The 8 Best Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Detroit, MI

Curious to see who makes our list of the top Detroit drone videographers? Felix Baumgartner said, “Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you are”. It’s a perspective that perhaps nobody understands better than a drone videographer. From countryside topography to imposing towers, the art of aerial cinematography effortlessly takes it all in, with the end product leaving you wondering whether the lensman is shooting harnessed to an airplane and holding on to his camera for dear life! That’s the magic of drone videography.

While Detroit is famously associated with automobiles and its fascinating history, the Motor City is equally synonymous with the superstructures that dot its skyline. Art deco-style architecture is particularly popular here. So it comes as no surprise that there is a palpable need for skillful Detroit drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in the city. Enter these superstars!

1. Chris Ahern Photography

Chris Ahern was always inspired by the views from the Detroit skyscrapers and his travels across the country while working as a telecommunications manager with ‘Local 58’. He then turned this passion into a flourishing photography business in 2013. Today, his cameras capture these skyscrapers with the utmost precision, reaching standpoints only a skilled aerial cinematographer like him can, along with the picturesque landscapes surrounding them. 

Besides being a wiz with drone videography, he also shoots events, weddings, and portraits. He has a multiplicity of accolades under his belt, such as the 2020 Canvas Pontiac Award. His work has also been published in the likes of Pure Michigan (amongst countless others). Currently, with a social media following of over 25,000, Ahern is touted as one of the top Detroit drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Michigan. 

2. Stylish Detroit

One look at the dazzling drone footage of estate-style homes by Stylish Detroit, and you’re sold! Expertly using their drones to capture sleek aerial videos of the homes, they ensure every nook and cranny of these gorgeous homes are captured. The folks at Stylish Detroit shot thousands of homes. Still, their quality and commitment to delivering nothing short of show-stopping videography are why local realtors swear by them for all their videography needs. 

They rightly position themselves as one of the finest Detroit drone videographers, with their work ensuring homes fly off the market. Their videography facilitates increased social media engagement and web traffic, amounting to direct conversion into higher offers, better purchase prices, and increased showings — every real estate agent’s dream!

3. Metro Drones

How often do you get to view the top of the casino building you’re playing in from the outside? With Metro Drones, every single time. This beautifully-shot drone video of Motor City Casino is sharp enough for you to see the reflections in the glass windows of this towering establishment. 

Equipped with the best in experience and technology, Metro Drones delivers high-resolution aerial videography solutions. Their work benefits not only property owners and real estate agents but serves a variety of other unique purposes. These include tower inspections for companies that use towers as a part of their daily operations — cellular towers, radio towers, water towers, and even power distribution.

Their drones also combat the high cost and human risk involved in manual inspections of the same. In fact, they aid time-efficient property assessments involved in addressing insurance claims. All in all, they’re your go-to Detroit drone videographers for meticulous aerial cinematography for all purposes whatsoever!

4. Michigan Drone Company

The dynamic created when drone videography is weaved into on-ground videography is unmissable. The Michigan Drone Company works to create such distinctive perspective photography and video for their repertoire of clients in real estate, landscape, infrastructure, and even events. 

They have mastered the art of creating aerial footage that gives the viewer a clear idea of everything, from the dimensions of a structure or piece of landscape, to views captured from different angles. This airborne imagery created by the talented folks at Michigan Drone Company is a testament to their unparalleled expertise in aerial cinematography.

5. Full View Productions

Full View Productions, in their own words, create incredible visual stories. Take this charming ode to Detroit, for instance. Some stunning drone camera work appears in the background for some heartfelt dedications to the 313. 

Full View is a full-service video production company providing corporate videos, commercials, and even live broadcast events. Their ability to use drones, not just as equipment to shoot but also as a means to delve into storytelling, makes them filmmakers in their own right. Now you know who to turn if you need aesthetically appealing drone videos produced in the Detroit area. 

6. Detroit Aerial

Detroit Aerial’s drone videography will have you swooning. Their drones manage to capture objects and structures from heights that could prove to be complex for drones, too. This ease comes from years of unmatched expertise doing what they do. Whether it’s crystal clear waters, islands, brilliantly constructed buildings, city infrastructure, or even just awe-inspiring parcels of real estate, their handiwork with drones is the epitome of quality aerial cinematography, and their body of work stands witness to this. 

Whether shot in daylight or after the sun’s down, the caliber of their drone videography remains unaffected by external factors such as natural light. And this is no easy feat, even for the most experienced videographers. With their unmatched skills and love for the craft, you really can’t go wrong with picking them for your aerial cinematography needs in Detroit, Michigan.

7. Eugen Muntean of Six Drones Photography

His hyper-focus on real estate footage sets Eugen Muntean apart from other Detroit aerial videographers. As the founder of Six Drones Photography, he has over 20 years of experience shooting real estate pictures, videos, and virtual tours, proving that practice makes perfect. His drone videography is shot in a manner that will take your real estate listing dossier to the next level.

Muntean’s attention to detail, professional lighting, inside-outside exposure, and absolutely pristine videography creates standout work. With him behind the lens, a prospective buyer can quite easily get the lay of the land surrounding the property they are considering. It also allows them to view the property almost with a fine tooth comb. Choosing Eugen Muntean for real estate aerial cinematography in Detroit is a no-brainer.

8. Seventy 7 Productions

The folks at Seventy 7 Productions strive for jaw-dropping aerial footage and emerge successful every single time. They have the best-in-class drone options, including the DJI M600, DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 camera system, Mavic 2 Pro, and Mavic 2 Zoom. 

These, coupled with their passion for aerial cinematography, result in beautiful bird’s-eye views of all their subjects. Their portfolio includes broadcast commercials for tourism, healthcare, golf events, and universities. And this assures us of their unmatched visual branding skills. No matter what vision you have for your brand film, you can trust these Detroit drone videographers to elevate your visual content.

Droning in Detroit

Drone videography is easily one of modern-day technology’s greatest gifts to the world of aerial cinematography. Nothing remains hidden from these state-of-the-art machines. That’s the whole reason they play such a prominent part in capturing perspectives literally from the sky.

Detroit has every reason to employ the use of these devices, whether to capture its gorgeous real estate, infrastructure, or simply its topography. If you’re ever in need of Detroit drone videographers, you now have plenty of options to choose from! 

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