The 11 Best Couple Photoshoot Ideas Near Boston

Boston is one of the greatest cities in the United States. Its arts scene is absolutely booming; its spring and fall views are some of the most beautiful in the country; and the city is all-around gorgeous and totally walkable. Thanks to its roughly 250,000 college students, Boston is also the country’s youngest large metropolis, which means it’s brimming with vitality. At the same time, all this energy is grounded in a rich history dating back to the early 17th century (the city was founded in 1630); it’s also the birthplace of the American Revolution. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Boston is an incredible place for a romantic photoshoot. Keep reading for our best couple photoshoot ideas near Boston.

1. Wander the quaint cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill

beacon hill neighborhood boston
Source: Flickr / Wolfrage

We’re listing this one first because it’s an absolute classic. If you’re looking to give your couple photoshoot a quintessentially Boston vibe, look no further than Beacon Hill. It’s full of important historic and modern landmarks, and the neighborhood’s as picturesque as can be. Any of its numerous small streets would make a wonderful spot for a sweet couple photoshoot.

2. Feast your eyes on these vaulted ceilings and stained-glass windows

historic church boston rental
Source: Peerspace

A gorgeous, historic church like this one is a true visual feast. Bedecked in warm wood along with equally warm lighting, we can’t think of a better place for tastefully romantic couple photos. Nestled in Dorchester, which is the largest neighborhood in the metropolis and one of its most diverse, this lovely haven is one of the best couple photoshoot ideas near Boston.

3. Capture your sports love at the home of the Boston Red Sox

fenway park boston
Source: Pixabay

Another piece of Boston’s rich history, world-famous Fenway Park is the oldest Major League ballpark in the country (it’s been around since 1912)! And it’s an especially ideal spot for a photoshoot if you’re a baseball-loving couple.

4. Receive an infusion of cool at this art gallery

art gallery boston rental
Source: Peerspace

Art lovers will especially enjoy having their couple photoshoot in this chic, minimalist gallery. It’s located in south Boston’s SoWa Art & Design District, where more than 200 art galleries make their home. When you stand in this 1500-square-foot space surrounded by stunning artwork of all kinds, your photos will emanate a creative, exciting vibe.

5. Enjoy the city from above

rooftop deck boston rental
Source: Peerspace

Find the ideal vantage point from which to appreciate Boston on this 800-square-foot roof deck. Not only does it provide access to a magnificent vista — this rooftop is blessed with 360-degree views of the city. Plus, the space’s furnishings and decor are tasteful and minimal, so they won’t detract from the star of the show: the skyline. Any photoshoot with a skyline backdrop is bound to be utterly dramatic, but if you can, consider snapping your photos at sunset for an especially dramatic feel.

6. Explore the captivating Public Garden

boston common and public garden
Source: Pixabay

Still more history can be found at the Public Garden, which was established in 1837 as the first public botanical garden in America. It’s also an incredibly beautiful place, featuring lush flora and fauna, as well as a large, tranquil pond — there’s no more romantic sight than a pair of swans gliding through the water. You may also know this park as an important setting in the 1997 Academy Award-winning film Good Will Hunting, starring Robin Williams and Matt Damon.

7. Use a space exuding industrial chic to your advantage

industrial space boston rental
Source: Peerspace

The main draws of this industrial spot: the simplicity and fabulous lighting. The owners call it a “unique blank canvas space,” and that makes it ideal for couple photoshoots focusing all attention on the couple rather than a backdrop. We think this would be an especially wonderful space to take action shots — perhaps some snaps of you dancing with your beau or doing cartwheels! All that space will make you want to move around.

8. Take photos by the water

boston harbor
Source: Pixabay

Yes, that’s right! It’s the famed site of the Boston Tea Party! Photos by the water are always lovely, and Boston Harbor is especially great — it’s beyond picturesque. Visit the historic Long Wharf or the Charles River Esplanade for excellent sights as well.

9. Travel to Salem for a spooky adventure

house of seven gables boston salem
Source: Pixabay

Love a bit of a spooky vibe? A couple photoshoot in Salem, MA, may be the perfect choice. Just a little over a half-hour trip from Boston, the town has a long and haunted history, and it’s definitely worth the visit. The infamous Salem Witch Trials took place here more than three centuries ago, and the modern-day presence of witches is part of the town lore. Downtown Salem was named one of the American Planning Association’s 10 Great Neighborhoods in America in 2008. The city abounds with stunning architecture and offers plenty of glorious waterfront views.

10. Cozy up at a luxurious penthouse

luxury penthouse boston rental
Source: Peerspace

There’s no better place for a photoshoot than a posh apartment that offers an absolutely killer view of the city skyline. That alone makes it one of our best couple photoshoot ideas near Boston. Plus, this incredibly comfortable apartment is beautifully decorated with the most high-end furnishings and decor. You will feel right at home as soon as you arrive.

11. Immerse yourself in lush natural beauty

boston autumn trees
Source: Pixabay

If you venture outside the city center to Boston’s Emerald Necklace park system, you’ll find Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum, a lush 281-acre collection of trees that’s world-famous for its plant diversity. It’s unbelievably beautiful — which is unsurprising since it was designed with help from Frederick Law Olmsted, the man who designed New York City’s Central Park.

From exciting culture and flourishing nature to youthful energy and historic grandeur, Boston has lots to offer. These are only a few of the best couple photoshoot ideas near Boston, but there are so many more to enjoy. Start exploring!

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