11 Creative Concert Ideas (2024)


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Looking for concert ideas to make planning your next musical performance or festival a breeze? We have you covered! Concerts are amazing, but at the same time, it is not so easy to organize such an event. The concert ideas below will help if you want to harness their inspiration and transform it into a celebration.

The first step to planning a successful concert is to include the proper décor to ensure that your performance is in keeping with the entertaining concept. And don’t forget about booking the perfect venue! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace know all about that. Rely on our platform to connect you to professional concert venues as well as less expected spots that will make it easy to bring your concert event to life. Let’s get to our list of the most inspiring concert ideas and the most inspired concert venue suggestions!

1. Take your audience back in time with a retro-themed concert

A Virtual Decor Retro Themed Event Venue Lounge
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Take your audience on a journey across time. Host your concert with the 70s, 80s, or 90s theme to make them more memorable. Ask your audience to dress in the style of the period. Bring back memories, turn on the music, and create an atmosphere that will have them talking for weeks.

Speaking of atmosphere, retro concert ideas are easy to put together with the right venue. And in this case, we must recommend this incredible retro-themed event venue lounge in San Francisco, CA. It boasts several retro-themed rooms, an amazing sound system, a video-mapped dance floor(!), and plenty of space for the performers and audience to mix and mingle. It harkens back to San Francisco’s legendary 60s era a la the Fillmore but with modern perks to make it a must-book space nowadays.

2. Class is in session with this concert idea!

Winter Wedding Venues in Seattle
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Most of us began a life-long love of music during our schooldays. Many people also attended their first concert when they were in middle school or high school. So why not take advantage of this connection people have with music and student days by hosting a school-themed concert?

As an example, you can book this newly renovated performance and rehearsal space in Seattle, WA, and host your school-themed concert with little to no decorating on your part. After all, it’s a refurbed auditorium at University Heights that would remind just about anyone of their high school auditorium. Plus, the red curtains, raised stage, and vintage chalkboards don’t hurt, either! It’s the perfect setting for a playful and exuberant concert your musicians and guests are sure to adore.

3. Throw down the red carpet

Sara Ellen Event Venue
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Make your attendees feel like they’re at a red carpet event. Make a grand entry by laying down a crimson carpet. If you’re planning a concert on New Year’s Eve, consider using a step and repeat backdrop. Make arrangements for photographers to provide the feeling of being followed by paparazzi. If your budget allows it, consider surprising your audience by bringing a celebrity to your concert. Your audience will be impressed, and they will be waiting for your next concert.

The Sara Ellen event venue in York, PA would be the perfect event venue for concert ideas like this. The host provides you with a red carpet add-on service! And with the venue’s open layout and A/V equipment, throwing a concert here would come naturally.

How much does it cost to rent a concert venue? We answer all your questions here!

4. Halloween horror

tuscan paradise home in LA
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Get creative and consider throwing a Halloween-themed concert, especially if it’s autumn or the musical acts you’re featuring have more of an edgier sound. You can go specific, with a zombie, witch, wizard, or vampire-themed party. It’s crucial to match your music with the theme, and encourage your guests and performers to dress in costume.

5. Introduce your guests to the world of music

music production studio boston rental
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Make your concert more entertaining and intriguing by including a global music theme. It provides your attendees with a variety of options. Play music by the likes of Cardi B, Bob Marley, and the Wailers, BTS, Bjork, whoever you like, as long as different global regions are represented.

Wow your audience by bringing the dance floor to life with the most famous songs from renowned artists. If you want to have an extra creative concert idea, you can create a remix of different songs from different artists, merging different styles and global regions in the process.

6. Create a red-light ambiance with an ode to Chinatown

architectural venue chinatown los angeles rental
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With a string of lights, you can completely transform your concert venue. Use bright hues such as red, orange, crimson, and gold for your décor. Chinese lanterns can be placed in every nook and cranny of your concert space. You can also include figures such as Kung Fu Panda or posters of the red dragon into the motif by putting them in strategic locations. Ask your attendees to dress in traditional clothing for your concert. The women may dress in a Qipao, while the gentlemen can dress in a Changshan.

7. Throw a Disney-themed concert to delight your guests’ inner child

Sneaker Ball Party Ideas
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Most of us grew up loving an array of characters from our favorite Disney movies. Host a Disney-themed concert and ask your attendees to dress up as characters from the films Cinderella, Frozen, and Peter Pan. Organize some fun activities for your attendees, such as pin the nose on Mickey Mouse or a treasure hunt that leads to Captain Hook’s buried treasure, which we usually don’t see in a concert.

8. Decorate your venue with tons of posters and albums

CRAFT & VINYL - Grandview loft type art gallery columbus rental
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Walls adorned with music posters and albums can ignite and delight your concert audience. Look through your collection for vintage posters of artists you used to like (or still enjoy!) and display them prominently on the walls. If you have any albums or records, pull the covers off and hang them on the walls. Alternatively, you can buy cheap used posters and albums online or at a local thrift store.

Throwing together this concert at the last possible second? Don’t you worry; you just need these last-minute party ideas to help fill out the details quickly!

9. Make your concert the biker club

warehouse with vintage cars and motorcycles
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A biker club theme allows you to make your concert entertaining and daring. Use mini motorbike figurines as table decorations, and hang checkered flags, helmets, and road signs on the walls throughout your venue. Encourage your attendees to dress like bikers, complete with leather jackets, bracelets, and biker gloves if they want.

The perfect venue to bring your motorcycle-themed concert to life is this warehouse with vintage cars and motorcycles in Plainfield, IL. With space for 200 guests, a bar, a lounge, and indoor and outdoor space, you can host an amazing concert here. Talk to the helpful hosts about what you’re planning and see what they suggest!

10. Throw a concert fit for superheroes

downtown comic book loft atlanta rental
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Let’s face it: we’ve all fantasized about becoming superheroes at some point in our lives. So why not organize a concert that lets your guests and performers play superheroes for the day? You will be astonished by the level of interest garnered by your event. Set a theme like this and you just never know which superhero may grace your doorway! It would also be an awesome idea to set up a photo booth for this occasion, complete with props for each superhero in attendance.

11. Make it a more relaxing event, the Hawaiian way

tropical tiki bar houston rental
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Why not transport your guests to Hawaii for a more mellow and thoughtful concert experience? As your attendees arrive at your concert, welcome them with Leis (a flower-adorned neckpiece or garland) and tropical drinks. Cocktails or mocktails like piña colada, mai tais, or a tropical punch prepared with fresh fruit are perfect ways to welcome guests to a concert. Create a ring of artificial volcanoes surrounding the venue for the performance.

Luaus in the traditional Hawaiian style may feature grass skirts, Haku headbands, and coconut cups, among other things. Alternatively, men may just wear a floral-printed shirt and shorts to your Hawaiian-themed concert instead of the aforementioned attire.

Concert ideas: conclusion

Large Event Space with Stage (Fully Equipped)
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As you can see, there are so many concert ideas that make it easy to throw a memorable event your guests and performers will always remember. Make it easy on yourself by booking a well-equipped Peerspace performance venue that has all the style and ambiance you could ask for. Once you do, you’ll discover that most of your planning is already taken care of!

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