The 8 Best Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Salt Lake City, UT

Hoping to work with one of the best Salt Lake City drone videographers? Then this list curated by us at Peerspace should help! Aerial cinematography is a hot market these days. Because it enables you to take viewers in an entirely new direction! By working from above, you can showcase elements of a property that even long-term homeowners will never see. Drone-based action cams offer incredible perspectives on live events like weddings and performances.

And what could be better for re-engaging the interest of your subjects than changing up the perspective? That’s why we put together this list of the top 8 Salt Lake City drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography. Take a moment to browse our choices and let us know what you think of their work

1. Wasatch Aerial Photography

Salt Lake City drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography are great partners to work with. Brands like Wasatch Aerial Photography can help your real estate listings stand out in ways that other ones don’t. Videos from above allow prospective buyers to fully appreciate the space and care that goes into designing each property.

Wasatch Aerial Photography has been a Utah staple since 2009. Their portfolio includes everything from residential and commercial spaces to state landmarks, high schools, and more. They are skilled in showcasing a finished product as well as documenting the progress of a construction project as it unfolds.

2. Open Skies Digital

Whether you’re looking for a ground-based team or an operation from above, Open Skies Digital is the Salt Lake team to trust! Their past partners include such diverse clients as residential real estate companies, resorts, property managers, and more. They focus on highlighting the beauty and functionality of each space. In order to elevate your listings in ways that few other companies match.

What’s more, Open Skies Digital has experience in the video production trade. They not only help you capture your views from above. But also put together stunning films that truly represent the dream production you had in mind!

3. Alex Drone Photography

Aerial cinematographer, real estate photographer, video editor…Alex Drone Photography offers a lot of bang for your buck! He and his team specialize in commercial real estate visual media, where an aerial angle can seriously enhance how viewers experience a property from their screens.

Alex is not only a licensed FAA drone pilot; he has also traveled internationally on projects. He currently has seven countries of drone experience to his name!

And if you aren’t convinced by us, take a moment to browse Alex’s testimonials. Here is what one person had to say about their experience: “Alex, I think these look awesome, and I like the vibrancy of the colors too. If you continue to do future shoots just like this, we will be very happy customers!”

4. Avalanche Studios

Avalanche Studios is a team of Salt Lake City drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography. They are the creatives you choose for television productions, corporate projects, and other high-end content creation. Dave Lindsay and his team have a diverse yet highly complementary skill set between them.

Avalanche Studios also enjoys the challenges that come with video production, especially where storytelling is concerned. They find precisely the right perspectives and subjects to create a narrative for viewers to easily follow. Whether you have a fresh product to share with the world or a property that looks especially good from above…Avalanche is the SLC partner to work with!

5. Ovr Flight

Real estate aerial specialists like Ovr Flight can offer many things that other commercial videographers can’t. For starters, they do not only aerial visual media but also interior and exterior ground-based work. Ovr Flight also creates 3D virtual tours, schematic floor plans, surveying…Absolutely anything you need to create a listing and present it to a ready audience.

Based in Salt Lake, Ovr Flight got off the ground in 2019. They operate throughout the state of Utah, as well as in California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming!

6. Override Films

Override Films specializes in capturing energetic and engaging views from above! This team of Salt Lake City drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography brings gimbals, cable cams, drones, and other technology to the table. This enables you to get footage like nothing else on the market.

They describe themselves as “dynamic camera movement junkies,” words you’ll see the truth of when viewing their footage. Their specialization makes Override Films a favorite of major brands like Netflix, Fox, and Red Bull!

7. Telford Drones

Brian Telford is the founder of Telford Drones, a brand that started out with a lifelong love for the visual arts. Brian was previously a Certified Real Estate Appraiser, but after losing the use of his legs, he realized that he had to adjust his business strategy. He turned back to his love of landscapes and photography, building Telford Drones up as a mobile photography brand!

Telford Drones is most active in the real estate niche. Here, Brian’s previous experience gives him an insider’s knowledge of what sort of images help listings move off the market.

8. R/E Photography UTAH

Real estate photography is a hugely impactful niche. But the videography angle adds so much more to the power of a listing, as R/E Photography UTAH proves! There is simply no substitute for motion picture explorations of a new home or commercial space. Especially when you have 10 years of real estate media experience backing each shoot.

R/E Photography UTAH’s portfolio is a deep dive into the world of residential, luxury, and commercial real estate. Where the form and function of a space shape how we emotionally engage with it. By working from above, viewers get to appreciate the care that goes into the grounds. The vibe of a neighborhood. And even the distant Wasatch Range, looming near your potential new home!

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