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The 12 Best Dallas Fashion Photographers

dallas fashion photographers

Dallas is a friendly and affordable city that boasts hot summers (and pleasant winters!), a varied and continuously growing arts scene, and incredible diversity and cultural exchange. All of these factors make Dallas a metropolis that’s replete with options no matter your interest. Within the city’s flourishing arts scene, you’ll find umpteen gifted photographers, including in the field of fashion photography. There are far too many talents to list here, but we’ve attempted to gather just a few of the best Dallas fashion photographers, of all aesthetic proclivities, in this list.

1. Bode Helm

(Just a heads up as you browse: some of the photography on his website may be NSFW!) Bode Helm produces sensual, polished, and vibrant work that’s been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, among others. He’s worked with famous faces like Drew Barrymore, Erykah Badu (originally from Dallas herself!), Dave Chapelle, and many more. This impressive list of collaborations speaks to the quality of his photography, which is utterly distinctive and unfailingly gorgeous (with a generous helping of edge, to boot).

2. Omar Ramos

Omar Ramos was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and brings the energy of that exciting and vivacious borough to his portfolio as he moves between both Dallas and NYC. His fundamental ethos: “Nothing is more pure than capturing the beauty of life.” It’s a simple summary of the way he works. His art focuses on bringing the subject to life in still form. And his success is obvious: in his fashion photography, Omar has worked with brands as prestigious as Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Perry Ellis, and Judith Leiber, among many other internationally renowned labels.

3. Elizabeth Lavin

Elizabeth’s photography is often ethereal and otherworldly, and sometimes even looks more like an oil painting than a photo. But whatever she attempts, her work is immensely skillful without exception. She is undoubtedly one of the most talented Dallas fashion photographers.

4. Jessy J. Photo

That Jessy J. started out modeling in ad campaigns and editorials herself gives her a unique insight into fashion photography, and valuable empathy for those on the other side of the lens. And not only is her photography remarkable, her post-production work and clean editing are equally high-quality. That’s why you’ll find her work in leading publications like Vogue, People, and Playboy, to name a few. Whether you’re more enticed by the edgier side of her portfolio, or you prefer her fresh and earthy work, her photography offers something for all tastes.

5. Cameron Spooner Photography

We love the vibrant and thoughtfully selected hues that Cameron puts to use in his fashion photography, which he uses to deftly emphasize the most important elements of his images while creating harmony and cohesion. He does an especially amazing job of clearly capturing and displaying the expressions and emotions of his subjects. Overall, we think Cameron’s work makes him one of the best Dallas fashion photographers.

6. Kauwuane Burton

Kauwuane Burton boasts a wide-ranging set of skills, and he succeeds in producing a fairly large variety of photography and videography, including fashion photography as well as corporate and commercial work. We can report that Kauwuane’s art is visually arresting across the board, and his images are bound to exceed client expectations.

7. Matt Blum

With 12 years of experience, Matt Blum is an award-winning fashion photographer: in 2013, for instance, FashionTV nominated Matt for “Photographer of the Year.” His list of clients includes impressive names like GQ, Esquire, USA Today, Men’s Health, and Playboy. By no means is his scope limited to Dallas, either. He travels to LA, Miami, and NYC on a regular basis, to work with top agencies like Ford, Wilhemina, and NEXT. With these credentials under his belt, it’s no surprise that his work is top-notch—visually, the quality speaks for itself.

8. Cyndi Brown

She’s a triple threat: director, content creator, AND photographer. Cyndi Brown spotlights her subjects with stunning focus and spirited energy, and her talent is gaining increasing recognition. Most recently, her fabulous work won her the well-deserved title of Photographer of the Year in Dallas’ Local Love Awards, which recognize the best that the city has to offer in every sphere.

9. Shane Klein

Shane Klein is a fashion and commercial advertising photographer, but also a creative director, meaning that he has a good sense of the bigger picture in addition to his keen eye for individual photos. As best described by Shane himself, in his work he’s “drawn to the simple, yet dramatic and fierce.” His high-concept work often tells a story, and is arresting without fail.

10. Fairooz Imaging

Perhaps the central watchword of fashion photography is drama. Great fashion photography not only catches the eye, it inspires strong emotion; if it can get the viewer’s heart racing, even better. And the work of Aaron Fairooz has drama in spades. Much of what sets him apart from the crowd in this sense is lighting—Aaron’s slogan is “art via light,” and his extensive portfolio of fashion photography makes a strong case for his argument that mastery of lighting is the key factor required for stunning photography. To him, everything else comes second. (Of course, the incredible backdrops, fashion, and models featured in his shoots play no small part in this high quality as well.) Whether or not you’re on board with his reasoning, with just a glance at his work, it’s undeniable that this strategy works well for him!

11. Dixie Dixon

Dixie has the high honor of being one of the United States’ sixteen original Nikon Ambassadors, which says a lot about the widespread recognition of her talent and skill. That recognition is international: she’s traveled everywhere from Cannes, to Ibiza, to Toronto, to Brazil to put her creative imagination to use. Despite all her world traveling, Texas-born Dixie maintains Dallas as her home base, and recognized as among the most outstanding Dallas fashion photographers.

12. Christopher McBrown

Although Christopher is based in Fort Worth rather than Dallas, we think he’s worth a mention on this list since the Dallas–Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex is a central cultural hub of northern Texas. Christopher’s experience speaks for itself—most notably, he was the senior photographer for Sally Beauty, one of the largest beauty companies worldwide—as does his extensive portfolio.

The rich and sprawling city of Dallas is filled with opportunities for art and creativity in its more than 340 square miles of space. That’s why you’ll find countless talented fashion photographers, along with other original, inventive artists of all kinds, working within the city’s borders; many also call Dallas their home base as they travel around the world to shoot fashion campaigns and other innovative work.

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