade through the huge pool of San Francisco corporate video production companies. As you’ve seen from just this slice of the best, there’s a wide variety of takes on how to make the best commercial, explainer, or campaign spot. Remember that video makers, at the end of the day, are communicators, so find someone you can talk to who’s excited about your ideas.

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