20 Groovy Disco Party Outfit Ideas To Throw It Back In Style (2024)

Discos didn’t die in the 1970s! You can still find discos around and you can even throw your own disco party! Everyone attending a disco party should dress the part, which means putting together a list of disco party outfits! Peerspace is here to help; we love party planning as much as we enjoy collecting venues for special events of all kinds. From wedding receptions to pool parties, our website is the best place to begin piecing together a memorable party!

1. Keep it simple with jumpsuits

Jumpsuits were the 1970s answer to the need for an everyday outfit. From running errands to disco parties, a jumpsuit was the outfit of choice for millions of people. Embrace the disco era with one of your own! Add bell bottoms, a headband, or a chain statement belt for maximum effect! 

2. Wear anything sequined!

Is there anything more groovy than an outfit covered in sequins? As one of the loudest fashion trends to ever exist, they’re the perfect disco party outfit idea! You’ll light up the party with these reflective accessories…The only question is how much do you want? Some items will have just a sprinkle of sequins but you can easily find jumpsuits, blouses, and vests completely covered in them! You’ll need more than sequins to pull off a disco party, however.

You’ll also need a venue for the occasion, something Peerspace has plenty of. Many even come pre-decorated to match the theme, like this dance club in Central Los Angeles, CA! Check out that light-up dance floor and wall-to-wall disco ball-covered ceiling!

3. Make a statement with flared pants

Pants with flared legs are another groovy style that you still see today. The amount of flare is up for debate; you can go for a touch of flare but nothing says “disco party” like massive flares. Add a sequined crop top for women or a button-down shirt with an open chest for men. You don’t have to go with plain colors either; not when you can find flare pants in plaid, paisley, striped, or covered in sequins! 

4. Grab attention with bell sleeves

Blouses, mini dresses, and button-down shirts should have bell sleeves to match your bell bottoms. Voluminous and free, bell sleeves are the epitome of the 70s!  

5. Go timeless with a mini dress

Mini dresses are a timeless fashion choice that the 1970s embraced with gusto. Make it a true disco party outfit idea by going with bold patterns and colors. Psychedelic colors, paisley, stripes, leopard print…You want something that shouts to the world. You can even layer your mini dress over another outfit, even a jumpsuit!

Once you score the perfect retro venue for your party, be sure to dress it up using these retro 70s theme party decoration ideas.

6. Complete your look with sandals

Free your feet with a pair of cozy sandals! From retro platform sandals to more casual styles, these fashionable footwear are a great addition to most outfits. Sandals are also very comfortable in the summer; just watch your toes during a disco dance party!

7. Customize your appearance with a headband

Headbands have been around for a long time but the 70s has its own style of this iconic headgear. 70s headbands can be narrow, rhinestone-encrusted bands that celebrities and women going out for a dinner party would wear. Try a solid-colored velvet headband for everyday wear. Or you can embrace the hippie movement with a tye-dye, paisley, or abstract-patterned headband worn across your forehead.  

8. Go bold with biker jackets

Bikers were one of the many counterculture movements to really take off in the 1970s, making biker jackets a hot fashion accessory, whether you had a motorcycle or not. Vintage leather and denim biker jackets are the most popular choices for a disco party outfit. If you want to go a bit extra, look for one with tassels, sequins, or snakeskin! Wear your biker jacket over a graphic t-shirt and you have half your outfit already finished!

9. Don’t forget your graphic T-shirts

Retro graphic T-shirts are always in style but the 1970s is the era where they took off. Band albums, movies, and other pop culture references are the way to go here. Bonus points if it has a distressed look, with faded colors and worn creases. You can add a retro graphic t-shirt to almost any disco outfit.

10. Opt for a faux fur jacket

Shaggy fur coats and jackets are yet another bold 70s style you can embrace for an upcoming party. You don’t have to choose a fur jacket in natural colors; look out for bright purple, green, or red shaggy coats for extra style points! Coats don’t have to involve killing animals, either. Cruelty-free faux fur coats are easy to come by and far less expensive!

11. Cover up with a turtleneck sweater

Looking for a disco party outfit idea that’s a bit warmer for a brisk fall or winter event? Pick up a turtleneck sweater; the high collar keeps your neck feeling as toasty as the rest of you, no scarf required. The turtleneck has been around for decades but it first became the symbol of the chic, independent working woman in the 1970s! 

12. Add a sporty edge with a jogging tracksuit

Fitness was especially fashionable in the 1970s and the jogging suit was your way of telling the world you’re about to hit the track! The reflective stripes that tracksuits started are still found on athletic wear today. Get a pair of sneakers and you already have an easy disco party outfit!

13. Go exotic with safari outfits

Hippie and groovy get all of the attention during the disco era but don’t forget about the safari look! Sand and tan-colored shirts covered in functional pockets, khaki pants or mini dresses, leather belts, a wide-brimmed sun hat…The safari look is an easy style to pull off that few people will think of! 

14. Embrace 70s boho-chic

Feminine colors, patterns, and delicate fabric are the core of the 70s boho-chic fashion! Prints like floral or paisley are the best choices here, as are solid colors of pink, yellow, and blue. Look for a maxi dress, blouse, or shirt with lace accents! It’s a style that’s still popular today but has its roots in the 1970s!

Getting hitched soon? Why not throw a disco-inspired wedding using our groovy disco wedding tips and tricks for the perfect day!

15. Dare to wear short shorts

Who wears short shorts? Men and women wore short shorts – especially in the 70s! Everyone was showing more skin as an answer to the more conservative times of the past. White short shorts are an awesome callback to 70s men’s fashion and can be paired with a light jacket, T-shirt, or button-down shirt for a complete look.

16. Hang on to the hippie look

Hippie styles were born in the 1960s but really took off in the 70s! Bold, colorful, and completely customizable, there are so many ways to recreate this look! Start off with some bell bottoms; both denim or brightly colored patterns like tye-dye will work. Or you could instead go with a flowing maxi dress with loose, billowing sleeves and paisley print! 

17. Match your mini with knee-high socks

Knee-high socks are the ultimate fashion accessory to show off your legs when paired with shorts, short shorts, or mini skirts. Knee-high socks should be boldly patterned for the ultimate 70s look; stripes and solid colors were the most popular styles but feel free to explore floral, paisley, and plaid prints! 

18. Customize your go-go boots

Go-go boots are one 70s style that are coming back in fashion today, making it easier than ever to pick up a pair! Go-go boots have just the right mix of classy and casual to work with all kinds of outfits. You can pick white, narrow-toed boots for a more elegant outfit. Or try some squared-off glossy pink go-go boots for your disco look! 

19. Enhance your curves with flared jeans

Flare jeans were everyday wear for men and women in the 1970s. You can pick a pair with just a little flare – or double the leg width with some serious flare! Like go-go boots, flare jeans are still in style today and you can easily find a pair online or in-store.

20. Groove in style on roller skates

Anyone remember roller discos? If you’re good enough on your skates you can dance while you roll across the disco floor! Pick up some roller skates instead of sandals or platform shoes for your disco party outfit idea. Roller skate outfits can show a little leg with a pair of bell-bottom jeans, or lots of it when paired with knee-high socks and shorts!

Disco party outfit ideas: conclusion

Whether you prefer earth-toned hippie clothes or bold-colored jumpsuits, few parties are more fun to plan for than a disco-themed one! We hope you’ve found our list of disco party outfit ideas helpful; after all that’s what we do at Peerspace. We help people find not only party ideas but also venues for special events. So while you’re here, take a moment to browse our collection of party spaces!

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