The 8 Best Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Denver

When you live in a state that has as many gorgeous vistas as Colorado, you expect some great photography and videography to follow. As commercial drones exploded onto the market, it’s no surprise that talented people took them up to tell new stories, and there’s certainly no shortage of talent in Denver. But flying a drone is different than any other kind of work—not only does it require vision, but also the discipline to maintain certifications and the experience to fly effectively across weather conditions. Aerial cinematography in Denver can be tricky, but these drone videographers rise above the rest, offer a variety of services, and always get the job done. Take a look at our list of the best drone videographers in Denver, and see why we love their work for yourself.

1. Evan Hurst

Evan Hurst, of Hurst Studios, is a widely published photographer and drone videographer operating out of Denver. Evan loves a good challenge when it comes to his creative work, and is fully capable of meeting whatever needs you have—his drone work is no exception. He constantly pushes the boundaries of his equipment and his vision, delivering stunning images to his clients. With ten years in the industry under his belt, Evan has seen a lot and solved many problems. Through all of it, he’s consistently put the client first, making sure they’re completely satisfied with the end result.

2. Third Eye Aerial Media

Denver based Third Eye Aerial Media provides full service aerial drone work, specializing in television, cinema, real estate and development, travel, and hospitality imaging. From events to landscapes and property, Third Eye Media can meet all your video needs using gimbal stabilized cameras and shooting in Ultra HD 4k. Their advanced drones can get to places that helicopters and photographers on foot simply can’t traverse, resulting in unique, stunning footage. Their work has been seen on television, national news, and in advertisements by all kinds of companies. Third Eye Aerial Media is definitely one of the best companies for aerial cinematography in Denver you could work with.

3. Firegold Films LLC

Armed with a degree from NYU Film School and a passion for cinematography, D.J. Dierker, owner of Firegold Films, loves bringing your projects to life. His twenty years of experience behind the lens have made him an expert in his craft, and as a result, he’s worked on a number of films, documentaries, and television series. With a deep love for storytelling, Firegold Films has everything they need to bring your vision to life, from the initial conception to the final delivery. While they do plenty of work in conventional videography, Firegold Films is also an expert at working with drones—plenty of prestigious clients have relied on their work, such as the History Chanel, HGTV, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel.

4. Adventure UAV

Tyler of Adventure UAV has been flying RC aircraft for years, and with a college background in photography, it was only natural that he combined these two skills to offer commercial drone photo and video services. His commitment to quality production and professionalism makes Adventure UAV stand out as a company, all while remaining competitively priced. He especially loves doing work that is focused on outdoor adventure and leisure, whether that’s video of your backcountry ski trip or amazing shots of the remote cabin you’re looking to rent out, Adventure UAV can deliver on all your aerial cinematography needs. He is a very talented drone videographer and runs one of the best companies focusing on aerial cinematography in Denver.

5. Drop Zone Drone

Veteran owned Drop Zone Drone specializes in a variety of aerial photography and videography services: real estate, construction, roof inspection, and adventure video, to name a few. Founded by Jeff Redmond, a former Army combat engineer and fully certified drone pilot with over one thousand flights and two hundred air hours, Drop Zone Drone has the experience to get the job done. Shooting entirely in 4k, whatever your needs are, the footage you get from Drop Zone Done will look amazing. When it comes to drone videographers, few are this talented and this dedicated.

6. Rocky Mountain Aerials

The team at Rocky Mountain Aerials is ready for any job, but their specialty is real estate and property video. Founded in 2013, the company had one goal in mind: deliver the best architectural photography and videography possible. Whether they’re shooting a building under construction or a property that’s ready to go on the market, Rocky Mountain Aerials will give you incredible, eye-catching marketing material to make your business stand out. Their construction time-lapse work, in particular, is unique and jaw dropping. For aerial cinematography in Denver, especially footage that focuses on property, Rocky Mountain Aerials is an excellent choice.

7. Colorado Drone Photography & Videography

Alex Stoesz owns and operates Colorado Drone Photography & Videography, and is passionate about creating great content. He got his start in still photography, but quickly realized the potential drones offered and built his business around being able to capture unique moments from previously unreachable perspectives. His passion also extends to the outdoors, making him an excellent drone videographer for adventurous shoots. His high definition footage will always impress, and is perfect for both individuals and businesses looking for content that stands above the rest.

8. Broadreach Images

With a love for natural beauty, Colin Witherill founded Broadreach Images to specialize in photography and cinematography with an adventurous flair. His drone work focuses on adventure documentary and commercial videography, and he has worked on feature films, documentaries, television shows, and a variety of commercials seen nationally. His clients are certainly a testament to his skill: organizations like National Geographic and HBO have both used his work. From the initial production to the final edits, Colin is highly experienced in bring the story out of the footage he captures while keeping his images dynamic and engaging.

Not everyone with a hobbyist drone can produce aerial cinematography that’s polished, thoughtful, well-edited, and expertly composed. If you’ve got a need for a professional drone videographer, this list is an awesome place to start.

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