How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Venue for a Concert? (2024)


Concert venues on Peerspace cost on average $95 per hour.

If you’re in the process of planning a concert, one of the critical decisions you’ll have to make is where to hold the performance. This then leads you to ask, “How much does it cost to rent a venue for a concert?” Luckily, you’ve come to Peerspace, the home of incredible rental venues!

We know it takes a lot of work to plan a concert. The first step is figuring out the type of venue you need for your specific event. For a concert to go smoothly, you need a place that’s big enough to fit your expected audience and one that includes the necessary A/V hookups, among many other factors that will be specific to your event.

This article will answer the question, “How much does it cost to rent a venue for a concert?” You’ll also learn about your many options for concert venues, as well as how Peerspace can be the best and most efficient way to find and book a suitable space. Let’s get to it!

First of all, why rent a concert venue to begin with?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Venue for a Concert
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There may be several reasons why renting a concert venue is a suitable venture. Obviously, you want to hold a concert. But the reasons for doing so may be different for everyone, as will the best venue to suit your needs.

Personal events

Maybe you’re throwing a birthday party for yourself or someone close to you. To make the evening even more unique, you’re hiring your favorite local band to play. Therefore, a venue that doubles as a hip party space and with a stage and A/V equipment would be ideal.

Or, perhaps you’re in a band, and you and your bandmates want to put on a live music event for your supporters. You can do that at a local bar, but you want the night to be unique. Sounds like you’re going to need to book the perfect venue to suit your musical needs and style.

Community events

Let’s say you’re in charge of your upcoming high school reunion. And, your class’s most notorious band will be reuniting for the night. You’re going to need a proper venue to ensure the entertainment goes off without a hitch.

Let’s not forget that business owners and civic leaders often throw concerts in the form of a fundraisers. They charge admission to the paying guests who want to see the band. And the proceeds they collect support a worthy cause of their choice. But first, they need the right performance space to build the event around.

So all in all, a concert venue is wonderful for concerts for personal and professional reasons. No matter why you want to rent a concert venue, we’ll inform you how much it costs and how to go about doing so ahead.

Speaking of fundraisers, our quirky fundraiser ideas will help you meet your financial goals while delighting your guests. Check them out!

The central question: how much does it cost to rent a venue for a concert?

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We’ll start by saying that the answer to this question is really dependent on several factors, most notably:

Where are you located?

More affordable cities like Richmond, IN, will offer significantly cheaper concert venues than New York City. However, with the former’s smaller population, its offerings will also be more limited and with lower capacity. And, the closer to the heart of the city and the more public transportation hubs, the higher the venue’s rental price, too.

How large a venue do you need?

The cost of renting a small club for an evening is significantly less than a large arena. So this will depend on how many tickets you hope to sell. Do you want to put on an intimate jazz performance? Or, at the other end of the scale, a massive rock concert?

How long will the concert be?

Renting a space for a brief show will be much more affordable than a long, drawn-out event. You’ll have to take into account the time required to set up, run a soundcheck, and break the whole thing down at the end. This could conceivably end up taking the entire day. So be sure to consider it as you’re budgeting, and be realistic about the whole thing.

Venue type

The largest-scale venues — namely, arenas, which may hold tens of thousands of people — can be rented for roughly $20,000 per night. Something like an amphitheater will average closer to $10,000 per night. And a five- or six-hour evening at a smaller venue like a club might be something like $5,000, on average.

A still-smaller venue like a bar might only be around $500 to $1,000 for the evening, making the initial investment significantly smaller (although, if you’re selling tickets, your earnings from tickets will also be less, as the capacity is also much lower). A note of caution: be sure to increase these estimates considerably if you know your event will take an incredibly long time (even if it’s just the setup and breakdown time).

Why Peerspace is the best way to book a concert venue

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If you’re looking for info on the cost of renting concert venues in your city, try a search on Peerspace. You’re likely to find thousands of options in your metro, with plenty of detailed descriptions, high-res photos, and helpful reviews from past renters — not to mention, clearly marked rental costs per hour!

Rather than having to ask for a quote from each concert venue you’re interested in, potentially wasting lots of time just to find out that fundamental piece of information, you’ll be able to browse within your budget and get straight to the point.

And your search won’t be limited to standard concert venues, either. With Peerspace, you’ll find the best of your city: funky bars, spacious and sunlit lofts, and cool event spaces set apart by distinctive features like local art, just to name a few spaces.

An exciting performer with a unique sound deserves a performance space that’s not just another cookie-cutter room, but a location with character and substance. This will take the concert to the next level and make it truly memorable for attendees.

The types of concert venues available on Peerspace

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Venue for a Concert
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Now, let’s get to the fun part: exploring the types of concert venues you can book through Peerspace! Here are a few of our favorites, in cities across the country and beyond:

As you can see, you can easily book a well-equipped and spacious concert venue in cities across the globe through Peerspace. Discover the performance venues near you to get started planning your concert! As you’ll see, all Peerspace venues have their own listing page that includes photos, a list of included amenities, a means to message the host, and upfront pricing.

We’ll go into more detail to answer the question “how much does it cost to rent a venue for a concert?” ahead.

Along with an amazing venue and performer line-up, you may also need some of these creative concert ideas to make your event stand out!

How much does it cost to rent a venue for a concert on Peerspace?

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What you pay for your ideal concert venue depends on several factors. For the most part, the venue’s size, location, and features will have the most significant impact on its rental cost.

Let’s take the spaces we mentioned above for pricing examples. The most expensive venue on the list is the beautiful natural light venue in Nashville that costs $300 per hour with a one-hour rental minimum. Not far behind it are the large warehouse space in London that costs £125 per hour and has a three-hour rental minimum and the Philadelphia spacious auditorium venue is $173 per hour and has a two-hour minimum.

However, it’s also easy to find spaces that are much more affordable. The Seattle renovated performance space clocks in at $90 per hour with a one-hour rental minimum. And finally, the most affordable option is the Atlanta event and performance space at $35 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

As you can see, the cost of renting a concert venue can vary greatly. If you’re working on a tight budget, simply toggle your Peerspace search to only include venues within a specific price range. No matter your budget, we’re certain you can find the concert venue rental that suits your space needs, has all the amenities you want, and that looks cool, too!

Peerspace makes it easy to book concert venues

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While it’s hard to give a specific answer to the very general question, “How much does it cost to rent a venue for a concert?” this article should have given you a good sense of a ballpark estimate. Luckily, you’ve got a massive online database in the form of Peerspace. With it, you will understand the cost of various venues in your city and locate specific event spaces that are unique, beautiful, and well-reviewed by past renters. 

As an added benefit, for those concerned about staying within a budget (and most of us are!), Peerspace venues tend to be significantly more affordable than most concert venues you’ll find elsewhere — in addition to great variety. It’s the most effective way to get the greatest bang for your buck.

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